Contra vs Metal Slug (Which do you prefer?)

  • Saw this on another forum, thought it'd be a fun conversation here. Personally I'm more of a Metal Slug guy, ive always been blown away with these games sprite and animation work. Contra has never really grabbed me, as a kid I steered clear as the difficulty was always a barrier I didn't wanna even mess with, still is today. However I can recognize Contra has an excellent series overall, even if some titles don't seem to really hit the mark.

  • Contra. I like Metal Slug, but the series high note was 3. After that, the series mostly became a slog to play through.

  • Metal Slug, still remember the first time seeing it at some sports bar that had a Neo Geo multicab, which if I remember had Metal Slug 2, Puzzle Bobble, Fatal Fury and Samurai Showdown 2 or 3.
    But Metal Slug just sucked me in, it's fun characters designs, fast gameplay, the little announcer announcing what weapon you got, the gore, and it's smooth animation. It just all clicked for me.

  • Metal Slug easy.

  • What a great question that I would have never thought of, for whatever reason. Like, the two are not even remotely connected in my head but the more you think about it, the more similar you realize they are.

    I don't think I discovered Metal Slug until I was at least a teenager, whereas I played the original contra on NES and Contra 3 at a friend's so Contra wins nostalgia for me.

    But just at hearing the name Metal Slug I hear the chaotic sound of that cab in an arcade. And those games look SO good. So Metal Slug on sights and sounds.

    Both are insanely tough so that's a wash. Gameplay, and ultimately my vote, goes to Contra. It just feels better to me. Maybe if I had played more MS I would think otherwise but I haven't so there you go.

  • Metal Slug is more technically advanced when I think about it(I am just talking from my memory) but I have good memories with the first Contra from the times I played it for hours with my cousin. So my vote goes to Contra too.

  • I would go with Metal Slug. Though Contra: Hard Corps might be my favorite from both series, the Metal Slug series quality is just far more consistent than Contra's.