Do you love Overwatch? then don't play the competitive mode!

  • I have never rage quit a game in my life but OW competitive mode made me do it, i lost 7 ranks in less than a day! competitive isn't so much about skill as it is how lucky you are to not draw idiots on your team who don't know what team work is or what character is not suited for a certain situation, How is this fun? How is this even okay? Oh and if you lose a single match then here take a rank down, oh you won? Hahaha you thought you would rank right back up? NO! you need to win at least 2 matches to regain your previous rank, you got paired with some one who left before the game even started? HAVE A RANK DOWN, take my advice stay away from competitive and enjoy the game on quick play , right now what Blizzard is offering is not worth a single moment of your time.

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    Sounds like every game which has a competitive mode. My solution is to play with friends and people who you know doesn't suck total balls.

  • @BabyfartsMcgeezaks I get that but what will you do when you don't have friends who play OW? Again if they didn't penalize you for losing a match by immediately down ranking you and giving you at least two matches before doing that it would've been fine, also sudden death is a BS system.

  • I hate ranked modes in games in general and the two rounds I tried in OW convinced me it was the same here.

  • I haven't played the competitive in about a week but I have played a lot of it. I actually really like it because you generally get some really good team compositions facing off against each other.

    However you are correct, you will have games where you have irritating teammates or teammates who just won't listen to you. Recently I had a similar moan about the Uncharted 4 ranked (which I do still think has slightly more issues but I've calmed down a bit on them) .

    Basically, I think you should have at least 2 friends join you for competitive play. It'll generally leads to being matched with other players in a group too and I've found most of the time, that people are more co operative.

    Just my experience.

  • It's been a rule with me that anything team based and/or competitive in any sense of the word (And in most cases even non-competitive team games like MMOs) that you just don't play them solo and expect to have a good time, you just don't.

    At least not if you equate winning with fun, as I do. You need a team of friends to play so it's more fun, even when you lose.

  • Chiming in that you seem much more frustrated with the community rather than the game itself. The de-ranking algorithm does seem excessively harsh at the moment, but what's the big deal? It's the first season of a brand new game and there isn't even a real leaderboard. I'd be actually kinda happy to de-rank a bit and pick up some softer games for easy competitive points. I played my placement matches with 1-4 friends and they were definitely more fun with more friends, even when we lost. Not many of my random teammates were on their mic, but those that did talk were generally pleasant and overall had decent attitudes. I'd chalk up your experience to small sample size of generally uneducated players in a brand new game. If you truly want to get into competitive, give it a few tournaments for the player-base to bring up their general game knowledge.

  • Quick play is just as bad,maybe worst. At least for me it is,i seem to attract the retards on PS4 for some reason.

    I went from a 80-89 winrate (it's this bad to begin with because of the idiots) to 93-93 in one night playing with my friends.

    I use quick play to learn more with my "bad" heroes now so i don't get frustrated by the morons.

    But it's bad,like i have the most kill on my team with Mercy bad.

  • Complaining about the ranked mode of a team-based game because you don't play it with a group of friends is like complaining to a clothing store that their shirts don't look good on you because you have no arms.

  • @Krauser said in Do you love Overwatch? then don't play the competitive mode!:

    Complaining about the ranked mode of a team-based game because you don't play it with a group of friends is like complaining to a clothing store that their shirts don't look good on you because you have no arms.

    Stupid analogy. I shouln't need a mic and friends to expect common fucking sense. You don't need to know someone or a mic to play your role and not go full retard.

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    I actively avoid competitive online games unless I know I have a consistent group of friends to play with.
    Rainbow Six Seige ranked without friends? Please feed me the business end of a shotgun.

  • Yeah, Overwatch competitive isn't my thing either. I only play it if I have a party of at least 3 people. It lessens the chances of people randomly dropping and anger ensuing.

    I'm waiting for modes that are specifically based around certain objectives. Those will come, but we have to wait for more maps and characters first. If they did that stuff now, there wouldn't be enough variety during gameplay.

    I have put over 140+ hours in Overwatch (PS4) and love still love it.

  • @Stephleref You do if you want to have proper teamwork. Or do you think professional players that play e-sports, or even real sports, don't communicate during gameplay to make their strategy work? If you don't, then it is indeed a gamble with what players you end up with. Just like with any other competitive mode in any competitive team based game.

  • I hate the look of it. too cartoony and childish for my taste.

  • @Black-Cell Weird, competitive mode in Overwatch looks exactly the same as Quickplay to me.

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    @Waleed_WSF88 Then find some people to play with, sorry but that's just how it is if you want the best experience when it comes to competitive gaming.

    @Stephleref You don't seem to understand competitive games, or maybe you're just low ranked. Communication is very important and it becomes more important in higher ranks.

  • @SabotageTheTruth Yeah, I never noticed competitive mode changing the art style of the game either.


  • I played about 15 competitive matches the first week it was released and I really did not enjoy myself. Most of my losses were due to people on my team dropping out early and I had one match with a "general of war", someone telling all of us what to do while he continued to rush off the map as Rhinehardt. My buddy and I decided to play last night and we had an absolute blast. We were in party chat so we definitely failed in the communication front (we're heathens!) but we still meshed well with our teams and just kept winning. We did suffer two losses due to the sudden death coin flip, so I'm glad that's out next season, but I'll say the competitive has gotten a little better than when it first launched. The mindset that is really making me have a better time is realizing in the grand scheme of things, my rank doesn't change anything in my life. That's allowed me to play more freely and enjoy competitive mode more - not having to deal with hero stacking is a blessing. Plus, Zen's buffs are making him an absolute monster right now.

  • @BabyfartsMcgeezaks Again i have no one to play with and i think the simple commands the gives you is more than enough to communicate, also the game should not allow any one below level 40 to play competitive it's not a place to play characters you suck at using, choosing Genji when he is the most difficult character to use and even choosing him on defense is just infuriating! also i hope Blizzard tells people about nerfs in game cause some people still think using Torbjorn's turret and Molten core is still OP.

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    @Waleed_WSF88 Tough break then, that's how you get the best experience. The game is filled with unbelievably shitty players, that's why I never que solo because I know I'll just get so mad at my team that I rage quit.