Concrete Genie (PS4)

  • The game's out today with reviews of about 80.

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    A couple of very positive review texts made me interested in this for the first time now, actually. However, I have a lot of other games on my plate right now so this won't be a Day 1 purchase, but it's nice to know that there's something different and sweet to pick up at some point. Plus, the game seems to have an easy platinum trophy. :)

  • Glad that it's getting good reviews, I was waiting for them to came out before deciding whether to buy or not but I'm also drowned in a sea of games so I can't justify buying this for now.

  • I snagged it, played a couple hours last night with the wife. It took a little while to really get going but once you're kinda in the world and free to start painting whatever it's incredibly fun. Creating the genies is entertaining and its so easy to kinda just throw some stuff on the wall and the game makes it look like you know what your doing.

    Honestly I feel Sony really doesn't get enough credit for these smaller first party games that are trying something different. Game reminds me of the Puppeteer, really great game that I don't think a lot of people got to play.

  • Six months later I picked this up for 17 €. The game seems incredibly easy after a few hours which I'm honestly okay with, I was looking for something easy-going to play. This reminds me a lot of Infamous: Second Son because of painting the walls here and there, tagging them. And the main characters even look the same. The controls are a bit sluggish, it feels like I'm moving in a struggling fashion every now and then. I'm getting the sense this isn't too long of a game, which is fine.

  • I didn't really care for this in the end. For the first time in a long while I felt like I'm playing a game for the younger audience. Because of the game was so short its story felt too quickly resolved, but then again, had the game been longer then more refined controls and mechanics would've been a must. I did snatch the platinum in any case, it was just hanging there, easy.

  • @sentinel-beach any positive aspects you would still take away from the gam?, it looks different and curious enough that I would be interested in giving it a shot at some point even if it is not generally great.

  • @bard91 I'm pretty sure this'll be a PS Plus game by the end of the year or something, early 2021. It fits that role perfectly, so maybe then more people will get to know this.

    But positive things? I mean, it is nice to bring colour to the dead town, piece by piece, street by street. And the main idea is pretty unique after all, the genie monsters living on the walls and moving from place to place that way. And yeah, the game has its own style that is easy to recognize, I just didn't warm up to it too much, unfortunately.

    I think it's a pretty solid buy to try out under 20 euros/dollars, and if you're interested and see it for 10-15 €/$ on a Store sale then definitely go for it.

  • @bard91 if I may add, I think the vibes of this game feels great: It just feels satisfying and wholesome to fill the originally drab town with the colorful creatures and ornaments that you have. The whole game has a "picture book for kids" feel that I like. This is definitely a good game to play to cool off a bit in between big releases or something like that, especially if you're in the mood for something like this.