Borderlands 3

  • (Is it true that this game don't have its own topic here already?)

    I'm one of those people who like Borderlands. I finished 1, pre-sequel and 2 with all of its DLCs. It was always fun, but it wasn't something special (although I still fondly remember Tiny Tina's Assault on Dragon Keep DLC). So I was planning to play Borderlands 3, but I wasn't anticipating it.

    Well, I finished the game last night and I'm still amazed how much I liked it. The gameplay still feels great and quests are still funny and fun. But also (and this was a total surprise) this game made me emotional. Despite joking all the time, the story has several dramatic scenes that feel earned. Despite making fun of its characters, game’s cast feel like an actual characters and once the credits started rolling I realized how much I will miss them. And I for sure will remember the ending of this game.

    I wasn't expecting to say this, but it's my new 2019 GotY. I realize that others may not have the same experience, especially if they haven’t played as Sirens in previous games, but for me ♬this game is on fire.♬

  • I mean, it sold a ton as far as we can tell so you aren’t alone but I really don’t like the series very much.

    It’s a shame cause I felt it clicking a bit when I tried Borderlands 1 but the repetition got the best of me and I put it down. I get it though. It’s super solid at what it does and it looks like Borderlands 3 just added onto what was working and made it bigger and better.

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  • So it's like the director's commentary from Valve games?