Looking for a DMing story

  • So I'm looking for the story of a DM who lead his party to "free" a town (or kingdom?) from an evil influence, but in the end it was actually the party being manipulated into putting the BBE / G in power. Something like that. It had to have been within the last year or two, since thaber starting to look on reddit for D&D stuff.

    I'm DMing now, and I want to try something similar in my campaign, and I'm looking for inspiration and practical advice in how to pull it off. I believe it was posted here, but it could have been another DnD or ttrpg related

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    This premise reminds me of an early episode of Puffin Forest:

    Youtube Video

    Having a quest giver betray the party is one way to partially motivate things, alternatively innocuous albeit important objects can be given more weight as time goes on with story telling and character observation and interactions