Favourite FPS Multiplayer Maps

  • I rarely play them but I have an itch at present. What are your faves?

    Goldeneye - Facility: nostalgia for sure but I also prefer the intimacy of 2-4 over 16-32. Being small generally leads to quick deaths but every room in this stage can turn into a showdown.

    Medal of Honor (2010) - Kandahar Marketplace: so...many...clenched...buttcheeks. At the time, this game had the best sound I had heard in an FPS and when you add that to the absolute chaos that is this stage, you WILL sweat and you WON'T blink. This one does a really good job of making it tough to fight with a wall at your back.

    Team Fortress 2 - 2Fort: I only played this game on PS3 (which, if I understand correctly, is the undisputed best version) but man was this map a joy. I sucked reeeeeeeeal bad but it was still fun just to try to get across sometimes. Minor drawback being that nobody really played for the case but just had shootouts in the bridge area.

  • Banned

    Blood Gulch/Coagulation/Whatever the shit this call it now - Halo series
    Honestly one of my favorite maps of all time. The Halo CE PC demo could play with people who owned the game, so this shit was my life for a while. Even encouraged me to buy the full game.

    Facing Worlds - Unreal Tournament series
    Perhaps the most perfect CTF map ever created.

    Lobby - The Specialists
    A recreation of the Lobby scene from the Matrix from my most favorite multiplayer game/mod ever. Tons of breakables and little secrets, and working metal detectors!

  • It's probably just because I started playing TF2 right around the same time the first Halloween update came out but Harvest will always be my favorite map in that game.

  • Mmmmm I am saving this spot for a thorough post later when I have more time. I have to say, I really miss solid multiplayer games and very little nowadays satisfies me but I’d love to rave about what I loved in the past.

  • For Perfect Dark, "G5 Building" and "Villa" are favorites. G5 was a favorite with 1v1 couch play. Villa is nice map in particular because it is big while still having easy geometry to remember so you don't get lost like many other maps. It's a good pick for king of the hill mode and especially for doing giant teams of capture the flag (where you max out the teams using simulants). "Skedar" is also a memorable map because the last challenge takes place on it, and you have to go up against a team of Dark Sims. It forces you to memorize every inch of the map!

    I probably could recall more Team Fortress Classic experiences at one point, but besides 2Fort I remember liking "The Well" and "Canal Zone".

  • @chocobop how did I forget PD?!? Gonna be a while before I can look in a mirror again. Villa was so sick and so were car park, the Goldeneye stages and pretty much every stage in that game.

  • For large, team-based battles, Halo 1's "Sidewinder" and "Boarding Action", and Perfect Dark's "Fortress". Halo 2's "Headlong" also had its moments.

    For smaller, free-for-all battles, pretty much any GoldenEye map, and many of Perfect Dark's maps. "Derelict" is my favorite small Halo 1 map, and Instagib on Gael in UT 2003/Unreal Championship is the GOAT.

  • Just wondering, does anybody have a list of awesome split screen ones? Beyond Goldeneye and Perfect Dark. I'm looking to get back to basics.