What's on your Spooktober/Halloween gaming play-list?

  • Every October, I try to focus on horror games/media to get in the Halloween mood. I just started Blair Witch (the game) and am also planning to try to knock out the following:

    Layers of Fear 2
    REmake2 Claire B run
    RDR: Undead Nightmare (again)
    Control (not horror per se, but at least ''weird fiction'')

    I know its not overly ambitious but I have a busy job and two little monsters of my own aged 3 and 5 running around the house.
    What are you all playing?

  • Since I now have the ability to stream stuff off my PS3, and I bought a launch model PS3 simply to replay the OG versions of Silent Hill 2 and 3 (because fuck that "remaster") I think I'm gonna replay Silent Hill 2 sometime soon.

  • Here in Canada, we have Thanksgiving in October so I will be playing the Thanksgiving DLC for Borderlands 2 followed by the Halloween one - never played either.

    My wife is currently playing through Resident Evil 2 Hardcore with both characters simultaneously, going for the S+ rank. Feels like that'll be here Halloween and possibly Christmas locked up.

  • Banned

    Yearly Dead Space 1 and 2 run. I think I can play the game blindfolded at this point.

  • @el-shmiablo Dead Space for Hall of Greats when??

  • Obviously, Fatal Frame 2.

  • I want one of them to be that Blair Witch game, I just can't seem to find my XBone controller -.-" Other than that, I think I'll replay Until Dawn.

  • Last year I was super into the Halloween spirit and played a ton of games. This year I'm so busy with work that I'm waaaaaay too tired to play anything after work.

    With that said, my friends and I bought the Choose Your Own Adventure: House of Danger that the Easy Allies played on The Occasional Board Game Show. We put spooky music on in the background, had a few drinks and it was a really good time. I recommend playing it before watching the EZA video as I did. Its a fun time, especially in a group.

    Youtube Video

    Due to schedule and Thanksgiving, we can't get together to play Man of Medan but my friends and I will play that in November.

  • @sheria I actually finished it last night! Not Bloober Team's best, but def worth a play, especially if you have gamepass so aren't paying anything extra for it. Let me know your thoughts!

  • @minamik One of the greats. I would love to see a remaster or, better yet, reboot of fatal frame. Never did get to play a proper version of 4 (had a fan translation back in the wii days) and didnt have a WiiU to play 5. To this day, I consider FF2 to be tied with Silent Hill 2 to be the scariest game of all time.

  • I kinda want to try REmake or RE4 again, I only played an hour of each when I bought them last year. Too spooky for me, even RE4. Then again, I haven't even finished Control yet, so I might just focus on that for now.

    There's also a possibility of me buying MediEvil day one. That might make for a fun time.

    I planned to replay Ghostbusters The Video Game but the remastered version haven't showed up on my region's PSN store.

  • @ozymandsss I'd love a remaster of the Wii remake with non motion controls. Especially since it never came out over here.