Let's Play With 'Frame Trap's segment of selections for the SNES Classic' Game

  • Let's have some fun with this game by Rick by agreeing or disagreeing with the Allies, and even changing up their list of what we think should be on there. Maybe you agree with their list, but give you explanations for whatever you choose.

    EZ Allies selected these games (upon much disagreement and vetoing):
    Link to the Past
    Chrono Trigger
    Super Mario World
    Super Metroid
    Super Castlevania IV
    Final Fantasy 6
    Super Mario Kart
    Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Turtles in Time

    Suggested, but Denied:
    Star Fox
    Final Fight
    Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island
    Donkey Kong Country
    Street Fighter 2
    Super Ghouls and Ghost
    Secret of Mana

    What I think should make up this list is exclusivity to the SNES, having a diversity, and having the best experience of the genre and franchise (as 2D Marios are different from 3D Marios, as well as Classic Castlevania are different from Metroidvanias). These are the games I agree with:

    Super Metroid - Easily the best platformer adventure game that even playing it now, it feels like nothing has topped Super Metroid with only having Symphony of the Night as a rival sharing the genre name of Metroidvania. Super Metroid is definitely timeless.

    Chrono Trigger - I would struggle choosing Chrono Trigger or Final Fantasy 6 (and maybe even Super Mario RPG), but I'd pick Chrono Trigger because it is the best of its short series while Final Fantasy 6 has a lot of Final Fantasy games these days. Chrono Trigger is one of the RPGs that developers look up to.

    Only two games. Now this may trigger some of you reading this, but I have my reasons and disagreements after my selection. I did select some of the denied picks, however.

    Star Fox - This is the best Star Fox, and the best rail shooter. I like this Star Fox more than 64, and this one is definitely better than the recent garbage that is Star Fox Zero. For a franchise that went rotten after Star Fox 64 with a bunch of garbage adventure games, I would tell people to look at this version of Star Fox.

    Street Fighter 2 - Street Fighter started here, and although there are more recent Street Fighters, the iterations have differed themselves quite a bit that none really feel like how Street Fighter 2 plays. This is where Street Fighter started, the whole idea of 3-hit comboing, special moves, and fighting games in general. They owe themselves to Street Fighter 2. The selection needed a fighting game, and it wasn't going to be Killer Instinct or Mortal Kombat when Street Fighter is around.

    F-Zero - It was Super Mario Kart or F-Zero. I went with F-Zero because, personally, I found this F-Zero to be the most enjoyable, and F-Zero doesn't have a lot of games. For me, there are only three F-Zeros (F-Zero, F-Zero X, F-Zero GX), and the successor just kept making F-Zero more complicated. There are a ton of Mario Karts and millions of people have played them, but let players have a chance with the original F-Zero and it might spark some interest in it so that Nintendo might actually consider making one more.

    Five down, three to go. It's time to inject my own thoughts into this. Games that you might think of right away, but adds to the diversity as well as adding timelessness to the selection.

    Harvest Moon - Enough with the fighting. Enough with the killing. Let's just farm in the pioneer of sims. The time I spent on this game have been too much. I love the charm that Harvest Moon brought. It had so much depth in its simulation that it kept me playing for the longest time. I would say it's the best Harvest Moon, but after Natsume kept trying to be weird and funky with Harvest Moon games in 3D and stuff, they did make a complete copy of the SNES version, Harvest Moon: Friends of Mineral Town, but added features to it. I would still put Harvest Moon in the selection.

    Tetris Attack - Talk about the BEST PUZZLE GAME. Tetris Attack is the best, hands down, puzzle game I have ever played. There are still no Puzzle Games that trumped this game when it comes to intense, puzzle solving action, especially in the versus mode. The feeling of actively making combos, anticipating drops, getting rid of the grey blocks, made this game so intense. Nintendo tried to capture this with the terrible Planet Puzzle League, but it dual screen is clumsy, the controls are terrible, and it was missing the charm of having those characters in there. Tetris Attack is definitely a game that holds up and is extremely special in the genre.

    Ogre Battle: March of the Black Queen - Oh baby! THIS GAME! The amount of time I sunk into this game is through the roof! Enthusiasm aside, Ogre Battle is one of the best strategy tactics games out there, not only that, but its style of gameplay is super unique. There are 75 classes, some which are secrets and needs to be unlocked, and the combination of these classes to form a unit is endless. There's also cost association and an entire economy system that a true strategist needs to keep in mind or these units might end up being too costly. There is a morale system and a ton of secrets that determine which of the multiple endings you will get, and there are a lot of endings. The feeling of playing this game entrenched in lore, unlocking dragons and finding the three legendary dragoons to fight for you, there is just no experience like it. I know there's Ogre Battle 64, but that game pales in comparison to this version of Ogre Battle. One more thing, I think this game has the best music on the SNES.

    So there are my eight games. Choosen for the best variety, the most unique experiences I can remember for the SNES, and what I consider the best in the franchise.

    • Super Metroid
    • Chrono Trigger
    • Star Fox
    • Street Fighter 2
    • F-Zero
    • Harvest Moon
    • Tetris Attack
    • Ogre Battle

    Here are my disagreements with the Allies. Some which are mostly out of favour for having a better diversity and picking out really unique experiences only found on SNES.

    Zelda: A Link to the Past - This is actually my second most favourite Zelda game (behind Zelda 2 lol). The only reason why I had to cut it out was because of Super Metroid being a platformer and adventure. Super Metroid and Chrono Trigger hold up the adventuring part of this list quite well.

    Super Mario World - I choose Super Metroid over this game. I also don't think Super Mario World is better than Super Mario Bros. 3 or Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island. I guess I would have picked Yoshi's Island if I had to choose between the two. Pretty easy to cut this off.

    Final Fantasy 6 - As I mentioned in the Chrono Trigger selection, I had to choose the more unique experience for the SNES. I'm saying this as a huge FF6 fan and would play FF6 over Chrono Trigger any day.

    Super Mario Kart - Covered in the F-Zero section. Just had to pick the more unique game. Plenty of Mario Karts out there being made every single console generation.

    Super Castlevania IV - To call this the pinnacle of Classic Castlevania games would be wrong. That title goes to Dracula X: Rondo of Blood (PC Engine version). I especially hated the whip flailing feature they had in the game, and swinging with the whip felt really poorly done. I'd easily put a lot of other Castlevania games over this, but having to come right before the best Classic Castlevania that is Rondo of Blood, easy to count this one out.

    Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Turtles in Time - and Final Fight, and any other beat em' up (except Maximum Carnage). My problem with these Beat Em' Ups in particular is that they are just lazy arcade ports. They're not even unique to the SNES. For that reason, all of them wouldn't make my selection.

  • I will say that they should include Super Mario All-Stars with Super Mario World innit. And consider that as one game. Yeah, that's could be considered a cheap move, but hey, five games in one.

  • Personally, this list pains me to see Earthbound missing. I'm exaggerating, but get it on there!

  • Actraiser: such an odd mix of genres that shouldn't work but does. I played it through again recently. Still love it.

    Super Metroid: Just reiterating Frame Trap and the OP, but yeah. Favorite game of all time.

    F-Zero: One of the launch titles for the system and the flagbearer for Mode 7 tech.

    Yoshi's Island: One of Nintendo's most perfect platformers. FX licensing issues would probably kill this one, sadly, and bundling the GBA version isn't quite right for the product. Nintendo needs to just fix this.