• Had my eye on this one for a while, just released yesterday. Played for a couple hours and I've really enjoyed my time with it so far. Basically you just ride down a big downhill Mt trail. First you just have to complete the trail, once you complete it then challenges open up. The challenges unlock new Trails/Mt. but also customizable options like different bikes/clothes.

    Mostly its kinda of a super chill game but can also really be heart pumping as the trails get more difficult. I really recommend it.

    Youtube Video

  • Not surprised this one is getting lost in the middle of these much larger, high quality AAA games but I've been playing this more and my enjoyment has only continued. While the game is fairly basic and this extends to the challenges I have to say something as easy as completing a trail under a specific time has been very rewarding. Since the time doesn't continue to run when you fall this basically makes the time trails an exercise in exploration. Namely to find those short cuts that can greatly reduce the overall completion time.

    I think this would be a great streaming game for Ian and Don, since Ian likes biking and while its not the same as trails I think Don would enjoy it too.

    Anyone know the best way to suggest this to them?

  • Nice Article from Kotaku, theres some videos inside too to give a better idea of how the game plays


  • With a title like that I was expecting some kind of Silent Hill knock off.