On Huber's Prison of Love!!!

  • A lot of people have been noting that the series has seemed a bit different than what they were expecting. I decided to go back and watch the Phase 4 announcement video to see what was said then.

    "I miss just sitting down and playing a game with one of the allies." "Its all about bonds. Bonds are so important." Basically he describes exactly what the show ended up being. But he did say, "It won't always be jolly times. The Goldman might reveal himself," gesturing to Kyle. Then Ian says, "I'll probably play Last of Us." Those comments were obviously more off the cuff than the rest of what was said, but it seems like that's what people focused on. From the start it was just going to be about Huber hanging out with an Ally and playing a game.

  • I didn’t know people were disputing this. It’s a prison because Huber is forcing them to play the game he chooses.

    Pretty straightforward.

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    For now it's all smiles and good vibes. Just wait until we really start swimming in those sevens

  • @ochi Yeah I feel like Bosman v A Link to the Past, Jones FFVII, Damiani Wind Waker and many others are being held back for later episodes. It's only just begun!

  • Huber's conversation with Damiani about family, and recalling memories of going to baseball games with his brother, definitely delivers upon his original premise of bonds and just sitting down with an Ally and playing a game. Whenever I gather the crew for some in person PS4 action, our conversation ebbs and flows in all kinds of directions. Prison of Love seems to be more about capturing that feeling of just hanging out with a bud and catching up. I think it feels different to what people expect by design.