Resident Evil 3 (PS4, Xbox One, PC)

  • The demo's out now. Huber and Ben are actually streaming it right now.
    What's the reward for finding all the 20 dolls, anyone know?

  • I just finished it. I didn't play the original. The only RE game I completed is RE2 Remake and if Nemesis will be like this for the whole game it will be really annoying. At least Mr. X didn't have these tools that makes it feel like he is cheating.

    Other than that I liked it already. It's what I want. I wish they would do the 4th game before they move on to new things but it's okay. Also, I like strong woman characters and Jill is nice.

  • From what I've seen as rumors remakes of RE1,0,CV and 4 are happening, allegedly as part of a new RE Timeline, with RE7,RE2M,and RE3M being the first games in said timeline, just released out of order.

  • @dmcmaster said in Resident Evil 3 (PS4, Xbox One, PC):

    remakes of RE1,0,CV and 4 are happening

    That would be great. I can't wait.

  • The directional audio is so fucked in this game. Why is the dialogue coming from the surrounds? I played all other RE games in stereo, so I didn't know Capcom was this incompetent with sound. Just because the camera pans right up to Jill doesn't mean her voice should come from the surrounds. Only when she is out of the frame should that happen. Actually, not even then, because she's your avatar.

  • @ezekiel

    You ever played The Evil Within 2? That game has the most unreliable audio. Sounds like there is a zombie 50 feet behind you, a cargo plane in the sky, and some random rattling steel and it turns out its just from the zombie in your eyesight. It isn't really like its mixed amateurish, but its just intentionally unreliable and it feels so cheap.

    To be fair though, I've never played a game that sounds good with surround sound. Maybe Uncharted 2 and Modern Warfare 2 and that's it. I always notice funny business with game audio unless its stereo or headphones.

  • A solid 8 in OpenCritic.

    Here's Huber's review.
    Youtube Video

  • I finished RE2 in 12-13 hours, so my playthrough will be longer than Huber's probably but it will still be shorter than previous game. Also I'm a little bit dissapointed by the scores but not devastated; I was kinda expecting decreasing, I just felt it I guess. But still, I'm looking forward to play as Jill. I love strong female protagonists.

    But for the next remake, maybe they should take their time.

  • The game looks pretty damn good, even if it is a more action oriented continuation of what they built in Resident Evil 2, but 5-6 hours is a hard sell for $79.99 + tax. Even with replayability, that's a hard sell at full price.

  • Idk I think 6 hours is pretty fair for a game like Resident Evil, especially on a first playthrough.
    In fact I think every RE game other then 4,5,6 are all about 6-8 hours long first time.

  • @dmcmaster

    Well, I’ve seen other reviews saying 4-5 hours. REmake, RE2 Original and Remake took me 10-14 h, RE7 took me 10h.

    Usually my replays vary from 2-4 hours. Idk, I’m not upset I guess but it feels small compared to RE2 Remake and especially considering they omitted a lot of stuff.

    Regardless, my roommate and I are going half on it.

  • Honestly I'm having a wave of nostalgia reading all the complaints about the game. It's exactly the same shit when RE3 originally released.

  • I suck so much at these games that it'll probably take me 12 hours anyway, like @Scotty. I'm all in!

    Does anyone know when pre-load will be available? I've pre-ordered it a couple weeks ago but still nothing.

  • @axel

    I know you didn't mean to say it but because I take my time and try to see everything, my playthroughs tend to be longer than common length. :P

  • Pretty disappointed there is no classic soundtrack on the store. I never played RE3 or the original RE2, but the new music for RE2 sucked. I'm convinced the aim of modern music producers (in this case the publisher) is to make music as bland as possible. If it's catchy or sounds like the nineties or eighties, they consider it cheesy.

  • @ezekiel Back in the day games needed to rely more on composition since high quality audio has always been one of the bigger space eating monsters in game design.
    I personally enjoy the RE2make soundtrack. It is more ambient and cinematic and fits the atmosphere of the game, and has more consistent leitmotifs across the OST.

    You can certainly say you don't enjoy it compared to the original, but saying that it is bad or bland is incorrect since that is subjective.

  • I gotta ask then anyone else find the intro hilariously surreal?

  • @dmcmaster said in Resident Evil 3 (PS4, Xbox One, PC):

    I gotta ask then anyone else find the intro hilariously surreal?

    I just thought to myself, "Naughty Dog/Sony chickened out, Capcom didn't."