The History is repeating itself

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    The only difference is, Half life in 2004 was best of all 3. in 2020 it will be worst of all 3. even worse, back in 2004 if someone told me 15 years later. new installment in same franchise will release but Half life would be worse of all 3 even worse than Halo and i would laugh in his face.

    but i see its happening.

    what do you think? lets discuss.

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    Did you really need to make this thread?
    Its blatantly obvious you just want to use this as a vessel to shit on a VR game you haven't played and clearly have no interest in playing.

  • What is repeating though? The release of Halo, Half Life, and Doom?

  • Mod Note - Topic being locked. @B-Cell Another topic like this that doesn't actually explain what you want to discuss clearly and that is just being used to lambaste future games you haven't even played, will lead to a ban