Towns That Tell a Story

  • Midgar. Just the range in that place, everything packed in there so densely. so many people with vastly different lives, so many nooks and crannies, so much history there! I would love a short movie that focuses on the lives of like 10 random people from Midgar, just to tell the story of the city you know? or like the architectural buildings of Midgar something like that. If there was any town I'd like to visit from a video game its Midgar.

  • Novigrad is a good one. The amount of stuff there is to do within those walls, the amount of different people, places you visit, things you see, is insane. Most towns in most games are just backdrop, and the devs don't really utilize that space and density, but Novigrad really surprised me in that way. When I first set foot in there I never imagined it would be so packed with cool stuff.

    I'm not sure if it's cool to talk about Uncharted 4 spoilers yet, so I'm going to err on the side of caution in this case.

    Arriving in Libertalia was a real highlight for me. Going through the abandoned taverns, blacksmith shops, just looking out across the mountains and seeing all of these houses teetering on the cliffs. Driving up the road to New Devon and exploring the mansions of the founders. It truly felt like a place where people once lived, and walking through it trying to imagine what it might have looked like in its hayday was an incredible experience. One of the best moments of the entire series, easily.

    And reiterating what Kyle said. At least I think it was Kyle. Final Fantasy IX. Lindblum is still one of my favourite towns in any video game.

  • @Mango Love love love Midgar. Even minor unnamed NPCs have interesting little arcs that are completely optional and flesh out the story. I'm really hoping they keep a similar vibe in the remake but expand on it even farther.

  • Not to beat Midgar to death, but I would also support that as a setting that tells so much story. The one thing about the remake is that Midgar has been confirmed to be more fleshed out so I am positively giddy (not only for the remake OF COURSE) to run around Sectors 5, 6, and 7 in so much more detail. I would also get a real kick if we could explore 1 through 4 while we're at it... God I love FF VII.

  • It doesn't get better than GTA's IV and V's Liberty City and Los Santos respectively. The civil engineering in those games are unparalleled. Nothing else in the industry even comes close. Every corner, every alleyway tells a story that resonates with anyone who's ever walked a city block.

  • @SabotageTheTruth Oh man the level of hype I have for that remake....

  • I 100% agree on Persona 4. Another game dose this well is Nier especially once u reach Facade.

  • This might not be a popular game here, but New York in Division is great. It's incredibly detailed and it contains a lot of tragic little stories. I'm not talking about the main plot though. But the optional stuff you can find like phone recordings and echoes. Giving credit where credit is due.

  • Kakariko Village — Twilight Princess

    Racial tensions, families separated by war, courage in unlikely places, and a pitched battle for a child's safety. I don't know of a location in an AAA that evolves more than this over the course of the game. After being beset by the monsters of the Twilight and kidnapping raiders, Kakariko Village plays host to a number of dramas. The most light-hearted of which is Malo's entrepreneurial enterprise. He starts here as a lowly shop worker before working his way to the top.

    Then there's Ilia and Ralis. The later of which, I'll remind you, wakes up to find his mother slain by the enemy, barely surviving himself. Perhaps the neatest detail is how, after barring entry to their lands due to their leader being taken over by a Fused Shadow's evil magic, the Gorons come down Death Mountain and help out. As well as manning the town's shops, they provide "lift" services to get up onto the canyon city's rooftops (as well as lounging in the town's hot springs when time permits).

  • Totally forgot Sei-an City from Okami! Loved that place, it went from ominous and on the brink of collapse to a place of luxury and peace. The feeling is so different that if makes you feel like your in a whole new place. Not to mention experiencing the palace Issun-sized.
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