How do I buy Shepherd's Crossing 2 for less than $100?

  • I bought Shepherd's Crossing 1 a few years ago and love/hated it to completion. It's a one- screen farming game where you throw everything on the ground and manually advance days with a button. Its progression systems and battle systems are extremely annoying (including a mechanic where raw meat turns into ham by leaving it on the floor) and the soundtrack is more irritating than diaper rash.

    Despite the game being a 4/10, I recently found out the game had a sequel! "How would the devs refine the mechanics into something enjoyable" I wondered as a cracked open a fresh browser tab. $260 used. "Thats weird" i thought as i cracked open Ebay. $450 new. Turns out Shepherd's Crossing 2 is randomly one of the most notoriously rare and expensive ds games. "WTF". How can i buy this game for less than $100?