The Game Awards 2019

  • I think the show was generally good, but it helped me realize how fatigued I am with unoriginal CGI trailers. I'm sick of the basic formula that they all follow. There's a landscape shot, there's voice-over that kind of tells you about the game but not really, there's a really stiff looking battle between generic looking characters, and they always end with some "epic" line from the VO, like "you will fail" or "you will succumb to the darkness." I think there were like three of them throughout the relatively short runtime.

  • Personally speaking, my personal highlights were:

    • Final Fantasy VII: Remake trailer
    • Chvrches performance
    • Ori trailer (despite the delay)
    • Ghost of Tsushima deep dive
    • Gears Tactics trailer
    • And the absolute jaw-dropping mega bomb that is the next Xbox reveal with the Hellblade sequel.

    Also, how spread out the winners were was also neat to see...

    But honestly, I did not like the show overall. WAY too many ads. Some segments were cringy and too long. The ending with all the Fast & Furious felt off. I was bored A LOT. The show over the last few years have been solid from beginning to end and even moments that I had no investment in have always been engaging and prompt. This year? I feel like it's not just a step, but a leap backwards.


  • My favorite reveal is the new Bravely Default game. I'm more of an Octopath Traveler man myself but I'll take what I can get.

    Youtube Video

  • The reveals started pretty strong (I mean the next xbox was shown), but about the time of the DnD dark Alliance game it basically turned into CG trailer after CG trailer or that player unknown trailer that was like 20 seconds with no real hint of what it is.

  • The new Xbox is beautiful, I love the design that breaks the convention of what a home console should look like. It's as if they boldly defined an identity for the Xbox more aligned with the PC history of Microsoft, something which I think was already done with the 360.

  • Did they learn nothing from Nintendo's failure?
    that shit name is just as bad, if not worse than Wii U was.

  • New Xbox's name is awful. Even someone like me -who is a gamer- confused at first while looking at the news. Good luck with general audience.

  • @Yoshi @Scotty I disagree with you both, I think it's a very cool name. Although, from a prediction I read, maybe this is just the name for an X series of consoles, in parallel with an inferior S series of consoles. It'd fit into their idea of introducing upgraded revised console versions, instead of a whole new paradigm in each generation. Let's see what's their plan.

    In the meantime, I've had the opportunity to catch up with some trailers and moments, even though The Game Award's Youtube channel hasn't uploaded everything yet. I enjoyed Chvrches performance. The Ghost of Tsushima looks gorgeous. Senua's Saga: Hellblade II's trailer was grotesque, I'm intrigued.

  • @irongrey
    Xbox One
    Xbox One S
    Xbox One X
    Xbox Series X

    oh but don't worry little Timmy. the 4K Xbox Series X is OBVIOUSLY a different machine than the 4K Xbox One X machine

  • I'm checking what was revealed last night. I'm not much of a trailer guy but there were some really strong ones. Naraka looks really promising. Ghost of Tsushima great, just sell me the game. Hellblade 2 I LOVE this trailer. I'm ready! Ori at this point is like Ghost, just let me have it.

    I enjoyed the Xbox reveal. Out of nowhere, bold monolithic design. The name... it's fine. Marketing keeps being a problem within MS, and I don't think they even realize how that hurts them, perhaps more than the practical issues they at at the beginning of this gen. In a world where people use marketing as a way to form their personal opinions, perception is everything. But ye, it's fine. But I love how it looks.

    Sekiro is my number 2 this year. Good to see it getting recognition. Kojima award was won by Kojima. Game direction, I don't know exactly what it means. As a whole I don't see it, the writing is not just bad, it has objective flaws. But I do accept it, because from a gameplay perspective he fully deserves it. Control getting some love too, my personal goty.

    Got to play Disco Elysium! Don't know if I should wait for it to come to console or get it now on PC. I feel like I wanna be relaxed in the couch for this one, I'm just getting too old for PC.😁

  • The show left me pretty cold this time. I think I waited more from the reveals. The Wolf Among Us 2 was my favourite of the bunch, but that's pretty much it. Weird how the awards themselves felt kinda scarce. At least on the big stage.

  • @sentinel-beach said in The Game Awards 2019:

    I think I waited more from the reveals.

    I don't remember an ''awesome'' TGA ever. Maybe I forgot but it kinda feels like, everytime it is underwhelming to say the least.

  • I think the show needs to figure out what it wants to be. Is it a celebration of what was accomplished this past year? Or is it a marketing event? There were moments that hinted that the show could be the former - Reggie's speech and the orchestral performance at the end were personal highlights - but on the whole it felt like a vehicle to pump out advertisements disguised as the MTV movie awards while also claiming to be the Oscar's.

  • @naltmank
    I think Geoff want's it to be a celebration of everything that has come out thru out the year while also looking forward to the future.
    But you have to remember an event like this isn't cheap, and he most likely has to make some compromises to his own vision to even make the event happen in the first place.

  • To me it was not a bad show, but definitely below 2017 and 2018.

