The Game Awards 2019

  • @e_zed_eh_intern

    Yeah the A and B similarities were kinda disappointing but I still think something as simple as upping the difficulty and doing a speed run is replay value in itself.

    Other than The Last of Us, I can’t think of another action game “recently” that I attempted to just up the difficulty for the sheer fun of a replay where everything is essentially the same.

    I think Capcom hears us though. Next Resident Evil remake or sequel will probably have an extra budget and time to make more scenarios that differ.

  • @dipset Control is definitely my goty.

  • @phbz

    To each their own, I was quite disappointed by it. I think I was irked by what it could have been rather than evaluating it for what it is.

  • Just had a look of each of the GOTY nominees Metacritic scores to help predict who the Winner might be this year

    Control: 82/100
    Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice: 90/100
    Resident Evil 2 Remake: 91/100
    Death Stranding: 83/100
    The Outer Worlds: 86/100
    Super Smash Bros Ultimate: 93/100

    Save us Daddy Sakurai!!! :3

  • So anyone got any predictions on any reveals?

  • @dmcmaster Death Stranding DLC

  • I can't think of anything from Sony but they could announce the release date of dreams.
    Microsoft, Battle toads and Aoe 4
    Nintendo Zelda BotW 2 and Bayo 3.
    Maybe a teaser from From Software.
    Hopefully some WB Games from Harry Potter to DC Super heroes.
    RE3 Remake.

  • @dmcmaster WB Games Montreal will probably reveal the new Batman Arkham game. Follow up on the teases they made a few months ago.

    A new Smash character and new Mario Maker 2 stage style from Nintendo.
    Maybe the next Bioshock game. It's time.

  • Smash's final first round of DLC characters and updates on Witchfire and Bayonetta 3 come to mind. With the recent news Campo Santo has been working on Half-Life: Alyx, I don't think we'll hear about in the Valley of Gods. Also possible the Stanley Parable: Ultra Deluxe gets shadow-dropped. Happy to know we're getting something on Ori and the Will of the Wisps and Gears Tactics.

  • Batman: Arkham Legacy from WB Montreal.

  • Saw something about two games from Activision getting announced, one being some kind of Crash Bandicoot Oddesy, and the other apparently a Tony Hawk remaster without Tony Hawk..... calling it now Michael Jordan's Pro Skater.

  • @shoulderguy said in The Game Awards 2019:

    Maybe the next Bioshock game. It's time.

    sigh, if only.

  • @dmcmaster said:

    a Tony Hawk remaster without Tony Hawk

    that sounds dumb

  • @mbun
    I agree, but I can see some logic to it.
    Make a remaster/collection of previous Tony Hawk stages, use custom characters, maybe some microtransactions for costumes, fill it with the cheapest modern music they can get, print money.

    Unless it's made by Robomodo.

  • My GOTY is still Metro Exodus.

  • This year nominees seems way better than last year, though the amount of categories where Death Stranding is present makes me worry it will be a 3 hours commercial for Kojima.

    I've no wishes on who should win, cause usually it's the same type of game that tends to win (you could create the TGA GOTY template) but i'd like if Smash wins it, and i'm not even a big Smash player, it's mainly to reward Sakurai's insane work.

    The amount of tracks (especially the amount of new arrangements), stages, fighters,... it's something unprecedented for any video game, and it's not even a quantity vs quality situation because the care that was put on every little detail is noticeable.

  • I'll be happy if Sekiro or Control wins. Outer Worlds, I don't think it has a chance. And Death Stranding I don't think it deserves, though I think it's a good game. But the internet would go wild.

    Outer Wilds I want it to get as many awards as possible.

  • Just dawned on me but we might see a new NMH3 trailer, especially after seeing this

  • The more I play The Outer Worlds the more I think that it’s just a super solid RPG but not GOTY. Definitely like the stories it’s offering up, but I’m not edge of my seat gripped and I’m not in a rush to pour over every building looking for all of the loot either.

  • I think the nice thing about Outer Worlds is that you can look everywhere and it opens up extra character lore and story options, not just loot.
    I got a laugh out of a friend of mine being like "I went with option A because person A is an upstanding leader and he's just trying to help his people!" and I was like... "ah, so I take it you didn't find out he's a cold blooded murdering liar who's been manipulating you?"
    "what? NOOOO?! So you went with option B?"
    "Actually, I went with option C"
    "What was option C? I never saw it"

    The difference was just some random terminal login in a completely unrelated side mission that I did that opened up a quest line that my friend never even saw.

    I will say though that The Outer Worlds is the only one of those games I've finished. Sekiro I barely started and never went back to. Control I'm like 3/4 of the way through, haven't played RE2. Just got Death Stranding.... well, I acquired Death Stranding. I have like 5 hours in it and I'm not sure I get it yet. :)

    Don't have a switch.