Internship Opportunities at Easy Allies

  • Hey Allies,
    Just as some context for this post, I am a current senior in college and am actively applying for jobs within the entertainment and video game industries with a focus on media production, marketing, and public relations. Between assisting developers on the production of their latest indie hit, to helping content creators highlight the best aspects of their personalities to strengthen their brand, I want to help in the explosive growth of the video game industry that has occurred over the past decade.

    While I know the struggles that come with working in the video game industry, including exceptionally large turnover rates, both developer and content creator's lack of union support, and the negative stigma towards LGBTQ in certain sectors of video game fans, the video game industry has produced some of the most memorable and influential stories that I have personally ever experienced.

    I think this is why watching Easy Allies grow in tandem with my college education, both commencing in the year 2016, has been extremely inspiring to me. Watching the team grow from the ending days of GameTrailers to operating out of Brandon's garage, to the struggles that come with settling into the new studio, Easy Allies' success has been an inspiration to me in the way that the humble beginnings of Apple and Steve Jobs had done to many tech entrepreneurs in Silicon Valley to this day.

    The early success and support Easy Allies has received in these past three years have established Easy Allies as one of the great video game influencers. However, as a business, there is still so much room for Easy Allies to grow. I was wondering if Easy Allies had considered offering unpaid internships to help in the growth of Easy Allies, allowing interns to help with the production side of Easy Allies and to help the main personalities focus on developing and marketing the Easy Allies Brand?

    Jonathan Martin

  • This is probably best asked on Cup of Jones. That's a question only one of the Allies can answer, and none of them frequent this forum often.

    If you aren't a patron, let me know and I'd be happy to ask this question on your behalf.

  • I believe this question is asked periodically and each time Jones says "No", because they don't have time to manage someone's work, especially if they don't know the person. But this doesn't mean you can't contribute at all - I'm doing English & Russian subtitles for reviews. I think, my contribution was accepted because subtitles were created before and I just followed already existing workflow.

    So your best bet (probably) is to find something that already involves community and join the effort.

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    As mentioned before, Jones has been asked this before on Cup of Jones. As much as he/they would love to have interns or even hire more editors to help them. They just dont (at the moment) have the time or manpower to allocate resources to it and also if it were to happen, Jones would like to offer a financial compensation to the person they take on.

    So its not a "No, dont even think about it", its more of a "We would love to, but cant right now". Always good to ask though!


  • Thank you all so much for responding, love to see that I'm not the only one who would be interested in helping out the Allies. I hope this changes in the future, but for now, I will work in relevant fields to help build my resume if anything comes up.

    Thanks again!

  • I think they have an email

    Doesn't hurt to ask there. They also check their Patreon messages.

  • @dipset I’d agree with this. Ask privately. If you ask publicly then that sets a precedent and they’ll suddenly get a bunch of people asking.