Has Jones talked about how COPPA will affect easy allies?

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    I know easy allies is really niche but they still cover video games and box peek which technically appeals to children (the current deadline is Jan 1st for compliance). I was curious if Jones has talked about it. If they did fall under COPPA do you think they'd just move all their content to twitch?

  • Had to look up what COPPA even is. I think this will mainly affect people who primarily make content for children.

    I can’t think of one single video EZA makes that would require a label saying the video is children’s content. Watch far enough into Box Peak, and you’ll see it’s pretty much PG-13 which is exactly the age that the COPPA caps out at.

    Have to say, I’m not one to “think of the children” but so many of these kids videos on YouTube are so effortless and exploitative that I’m kinda happy they’ll make less money and won’t be able to get data on the children viewers to make more exploitive content and target more ads at them. For example, some guy reviewing candy in a silly voice that just auto-plays one video after the other is basically kid crack.

    Then again, not that I want to classify all kids as the same. I know every kid is different, they all have unique personalities and interests. But the ad systems of my day was just the same commercials running on YTV (kids station), 50% for “boys” and 50% for “girls” (i.e. Super Soakers and Polly Pocket). It worked, we’re kids, we liked what they were peddling us.

    Like.... despite advertising algorithms not being allowed to track children’s data anymore, is it really that much of a shot in the dark for Spin Master or Hasbro to run their ad on any old kids channel on YouTube? Do they really need some super data sample to know a 6 year old probably likes Paw Patrol?

  • I don't know what Jones has said about COPPA, but Hoeg Law often talks extensively about COPPA on Virtual Legality:

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