Your Surprise New Flops

  • @dmcmaster said:

    That Shovel Knight smash bros/puzzle game (think it's called Dig)

    The Fighting Game is called Shovel Knight Showdown, and it is included as part of the Shovel Knight Treasure Trove. That means, if you already own Shovel Knight, you'll likely get this for free when Showdown releases. The SteamWorld Dig type game is Shovel Knight Dig, which is a separate game people will have to purchase that is not included in Treasure Trove made in collaboration with a whole different studio.

  • @acidtrip-69 Yeah, as someone that loves Shenmue I don't really think it'll be a surprise when it doesn't sell well (it has never sold well). The game seems 100% committed to staying true to roots including stilled VO and repeating dialogue lines (Lucky Hit?, Should I play a game of Lucky Hit?, I'll play a Game of Lucky Hit) but for fans I don't know if it'd really be Shenmue if it didnt play this way. If it didn't sell well when these visuals and mechanics were cutting edge, its not going to sell well when this stuff now feels like its from generations ago.

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    @scotty Really Beyond Good and Evil 2. I think it looks cool, but from what they said what they want to do with it. I'm like how long will it take them to finish it before it comes out ? Lolz will it be the NEW Stars Citizens game ?

  • From what I can tell in reports, Ghost Recon Breakpoint is a bland piece of crap. Which might not come as a surprise to anybody because its a pretty unambitious franchise with no identity at this point, but just do me a favour and watch this demo. Doesn't this look FANTASTIC to you? It looks like an extremely promising mixture because tactical stealth, action oriented gunplay, and sandbox exploration. Based on this demo, I'm looking at SOCOM II single player meets Metal Gear Solid V. It looks pretty darn great in my opinion.

    Youtube Video

    But skip ahead to the past few weeks up until this exact moment and everybody is down on this game. It's basically the Ghost Recon: Kitchen Sink of AAA Tropes.

    Ghost Recon Breakpoint Is An Infuriating Mess

    PC GAMER - GHOST RECON BREAKPOINT REVIEW - A tedious open world tactical shooter.

    Eurogamer - Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Breakpoint review - a limp and lifeless spin on the Ubisoft formula

    Again... this probably comes as NO SURPRISE to many of you, but I'm in the camp of people that actually likes a Ubisoft game from time to time. I know of people who work here and they are talented and passionate people. I also know a lot of their franchises are getting bland, I know their FarCry expansions are basically asset flips, I know I know. But there is usually a certain degree of quality in all of these games and it seems that despite what I thought initially, Breakpoint might be the worst of them all.

  • I almost put a pre order down on break point, like that announcement trailer legitimately got me a bit hyped, but something just didn't sit right about it hell I'm still not sure what it was that made me re think it.
    As far as the ghost franchise being kind of lost I can see that, like it could possibly fill the same void that MGS left, but at that point you may as well use Splinter Cell.

  • @dmcmaster

    Ubisoft was able to recognize the clear overlap between Prince of Persia and Assassin's Creed so they put PoP on the back burner indefinitely. Now neither Splinter Cell nor Ghost Recon have a clear identity, and in GR's case, there is a ton of bleed into other Ubisoft franchises where that PoP/AC blur is present again. Why play Ghost Recon > FarCry or why play Ghost Recon > The Division 2?

    I think a new Splinter Cell should partly be a linear-level style stealth missions like the original trilogy, but also have some semblance of modern open sandbox stealth like Metal Gear Solid V and maybe Hitman 2. All solo as in Sam Fisher ALONE. No squad and no co-op phantom Sam Fisher.

    I think a new Ghost Recon should dial into single-player or co-op tactical unit gameplay like Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter or (my favourite) SOCOM II. Control and command your unit by yourself or with a friend. It can be super similar to the current mold but make it more tactical in the sense that you need to be strategic to penetrate through an enemy base. Slow and steady gameplay. Pull up a menu, tell your squadmate to go here, tell your other teammate to go there.

    Its all food for thought but I definitely think Ubisoft needs a clear line between some of their franchises at this point. Going back to the original topic, I'm glad I'm not the only one who thought that original gameplay demo was fantastic. I didn't smell the bullshit like you did though.

  • I think Halo Infinite will be a massive flop.
    343 have made it incredibly clear that they don't understand why people enjoyed the Halo games in the first place, and the singleplayer portions of the past two games have been laughably bad and a giant shit stain on the Halo legacy.

    Youtube Video

  • @acidtrip-69

    Like I said. It being online only is such a turn off from my part. Also, I don't trust Ubisoft with their ''online-only'' portfolio very much. So, this is the result.

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    @scotty said in Your Surprise New Flops:


    Like I said. It being online only is such a turn off from my part. Also, I don't trust Ubisoft with their ''online-only'' portfolio very much. So, this is the result.

    Wait what ? ARE you for sure it's online only ? I thought it was going to be a REALLY BIG signal player game mode.

  • @acidtrip-69

    As far as I understand, it will be like Division. In terms of story part. There is no offline mode.

  • My picks are:

    • Dreams, the sort of early access release was super weird, i feel by the time the full game comes out people have already moved on.
    • Project Resistance: i'm not interested on the concept, in general i don't think that's what people want from RE even as a spin-off.
    • Panzer Dragoon: i mean great that they are remaking it but it didn't look super hot in its first demo at Gamescom, i hope they will delay it to 2020.

    Crossing finger Medievil will be okay enough (since i have nostalgia for it) but the demo was rough.

    Death Stranding and Shenmue 3 fall into the same category for me of: it's weird, their die hard fans will do anything to defend the games regardless of any flaw so why bother? I don't think either of those will be an Anthem anyway.

  • Were you seriously expecting that Terminator game to be good?

  • @dmcmaster said in Your Surprise New Flops:

    Were you seriously expecting that Terminator game to be good?

    Fair enough, i'm removing it since the surprise would be if it is actually good.

  • @gageblackw23
    Nah keep it, as long as it's not as bad as Reefs Rambo game it will be sorta ok-ish