Do you love Overwatch? then don't play the competitive mode!

  • @Waleed_WSF88 I'd argue that Ana's difficulty is up there with Genji. Right now they're both picked extremely frequently.

  • @Stormcrownn Oh don't get me started on Ana players......You are a sniper/healer character and not a DPS one so stay at the back and don't charge forward like an idiot!

  • @Waleed_WSF88 I've played FPS on PC for 10+ years, and when I play Ana I have some difficulty trying to snipe my own tracer/genji to heal them. They always notice im trying, and then stand still for me.

    Its embarrassing. I don't try to knock people for trying them in quick play, that's what its for.

  • @Stormcrownn Yeah that's what quick play is for, if you want to try/master a character.

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    This is how every competitive team game ends up. Verbal communication (beyond the in-game commands) is actually very important in these situations and if teammates are willing to listen to suggestions like switching heroes then it can help coming back from a loss. As long as it's not done in a rude way it's usually effective.

    Also it sounds like you might be on console? I'm pretty sure there are threads on the forums for connecting with other Easy Allies fans to play together. Also I've seen people posting on the discord looking for people to play with. Maybe try looking into those avenues, playing with a bunch of them, and finding the ones you mesh well with who are around your skill level.

    The rank system is a little out of whack but it is still the first month. Also the amount you gain and lose is dependent on how you as an individual do in the game. If you perform better, you will lose less and earn more. If you perform poorly, you won't gain as much and will lose more points.

    @Waleed_WSF88 Here is a link to the thread for exchanging screen names on the forums. And click here for a link to the discord if you aren't already in there. There is a separate Overwatch chat.

  • This one of biggest reason why I no longer care for MP. Your entire enjoyment out this type of games is vey heavily depend on other people.

  • @Kristen59 Thank you.