Analogue Pocket

  • @hazz3r Agreed. $200 seems like a great deal, if you are into these older games, of course.

    Then again, the used market on GB/GBA games is pretty big (they still have a ton of them at my local game stop), and the cost of games will more than make up for the cost of the console, imo.

    Other fun fact, you can spend the same amount ordering a modified a GBA with some interesting features similar to this, but I would much rather plop down my cash on the Analogue.

  • I wanna know more about the synth part, if it's any good then 200 is a good price.

  • I've never bought an emulation device before but I will buy this and the dock. It seems like such a convenient way to play all these old handheld games.

  • Quick update on this. Pre-orders went live at 8am yesterday and were sold out within 10 minutes. There was an issue where the Shopify shipping calculator got held up and took several minutes for a lot of people and by the time it finally calculated for many, the item was already sold out. Even that guy who made Transference wasn't able to get one

    I personally experienced this issue but was able to eventually check out and lock in my Pocket and dock. I had no clue it was going to be this crazy. I only realized the hype and fallout from a Youtube video in my recommended. I seriously thought I was one of only a handfull of people dumb enough to put down this much money to wait 9 months. Oh well, glad I got one either way.

    Did anybody else manage/try to get one?

  • I'm actually a little relieved I waited, I would have been disappointed when I wasn't able to grab one. I was sort of expecting it, honestly, Analogue products are always in extremely short supply so you need to pick them up when they're available. I was lucky to get my Super NT for my birthday! But to my understanding I think Analogue is a very small team, and is maybe just one guy, so sales of the products may be a more difficult process to get done.

    I'm still waiting on my pre-order of the Polymega from September 2018 where the supply shortage happened as well, and the site crashed. Hopefully that comes out in the November date they have, but the pandemic is really hurting all of these small teams putting out new hardware.

  • @happygaming Yeah I got my Super NT at least a few weeks after launch and had no issue getting the one I wanted. I guess Analogue's name is just getting bigger with each release.

  • @e_zed_eh_intern Congrats! I've heard nothing but good things about their products but also have little to no full understanding of what exactly they are selling either. Device looks slick though, hope you get a ton of enjoyment out of it. I wouldn't mind seeing some shots of the device in your hands and your impressions.

  • @E_Zed_Eh_Intern definitely post some pictures and videos! I'd love to see how Gameboy Advance looks on a TV through this.

  • I forgot until about 3 hours after pre-orders went live but was planning on getting one.

    I'm in staunch agreement with the people lamenting that your order was able to include 2 of the things. It seems hardly fair that Joe Bloggs gets two and "I" get none.

    Hopefully they're able to re-evaluate and announce a second round of pre-orders soon, as it sounds like they've completely underestimated demand.

  • Just got an email, delayed to October 2021. Was beginning to wonder since it’s been radio silence since pre order and it was supposed to come out next month. Still choked though. Really hope this doesn’t turn into a Polymega situation because I am moving overseas next year and god only knows how much their shipping will be then.

  • After being delayed again in October, it looks like this thing is FINALLY coming out. Although, the email they sent out seemed to be encouraging people to delay their delivery so as not to miss it over the holidays, which is kind of weird. Assuming mine arrives when they say it will, I will try to post some observations.

  • I wonder if the Analogue is microwaveable so I can make it a hot pocket.

  • @jdincinerator said in Analogue Pocket:

    I wonder if the Analogue is microwaveable so I can make it a hot pocket.

    i c wat u did thar