Who should Make John wick the video game?

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    In this thread we talk about which developer is best to make John wick the game. I know John wick the game exist. exist before John wick and its called Max Payne but imo I also want to see John wick the game starrting keannu reeves.

    I think best possible developer would be either Rockstar team who made Max payne 3 or Remedy. John wick game should be Max payne style third person shooter but bullettime replace by gunfu mechanics.

    I know lot of games based on movies but why not make game best on best movie ever made? lets discuss

  • I haven't seen the films so I honestly couldn't say. It's action orientated? Then remedy seems good. Please not those involved in MP3 though.

    The last film I watched of his was Knock Knock. Oh..my...god what a travesty.

  • I don’t think there is a one size fits all answer. I’m sure plenty of studios would do a great job.

    John Wick has appeal for so many different reasons but the overall aesthetic is super strong and probably my top trait of the series followed by the action scene scenarios.

    Art priority = Naughty Dog:

    • Sully, Nate, Nadine, etc, they are all such standout characters. I’d imagine Naughty Dog would nail John Wick and nail a villain.

    • on top of that, imagine the detailed levels like the Continental?! Sometimes in Uncharted 4 you get to see the level before combat then afterward, it looks like a tornado went through. That kind of tech is perfect for John Wick.

    Over the top priority = Santa Monica Studio

    • No game is more over the top than the God of War series. Another stand out trait of John Wick are the grotesque kills that are amplified by FX and sound design. You want the most violent arm snap ever, look no further than the God of War team

    • Lets not forget that John Wick goes melee too and Santa Monica are combat experts.

    Shooter priority = Remedy

    • Obvious choice but Max Payne 1-2 are fantastic shooters and John Wick has a lot of shooting. Other games have done the John Woo style shooting, i.e John Woo’s Stranglehold, but they’ve never been great for the entire game

    • Not that I care much about John Wick’s mythos, but Remedy can tell a good esoteric story and I think an adaptation of John Wick can go there. I’d trust Remedy with the full package.

  • @sheria said in Who should Make John wick the video game?:

    I haven't seen the films so I honestly couldn't say. It's action orientated? Then remedy seems good. Please not those involved in MP3 though.

    The last film I watched of his was Knock Knock. Oh..my...god what a travesty.

    Whats wrong with Max Payne 3??
    MP3 was also masterpiece gameplay wise. In fact it has most perfect gameplay in any TPS.

    Beside John wick is excellent movie. In fact it's best movie trilogy ever made. Watch them my friend.

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    Eh. The first movie is great, but the second and third movie get a little long in the tooth and don't really add much to the series outside of some cool action scenes.

    Probably Naughty Dog, Remedy, or in my dream world we track down John Matrix and Morfeo, the creators of the original The Specialists mode for Half-life, and give them a wild budget to create an absolutely insane multiplayer game set in that world.

  • @el-shmiablo

    John Wick 3 is in my top 5 modern American action films. The action scenes blew me away.

  • I also think the first one is the best. I think all the "secret society of assassins" stuff ended up being a little overwrought and silly. At the end of two, basically everybody in New York is an assassin.
    John Wick 1 is lean and focused.

    As for games? I don't really need one.

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    @dipset Oh dude you'll never catch me trying to downplay the action in those movies never ever. Just everything surrounding the action ends up feeling way too corny.

  • In my mind, Max Payne 3 is the best John Wick game someone can have. Just add some gun-fu stuff from Watch Dogs Legion and we are good to go.

  • @el-shmiablo

    Oh yea, Pigeon Master Morpheus is painfully bad, but I felt like John Wick 3 trimmed so much of the extra stuff from JW2 and was just one action scene to the next so I loved it. Knife fight in an antique shop, to horse stable. Bam bam bam! I love it!

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    So after checking out Destiny 2 Shadowkeep last night I figured I'd boot up some MP3 because this thread reminded me of it.
    Holy shit. Like a solid 10 minutes of cutscenes before I'm even allowed to play the game, and about 5 minutes of these are unskippable.
    Thankfully the gameplay segments are genius, but just wow.

  • meh, there are so many wrong facts in that movie, i can't enjoy it even for its dumbness.