I really think someone should bring Hollow Knight to HOG

  • I'm just actually surprised that no indie titles have made it into the Hall of Greats yet. We have alot to choose from like Hyperlight Drifter, Shovel Knight, Limbo etc.

    I really think that Hollow Knight has a good shot of making it in, and someone like Ben or Brad could easily make an awesome presentation to prove this point. The game is pretty much the gold standard for Metroidvanias now, with having as much content as a AAA title.

    Who else thinks this game should be presented next HOG?

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    I think there are many many titles that "should" be in HoG. The "problem" being that they can only bring one game each at a time. There are a lot of titles that lies near and dear to the allies hearts and I have a feeling that they are trying to play it a bit tactically as well. You have to remember that the presentations are playing a big role and it's almost as it has to lie right in the time for a game to be brought in. We have seen numerous great games come in and JUST miss out on being voted in due to someone else's presentation being better on the day. I agree that Hollow Knight is a great game and I don't doubt that one of the allies will bring it. So its more down to when rather than "if".

  • I have two thoughts on this:

    1. I think the Allies bring whatever game they feel compelled to argue on behalf of that quarter, regardless of the games' stature as a "great"

    2. They are still ticking off the obvious "greats" before they get into the minutiae of arguing the more debatable "greats" such as Hollow Knight. Sure, its the gold standard for Metroidvania's but they already have SotN, Super Metroid, and Metroid Prime. Kinda a hard sell to add another at this point without some time to pass and more "obvious greats" elected.