Spotify Wrapped 2019

  • Spotify Wrapped is here, so I thought it would be fun to share it like we did last year. Here's the link for those interested. If you have Spotify on your phone it's probably best to look it up yourselves as it will connect directly to the app.

  • Here's mine:



    Not really surprised by any of this, though the tidbit that I discovered 103 new artists is pretty rad.

  • I'm still a scumbag who torrents music because I find these streaming platforms aren't great for older stuff or new mixtape hip hop which is easy to find on, say, Dat Piff or Audiomack. But I did sign up in like 2014 and did a free trial some time in 2019 but I rarely used Spotify this decade. Fun fact - this just straight up won't work on PC. Just completely glitched and won't go past page 1 of 13.

    Clearly my limited time on Spotify was eclectic to say the least...

    Obviously my most played is Dipset!





    This last slide doesn't even match up with the artists and its naming the artist Ruin Your Day when that's just the name of the album. Just a hot mess ahaha.

  • Banned

    Mine is very skewed towards the Spiderverse soundtrack as I am a teacher and play that a lot at work.
    However, top artist was Denzel Curry, and my top song was RICKY by him as well, though my favorite song on ZUU is BIRDZ featuring Rick Ross. That shit fucking slaps.

  • @el-shmiablo said in Spotify Wrapped 2019:

    I am a teacher

    What are you teaching?

  • Banned

    @scotty Before and after school care, as well as early childhood from infant to preschool.
    I like the Spiderverse soundtrack because it's actually pretty legit Hip-Hop/R&B but doesn't have any cursing or suggestive lyrics, so we can bang it in the classroom.

  • I only used Spotify regularly for the first half of this year since I've been spending time on my Walkman after that, but I'll return to Spotify again starting this month since it's getting very very hard for me to get hold of individual albums. Anyway, I feel like my Spotify Wrapped is still kinda accurate in some places so here ya go:

    0_1575567119203_Screenshot (174).png

    0_1575567130399_Screenshot (175).png

    Also, my top artist is Toro Y Moi... I don't know why lol, I don't remember listening to him that much.