Scrounging for Pennies, Paid in Full or Mommy & Daddy

  • My NES was actually a birthday present from a family friend so I'm not sure where that falls, but my SNES,N64 and Gamecube were all bought by my parents as Christmas presents. My Wii, PS2, PS3, Wii U, PS4 and X1X have all been bought and paid for by myself and saving up.

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    Question, you said you sold a couple Saturn games to afford the PS4 but didn't list a Saturn. Did you just have those games (i've never heard of them) but not the system?

  • @themarcv Weeeelllll I bought one in Japan few years ago so didn't include it as it was like $50 and 20 years after release.

  • @e_zed_eh_intern Nice! I kinda always wanted a Saturn and even thought bout getting one when I was in Japan as well. I didnt pull the trigger tho

  • @themarcv if it helps, I sold mine within 2 years. It was good, lots of good shooters but neither the systems nor the game discs are getting any younger so it felt like only a matter of time before I had a bunch of useless plastic on my hands. And when Hyper Duel and Battle Garegga go for over $300 each, I was ecstatic to get the liability off my hands.

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  • @shoulderguy Damn, your grandparents sound badass. For one, getting you so many consoles and two for also employing you to buy a GBA.

  • @themarcv They were great. My parents didn't have much after I was born so my grandparents stepped in when I needed things.

  • PS1, GC They were gifts from several family members
    PS2, PS3, X360, Wii Saving my allowance and money from student job
    PS4, XB1, WiiU, Switch Have full time job and can afford them without saving up
    NES, SNES, N64, SMS, SMD, Saturn, Dreamcast Bought them used well after they were discontinued

  • Genesis - Mommy & Daddy, got it off ebay when we found a random genesis game in some backpack at a garage sale. Only game I ever had for it worth a damn was Sonic 2. Eventually Paid in Full a new one a few years ago
    Game Boy Color - Mommy & Daddy, christmas gift (I think, been way too long)
    PS2 - Mommy & Daddy first two we burned through since one died and the other had its CD reader eat shit, Paid in Full the last one that's still kicking
    Game Boy Advance - Mommy & Daddy, again christmas gift. Getting it and Pokemon Sapphire back in '03 was probably my best christmas growing up.
    DS - Mommy & Daddy. Don't remember what made them wanna get that for my siblings and I at the time but hey I wasn't complaining.
    Gamecube - Scrounging for Pennies. Didn't really cost much since this was well after the Wii came out but this was long before I had a job so you know.
    Wii - Paid in Full. Got it because I really wanted to play Skyward Sword. Not sure why, I never cared about Zelda much before or afterwards and I didn't even like that game that much.
    Vita - Scrounging for Pennies, didn't really have a lot of money at the time but damn dude I really wanted to play Gravity Rush and P4G. Eventually sold it but got a Vita TV later.
    Xbox 360 - Paid in Full. Only got it because my brother moved out with his PS3. Eventually sold it to get my own PS3 (so I guess that'd be Paid in Full as well)
    3DS, Wii U, Dreamcast, Saturn, PS4, Xbox, Switch, N64 - Paid in Full. No real story to these I just bought them over the years.