The Game Awards 2019

  • @mbun I agree with you. I likely won't win. My personal GOTY based on those nominees is Outer Worlds.

  • @mico_moreno

    I respect your opinion but I think Resident Evil 2 is the gold standard for an action / shooter game in 2019 and beyond.

    It isn’t just shoot shoot shoot like other action games. There are a variety of enemy types that you have to think about, you have to consider the environment, there is genuine horror, reasons to replay, extra modes.

    It’s a GOTY package.

  • @mico_moreno I'm rooting for Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, but knowing how much work Sakurai has put into Smash over the years and especially with Ultimate, I wouldn't mind that one winning either, even though it won't happen. Outer Worlds seems great too with the little I've seen of it. The only one I'd be annoyed to see win is Control given the mess that game was on base PS4 at launch and how in a nutshell it is basically just a prettied up and polished PS2 shooter. I straight up played games exactly like Control back then, flinging objects at enemies with mind powers and all! That said, 100% rooting for Dr. Casper Darling for Best Performance category, because those parts of Control are what I hadn't quite seen anything like in a game before that set it apart for me.

  • @mico_moreno that is like saying "The Departed" shouldn't have won Oscars at Academy Awards. And that movie is a remake that is more retelling of it since they changed the ending and used a lot of shots that was in the original unlike RE2, that change the whole mechanic and layout that surprised everyone that played the original.

  • I played Control, RE2 and Sekiro. My GOTY from these games is RE2. I just love the ''feel the kill''. All those satisfaction from bullet impacts on zombies; sounds of brain, body parts etc.'s gooey feedback.

    The last time I felt this much satisfaction from 3rd person game's shooting was The Last of Us.

  • Is Control really that good? I'm struggling to see it from reviews.

    Cant stand Smash. RE2 is the clear winner here for me. I think KH III should be in the place of Smash or Control though.

  • @sheria
    It's something that just clicks with people, same as Death Stranding or any other game.
    If anything my only complaint about Control would be the length, feels like it just ends out of left field.

    Also the Ashtray Maze feels like something I want to see more of next gen.

  • Btw, I just played the intro part of Fallen Order but I'am a little bit sad that it isn't in the GOTY nominees. Even it has hypothetical chance about the release date rule; I am having hard time to have faith because of the monsters in 2020. Also there are rumors that BotW2 and RE3 Remake are also coming in 2020 too...

  • @dipset I loved the game and I agree it's mechanics are incredible. My only issue was that not making more changes to the B playthrough feels like a missed opportunity. I'm not trying to say "we deserve it" or anything because we got a bunch of free DLC and most of that was apparently pretty fun. I just feel like that was on the one glaring omission.

  • @sheria

    Control is good but not GOTY or anywhere close. It’s a solid foundation but I think there is a gameplay/story disconnect that takes you away from its best elements being “The Oldest House”.

    Think about a classic like Bioshock and you remember the world so well because there are awesome scenes and gameplay scenarios in each new area. Every area in Control kinda feels the same: big wide area with a “shootout” in the middle. I think if they made better gameplay scenarios, it would be a significantly stronger game.

    To me, it isn’t in contention for GOTY and I’m surprised it got the nomination in the end.

  • @e_zed_eh_intern

    Yeah the A and B similarities were kinda disappointing but I still think something as simple as upping the difficulty and doing a speed run is replay value in itself.

    Other than The Last of Us, I can’t think of another action game “recently” that I attempted to just up the difficulty for the sheer fun of a replay where everything is essentially the same.

    I think Capcom hears us though. Next Resident Evil remake or sequel will probably have an extra budget and time to make more scenarios that differ.

  • @dipset Control is definitely my goty.

  • @phbz

    To each their own, I was quite disappointed by it. I think I was irked by what it could have been rather than evaluating it for what it is.

  • Just had a look of each of the GOTY nominees Metacritic scores to help predict who the Winner might be this year

    Control: 82/100
    Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice: 90/100
    Resident Evil 2 Remake: 91/100
    Death Stranding: 83/100
    The Outer Worlds: 86/100
    Super Smash Bros Ultimate: 93/100

    Save us Daddy Sakurai!!! :3

  • So anyone got any predictions on any reveals?

  • @dmcmaster Death Stranding DLC

  • I can't think of anything from Sony but they could announce the release date of dreams.
    Microsoft, Battle toads and Aoe 4
    Nintendo Zelda BotW 2 and Bayo 3.
    Maybe a teaser from From Software.
    Hopefully some WB Games from Harry Potter to DC Super heroes.
    RE3 Remake.

  • @dmcmaster WB Games Montreal will probably reveal the new Batman Arkham game. Follow up on the teases they made a few months ago.

    A new Smash character and new Mario Maker 2 stage style from Nintendo.
    Maybe the next Bioshock game. It's time.

  • Smash's final first round of DLC characters and updates on Witchfire and Bayonetta 3 come to mind. With the recent news Campo Santo has been working on Half-Life: Alyx, I don't think we'll hear about in the Valley of Gods. Also possible the Stanley Parable: Ultra Deluxe gets shadow-dropped. Happy to know we're getting something on Ori and the Will of the Wisps and Gears Tactics.

  • Batman: Arkham Legacy from WB Montreal.