    One thing you may take as a positive or a negative: pretty much all the interesting stuff was early on in the pre-show and about the first 30 minutes of the actual show. It was great for me because living in Europe, the show started at 2:30 am, it's always super hard to watch it live, i went to bed when they started the whole Epic games section and that's pretty much after all the most interesting announcements. On the other, if you wanted to watch the whole thing, there were some 3 hours of some cool moment but also too much fluff.

    If i have to rank the top 3 announcements:

    1. Xbox Series X. Bold move to show it at TGA but i think it worked.

    Design: I like how they don't even try to hide the nature of a console anymore: 10-20 years ago a console used to be a true innovative piece of tech with custom chipsets designed solely for the console, while now they are totally PC hardware with components that already exist so in that sense it makes sense to design it just like a PC for the living room. Xbox One S still remains the best looking console Xbox has ever done design wise, so far. I don't particularly love this matte grey/black, it's a bit boring.

    The trailer is a bit deceiving, judging other screen comparisons the console is going to look much more compact than what it seems.

    The naming is weird, it's cool that it implies multiple series on different letters and different SKUs, so i don't mind the inclusion of series, but i'd have chosen another letter. Most casual consumers might say "i want the Xbox, the X" which could be confused with the Xbox One X.

    The few things Xbox has revealed about its specs are promising, price i'm expecting it to be around $499 with a cheaper offering (Lockhart) we have yet to see.

    Also judging the muted reactions from the audience i don't think Hellblade 2 was the right game to generate hype around the console, even though i'm sure it is going to look amazing. It's not a super popular franchise yet, with Halo or a new AAA IP it would have been different.

    1. No More Heroes 3. I think by far it had the best trailer of the night, and considering how dragged on felt the show at some points, they should have let the whole thing rolling without the cuts. FU had a very strong presence, the fake out and the artsy look was all Suda style, animation done by Kamikaze douga and Kenichiro Mizuno doing some of the designs, there are some really talented artists behind this.

    2. Godfall. Not because of the game itself, which i thought it looked a bit generic, Destiny wannabe like Anthem and others, but because this is officially the first PS5 game confirmed.

    Honorable mentions:

    • Ghost of Tsushima, which looked very good but i'm also worried it could end up being an asian Assassin's Creed and i'm not particularly thrilled for that (hope i'm wrong). Also since i'm probably not gonna buy a PS5 at launch, i wonder how's that going to look on my base PS4.

    • Bravely Default II, the 2 is weird, but it's cool to see Square Enix investing in this franchise, and the return of Revo from Sound Horizon. Not much else from the trailer besides it is in HD now, and it is keeping the same style of the previous 2-3 games with the cool looking towns but flat, and the chibi characters.

  • Godfall looked neat, but until a live service game surpasses Destiny 2 in gameplay and content, I don't think I'll care that much. Glad to see Sony is putting a focus on multiplayer games again though.

    Hellblade 2 is my game of the show. Absolutely adored the first one and the trailer looked amazing. The second I heard whispers I knew what it was and flipped out. So excited.

    Ori 2 also looked fantastic, but that is to be expected. Microsoft really knocked it out of the park this VGA. Made up for that embarrassingly bad XO19.

    Xbox Series X incredibly underwhelming and really awkward.


  • I just finished the watching whole show and I can honestly say that I won't do that again most probably in coming years. I will just look it up the news and go on.

    Also, my favourite thing from the show that I learned Epic will start giving free games from 19th.

  • I personally enjoyed this years game awards. I thought the show flowed pretty well and I was really impressed with Sydnee Goodman. The show started off extremely strong with an amazing pre show then probably reaching it's peak with the new Xbox Series X announcement. After that there were some interesting games shown but so many were only CGI with no gameplay it was hard to get really invested in most of them.

    I was surprised that Disco took home so many awards, mostly just because it didn't seem like a ton of people were playing it since it is only on PC right now (very much looking forward to its console release in 2020). I enjoyed the musical performances as well, mostly chvrches, Green Day was good but I would prefer having the music be more related to video games.

    I thought the Muppet segment was really fun too. I would want more stuff like that in the future, though Im sure it was expensive and more difficult then just writing some jokes.

    I think the low point was the presenters for GOTY. I'm not into F&F so having Michelle and Vin does nothing for me, and to have their game be the last shown kinda leaves a bad taste in your mouth.

    Overall I was pleased, I still think there's some room for improvement but a pretty solid awards show. Mostly I'm just weirdly proud of Geoff. I always felt kinda bad that Viacom pulled the plug on the VGA but was really happy to see Geoff was gonna keep the show rolling. I know everyone doesn't dig the VGA but I'm really glad they exist, warts and all.

  • @scotty said in The Game Awards 2019:

    Also, my favourite thing from the show that I learned Epic will start giving free games from 19th.

    Just an aside, Epic has been giving away free games for like, a year. The original The Wolf Among Us is free right now. I've gotten Edith Finch from them previously.

  • @tokyoslim said in The Game Awards 2019:

    Epic has been giving away free games for like, a year

    I know that but they are usually weekly. This thing I talked about is ''new game everday'' for 12 days I guess.