New Year's Resolutions

  • Happy Holidays Folks!

    It's that time of year where we make promises to ourselves that we'll change for the better.
    Now I've failed many times (quit smoking), however I'm more motivated this time around. A decade of smoking is enough and seeing loved ones suffer from cancer really opened my eyes. Cigarettes have greatly lost they're appeal to me. Already stopped and got the patches going...

    The 2020 resolution is: To stop smoking. If I do crack, I will donate $100 to a cancer charity per cigarette. IF, I finish a pack (20 cigarettes), the last cigarette will be $1,000.
    After which I can continue to abstain or not.

    Now, I know many people don't believe these resolutions work. All those new faces at the gym that Peter out throughout the year. I understand, that's fine. An attempt to do something good for yourself is a worthy endeavor and completing one is even better. New Year's has worked for me before since it's common and I can tackle this with others. Which helps motivation wise.

    Let me know what your resolutions are if you have one or if you were to choose one. Previous times you've failed or actually accomplished what you sought out to do.