Bend the Knee to China

  • @hanabi Not sure what being "woke" has to do with anything. This is clearly just showing how China has a stranglehold on a huge part of the entertainment industry.

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  • Maybe they'll make that Overwatch Hamster transgender to help this blow over.

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    @paulmci27 said in Bend the Knee to China:

    Maybe they'll make that Overwatch Hamster transgender to help this blow over.

    Nah man. Then China would for sure Banned Blizzard. Remember that's a no no in China .

  • @acidtrip-69 That comment was more about corporate cynicism than anything to do with gender politics, but youre right.

  • The fact that the casters still have a six month suspension despite doing literally nothing wrong by any metric makes this whole statement stink of damage control rather than an actual attempt to patch up their mistakes.

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    Blizzard has really really disappointed me. I used to love them and their games, warcraft, starcraft, diablo, everything was amazing. Then over the past lets say 5 years, they have turned to this evil coorp which just seem greedy and horrible.

  • I really appreciated the way the EZA podcast covered this issue, they didn't shy away from it at all and were also very thorough (they spoke about it for like 40 minutes!). Kudos guys!

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    I kind of understand if a company doesn't want a person to be using their products for making political views and Statements. If they let someone do that then everyone would be doing it and you would never know what crazy thing people would say. I don't buy that excuse that they are giving because why did they fire the two broadcasters that did NOTHING wrong ? It's obviously a punishment sent from the Chinese Government and Blizzard followed their orders if they want to suck at the warm tit of China. Also I'm sure I don't buy that they don't want political views because they are all ways SPOUTING theirs and pandering to people at long as it makes them MONEY.

  • Protest planned for Blizcon
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    Here's a interview with Mark Kern.

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  • Jim "Fucking" Sterling weighs in
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  • gee I wonder why

  • Don't want to just scream into the void and constantly update a news story that most people here don't seem interested in but I think things are getting pretty serious.

  • @hanabi
    Very interesting, will have to read it when I get a chance

  • That’s actually a pretty awesome letter they wrote. Here’s the thing, somebody needs to make a case against companies who won’t stand up to China. People, especially Americans, hate when the government tells them what they can and can’t do, but in this case, at least they are using their power for good.

    Blizzard’s statement about “not distracting from the event” was such complete bullshit. Ben Moore made a good comparison that I’ll paraphrase: “what if pro Smash player SonicFox said something about the rights of queer people?” Would Nintendo ban them?

    Recently F1 great Lewis Hamilton just tweeted about how he feels hopeless and disappointed that nobody seems to want to help climate change. People criticized what he wrote but F1 didn’t strip him of his championship and wins.

    I don’t know where Blizzard gets off punishing somebody tastefully speaking their opinion about China and Honk Kong let alone pretending that it isn’t about their Chinese business. It’s gross. At least somebody with authority at Congress is saying something.

  • It funny to me how this issue was easily avoided by not drawing attention to it by punishing the 1st guy, but it shows how much they're scared of losing China money.

    My boycott list was just EA and now its EA Bethesda and Blizzard.

  • Just to breath some life in this, also because it's funny

    Also Diablo 4 and Diablo 2 remastered will be announced at Blizzcon, and judging from the response of the EZA Facebook group it seems like that will be enough for them to turn a blind eye to the thing they were just yelling and screaming about a few days ago.

  • @dmcmaster I always find it sad how people are willing to forget about PR nightmares like this if a company dangles something shiny in front of them. I know it's kinda tinfoil-y but I'm half convinced this was leaked on purpose just to get people to stop talking about what they did a few weeks ago.