The Game Awards 2019

  • Geoff Keighley brings his annual show to us on December 12th. All the nominees have been revealed:

    For GOTY we have:

    • Control
    • Death Stranding
    • Resident Evil 2
    • Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice
    • Super Smash Bros. Ultimate
    • The Outer Worlds

  • The nominees aren't too bad. I'm sure some people will be upset Fire Emblem isn't listed but overall I mostly agree. I think it's between Sekiro, Smash and RE2. I think I'd go with RE2. I think people had high exceptions for this one and it meet those exceptions. Tho Smash is fantastic and I still play it regularly. Also Sekiro was easily my favorite From Software game. I imagine the overall narrative for gaming this year will be that it wasn't as strong as 17 or 18 but I think its been a damn good year, it just didn't have a ton of 90+ games like we did the last two years.

  • Death Stranding; Shocker.

  • Even though its not my personal favourite game of the year I think RE2 should win.

  • I can't wait for Death Stranding to win best sports game of the year.

  • Having an awards show for a year that hasn't even ended is stupid and as much as I love it Smash Ultimate shouldn't be eligible because it's not a 2019 game.

  • @hanabi My understanding is they have a cut off date, anything released after that date is in the running for the next year. I think the general idea is that if they were to wait till 2020 there would be less interest in GOTY 2019 maybe because a bunch of other outlets would have already posted their personal GOTY. I kinda agree with you tho, I'd be okay with them waiting till Jan 2020 to have the Game Awards.

    Think it also has to do with companies running sales during Game Awards and doing it before the holidays might mean better business, not sure, we'd have to ask Geoff Keighley.

  • Don't know bout everyone else but the actual rewards are the thing I'm actually lease interested in. I watch the show mainly for the reveals, and then for the general celebration of video games. I can guarantee Chvches will play their Death Stranding song tho I think I'd prefer that like Sweden kinda metal song they played in on of their trailers.

  • Even Tetris 99 got nominated for something! Amazing!

  • I'm just happy Astral Chain got some recognition.

  • For a change, I've at least tried 5 of 6 GOTY nominees. I gotta say, I had a hard falloff with Sekiro where I took a break and it was too tough to jump back into. It's gonna be hard for me to give it GOTY when I can't even beat it without restarting.

    Looking like Resident Evil 2 has a strong chance which is awesome.

  • Predictions: (What I THINK will win / What I'm hoping)

    Narrative: Death Stranding/Plague Tale
    Art Direction: Sayonara Wild Hearts/Link's Awakening
    Score/Music: Sayonara Wild Hearts/Kingdom Hearts III
    Performance: Norman Reedus(Death Stranding)/Laura Bailey (Gears 5)
    Games for Impact: Concrete Genie/Concrete Genie
    Ongoing: Apex Legends/FF XIV: Shadowbringers
    Indie: Outer Wilds/Katana Zero
    Audio: Death Stranding/Gears 5 OR Resident Evil 2 Remake
    Community Support aka THE SAME CATEGORY AS ONGOING (?!): Same answers
    Mobile: Sayonara Wild Hearts/Sayonara Wild Hearts
    VR/AR: Beat Saber/Beat Saber
    Action: Apex Legends/Gears 5 OR Metro: Exodus
    Action-Adventure: Death Stranding OR Sekiro/Borderlands 3 OR Resident Evil 2 Remake
    RPG: The Outer Worlds/Kingdom Hearts III
    Fighting: Mortal Kombat 11 OR Super Smash Bros. Ultimate /Mortal Kombat 11 OR Super Smash Bros. Ultimate
    Family: Super Smash Bros. Ultimate/Super Mario Maker 2
    Strategy: Fire Emblem: Three Houses/Fire Emblem: Three Houses
    Sports/Racing: FIFA/CTR: Nitro Fueled
    Multiplayer: Apex Legends/Borderlands 3
    Fresh Indie: Mobius Digital (Outer Wilds)/Mobius Digital (Outer Worlds)
    Content Creator: Shroud/I don't care. At all.
    Esports: I REALLY don't care.
    Direction: Death Stranding/Resident Evil 2 Remake
    Game of the Year: Death Stranding OR Resident Evil 2: Remake/RE 2: Remake

    Final Thoughts/observations:

    Death Stranding being practically EVERYWHERE isn't a surprise.
    Fire Emblem: Three Houses got snubbed based off of the zeitgeist
    I'm happy Smash wasn't forgotten, but Fallen Order and Pokemon MUST be eligible for next year.
    Ongoing or Community Support: Have one, not both, because it feels like the exact same thing.
    Family should be renamed to Nintendo Game of the Year
    At the time, I heard more criticism about Control than positive comments, so seeing it be one of the six GOTY noms is a personal surprise.

  • Global Moderator

    I can see GOTY being close between Death Stranding and Control, for some reason.

  • Oh cool. Yoshi's Crafted World wasn't completely forgotten.

  • @brannox Neither Pokemon or Fallen Order will be eligible next year. The cut off date was on or before 15th November.

  • My guess is that Resident Evil 2 wins this year. I really thought Fire Emblem: Three Houses had a shot at being nominated but I'm not surprised. When was the last time a anime-style turn-based strategy RPG with Persona style social relationship mechanics won game of the year.

  • @hazz3r While true about the cut-off date, Keighley explicitly stated today on Twitter that if judges for next year's Awards feel it should be nominated, he's not going to say no. He understands that not many people were able to finish either game to form a complete opinion on either before release, so while I'm not saying either will be in the GOTY noms next (Spring alone will take care of that), I could see Pokemon get an RPG nod while Jedi: Fallen Order could be mentioned in the action/adventure category.

  • Don't forget you can vote too:

    Although, I went through each category and there's so many games I haven't played, I didn't feel like I could have an opinion on many of them. Even among the GOTY nominees, I've only played Smash and RE2.

    Disappointed that Fire Emblem: Three Houses didn't make the GOTY shortlist, but at a glance it feels like the nominees in each category are rather fair and representative.

    Feels like a weaker line-up than 2018 and 2017 for sure, and it could end up being tight.

    If I try to get inside the heads of the voting jury, here's how I see things pan out:

    • I don't see Smash winning as it's too "old" and iterative rather than innovative.
    • I don't see Resident Evil 2 winning as it's a remake and horror remains slightly niche.
    • I don't see The Outer Worlds winning as it's also an classic formula "merely" executed very well.
    • Control and Sekiro will be strong contenders but I think they'll also fall short.
    • Death Stranding will probably win.

  • Let's all be honest Death Stranding will win best Esports coach.

  • I was surprised that Control got such recognition. I thought that I'm one of the few who liked this game.