Half-Life: Alyx

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    @dmcmaster said in Half-Life: Alyx:

    Maybe there's a reason for it?

    Illusion of progress? Making the player waste time in menus (a lot) so they feel the game is somehow more deep? Making the enemies more spongy? Fitting in with the rest of the crowd? Because it's expected now in everything?

    Really wish action games stopped pretending to be RPGs. At least RE3 is coming out next month. No upgrade crap in that game. Just gun attachments as rewards for exploration.

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    Ugh I know I wish that games would stop trying to advance and just stagnate.
    Valve should go back and retroactively remove the section of Half Life 2 where the gravity gun gets upgraded.

    And Capcom better remove all of THIS GARBAGE from the remake.


    Absolutely disgusting.

  • I think there's reason for concern w/regards to a Half Life game having currency-driven upgrade terminals. Upgrades as a whole aren't the problem exactly (the airboat and gravity gun both get upgrades in 2), but the idea of just using a terminal to activate them feels lazy.

    Let me find the parts and figure out how they fit on the gun, or help an NPC modify your weapon at a certain point in the game. This isn't just something that might be more interesting in VR, but would fit in better with the ramshackle, resistance focused storytelling of the Half Life 2 saga.

    Of course the game isn't out yet, but the previews make it seem really convenient and striaghtforward, and it's unexciting to me.

  • I player an hour of HF Alyx yesterday on Oculus Quest via Virtual Desktop. Runs really good, and in the first scene I spent 30 minutes picking up trash, and putting it in a bucket. Also having fun with some detailed modeled zombie corpses. Hand tracking is interesting as your/alyx hand have collusion with any surface, even when pushing past, for example a wall. Interesting choice but helps the emersion. Reviews on steam or youtube seems to be great. And so is performance. Locks good even on low quality setting, just so that I have difficulties seeing much difference with higher settings.

  • My brother has a Quest and I'm curious to know how to get my computer to play nice with it.

  • @dmcmaster There are 3 possibilities currently to connect your PC to the Quest. The easiest/official way would be with a good USB-C cable and “Oculus Link”. You need USB3.1 or an USB-C connection on your PC, with any luck you may already have everything you need for this. What I’ve been using is Virtual Desktop, an App for the Quest (priced 20$) and then sideload a version that supports streaming PCVR games (SteamVr and Oculus) over wlan. You need a good router for this, 5ghz is recommended. Last possibility is ALVR, also streaming of Steam VR titles but free. You also have to sideload it, that means you have to install Apps “manually” to the quest from PC. It is simple with a program called Sdequest that has also many free games to try… Anyway, I recommend Virtual Desktop, if you have any interest in VR and the required PC Hardware. There are enough free games and experiences to justify the cost and maybe effort to get things running.

  • @ikataishou
    Thanks I'll look into the USB one as my computer actually has a USBC port on the front of it

  • Man I can't believe G-Man was Cookie Monster all along

  • Tools within Alyx hint that a non VR version might be possible, granted it's just dev tools

  • So I saw the end of the game because who knows when I'll get a chance to play it, but I just want to say this.

    I don't normally care for Half Life, I think it's a slightly above average shooter with really good world building and atmosphere. That said the post credits scene got me fucking excited for Half Life 3 possibly being a thing in the next decade.
    Also I expect memes of G-Mans facial expressions by the end of the week.