GYPFTFTOTY Awards 2019

  • Here we GO. The big one. That's right - it's time for the Game You Played For The First Time Of The Year 2019.

    Simplified: these are the best games you played for the first time in 2019, regardless of their actual year of release (2019 qualifies).

    You can do just 1 or a list but let's maybe try to keep it at or below 5 (soft rule). Feel free to also divide into genres, categories or any other group you like. If you did the Tackle the Backlog, that's probably a good place to start (I'm headed there right now).

  • No order:

    -Beyond Good & Evil
    -Sutte Hakkun
    -Panzer Dragoon Zwei
    -Maximo: Ghosts to Glory

  • I'm just including games that were released before 2019. I'll save my 2019 GOTY for a different topic.

    My top 5:

    1. Batman: Arkham City
    2. Batman: Arkham Knight
    3. Portal 2
    4. The Last of Us Remastered
    5. Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden

  • Great idea for a thread. I've played quite a few old games this year. I've really caught up with my backlog of shame. I'll keep my list to pre 2019 games.

    1. Resident Evil 4. Tried to play this a few times over the years but never gave it a chance because of controls. How stupid I was. After an hour or so everything click. Just an amazing paced campaign.
    2. Half Life 2. Again just greatly paced
    3. Witcher 2. The xbox onex enhancement is as good as a remaster. The xbox360 version I found nearly unplayable.
    4. Fallout 3.
      5.Resident Evil Remake

  • Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2

  • I'm also keeping my self to pre 2019 games. Ordered from the best:

    1. Life is Strange. This reminded me why I don't play story heavy games that much, I just tend to be overly invested in them and this one just pulls my heart strings more than most. It's mostly because how "natural" the writing feels for me.

    2. Ace Combat 5: The Unsung War. Didn't expect to be able to play this at all this year, but boy I'm glad I did. It gave me more appreciation to what Ace Combat 7 did to Ace Combat's formula and structure. Also, the story felt pretty intimate.

    3. Sonic Mania. One of my favorite 2D platforners ever, with one heck of a soundtrack.

    I also beat RDR2 this year but since I started it last year I didn't include it.

  • I very much enjoyed all of these:

    1. The Witness: fun puzzles and a very enjoyable "structuring" of the puzzle progressions. Achingly beautiful island too! I think I completed every laser and solved every panel puzzle (not the silly boat puzzle though), but I ignored a fair bit of optional, non-panel stuff when they felt like it would become tedious.

    2. The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds. Great Zelda game, played it twice. It sits behind LTTP in my ranking. Favorite dungeon was the Ice Dungeon. Criticism: ALBW does make me think about "total" non-linearity though, because I feel like it removes some sense of progression. You quickly get to a state where you know the world map doesn't need to be opened up, and you know that an expedition to any particular dungeon is guaranteed to be a "correct" path (b/c every path is the correct). It also makes you question whether you should bother with overworld secrets until the endgame, which isn't a great feeling.

    3. Legend of Grimrock 2. Great dungeon crawler. Love the constant sense of exploration into the unknown. Also played this twice. I think the first game still enraptured me more, but this one got its hooks into me too and on paper it would be hard to say the sequel just isn't better (design, content, etc.) Like the first game, the combat eventually feels decidedly on the easy side and there is no natural way to limit your checkpoints/saves under the standard, non-hardcore difficulty settings (although I might try them sometime). However, my psychology was fully ready to enjoy that type of game. Criticism: I didn't like the injury system, since it didn't feel interesting when you almost always want to use a potion immediately in response (or return to a save crystal, if nearby). Hard mode also makes the ghouls too strong and too tough, which felt like a weird imbalance in the difficulty curve.

    1. Dragon Quest XI S: for all the flaws i can point (generic fairy tale story, lack of variety in the music, world a bit too linear sometimes,...) it is still a masterpiece of a JRPG. The characters are all very charming, the artstyle is great, it has that right level of difficulty where it's easy for experienced player but if you avoid grinding it can become challenging, side activities are all well thought, good world building.

    2. Obduction: The first half of the game in Hunrath is a 10/10. The graphics are incredible, the opening section is probably the best in Cyan's history where the game guides you to the first puzzles and what you should care but you're still able to explore and decide on your own. The animation it has to travel from one place to another is very artsy, there are some nice throwbacks to old Myst games like the use of real actors. In complete Myst's tradition some of the puzzles are hard and some knowledge of maths, physics can really help you. The latter half you can kinda tell, it is a lower budget experience or they ran out of time, some of the other places you get to explore aren't as interesting or detailed and the endings are a meh despite having some unexpected twists. Still considering it is an indie title this is absolutely incredible, and lives up to the expectations they set with the Myst games. I can't wait to play Firmament next year (hopefully)

    3. Demon's Crest: played it from the Switch SNES Online catalogue. I had no experience with Gargoyle's quest, i didn't know what to expect from it. This game is AWESOME, highly recommended. The opening immediately sets the tone with lots of boss fights, visually a very nice looking SNES game, greatly presented, and then you finish the first level and you find out that this is metroidvania with upgrades, a 3D world map and backtracking for secrets and items. It's not very long and most of the game is available right from the start so you can straight up go to level 4. Backtracking if you want to 100% the game can feel a little tedious but you can infinitely hover in the air and pretty much skip all the enemies. Criticism: some of the mid-level bosses can feel a little samey, the headbutt minigames are insanely hard, the reward for some of the collectables is a bit lame ("just more money")
      I'd love if Capcom could bring these series back with a new title or a remake. Firebrand deserves more love.

    4. Deadly Premonition Origins: It's an incredibly janky game, but the writing is superb, the game is a mix of comedy, horror, and detective. You laugh a lot playing it but there is still an actual mystery around the town you have to solve. Everything is janky and you have to constantly live with that: graphics are like from a 15 years old game, controls are terrible, there are basically 3 music tracks depending on the mood of the scene, sound design is terrible, there are days with not much to do in the town. Still if you can accept all of that, there is a special charm to it and it's worth playing the game just for that.

    5. Tetris 99: It's Tetris (and i love Tetris) with the battle royale twist. The core concept is very fun and addicting, i just wish there were more incentives to keep playing besides the tickets for new skins (which are cool but not particularly memorable) and the events.

  • Hitman 2 - only a year old but still needs to be on my list. Such a treat. I will head back in soon I think so I can try out the DLC.

    Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds - so good. I'm not sure why I didn't pick this up closer to release but I'm glad I finally got around to it. A little easy towards the end but I guess it's not as easy for them to create challenge in 2D games?

    Red Dead Redemption - As a lover of GTA, I am not sure why I had near-zero interest in this one at launch. While I did tire by the end of the story, I really enjoyed this world. And it still looks incredible. Time to finally start the copy of RDR2 I have had since June!