Tackle the Backlog - 12 in 12 2020

  • @axel said in Tackle the Backlog - 12 in 12 2020:

    Overall, I felt like as soon as I started to grasp the combat system, I had to switch characters, or a new weapon or playstyle was introduced, way faster than I could ever hope to master them.

    an interesting thing i heard early on in my playthrough (think maybe Maximilian dood) is that your first playthrough is basically the tutorial to give you all the gear and abilities you need for the harder difficulties (eg you get neros "mode" in literally the final fight.)(not saying its a smart idea)

    cause i felt kinda the same especially with dante late game he got so many new weapons, what helped was just focusing to reading the ability menus and basically just sticking to 1 or 2 weapons.

    what really put dmc5 as my 2nd for last year was my hard playthrough, where i basically had all the tools and i could just focus on mastering them, i remember spending 2 hours on "V" at the end because i just wanted to beat him without using any revivals and really master him(and this was literally the night before i got sekiro)

    also this was the first game of this type when it finally clicked after just mashing my way through bayonetta years ago(which i really wanna replay now)

    beat some new games but no backlog picks

    Jedi:fallen order 7ish hours
    weird? this game ran rather badly on my ps4 pro and all around just felt clunky, maybe because of the gameplay style i was expecting it to feel much more like GOW(2018) and dark souls but ehh it just would not click, i made it to wookee planet and dropped it, from what i've heard i'm around a 3rd or more into it and yeah... also alot of bugs mutiple hitches and god that loot and progression just feels worthless.


    FF7 OG(25hours)
    added another 5 hours on, just got cid

    P5 Royal (7hours)
    hoping to beat it before xenoblade remake... don't like my chances. am loving it though

    The last of us remake(5 hours)
    only played it once and was pretty ian hinck about it so i want to see if i like it more... edit:enjoying it more and it's a good side game among my behemoths

    Assassins creed:Origins
    have not liked an ac game since brotherhood, so gonna try jumping back onboard, Going to be my side ape-brain game once i finish TLOU and am stuck in the JRPG heaven (and hell) of P5 though xenoblade remake.(btw am so excited for xenoblade after loving what i played of XC2)

    -on pause-
    Pathfinder:kingmaker(it's gonna be a while)
    20 hours in... hopefully <100 to go

    Ori and the will of the wisps(2 hours)
    on game pass like it but doom took priority.

    Death stranding(15hours)
    been a couple months but might try to mainline it a little more i spent alot of time building roads and then lost interest because the story had slowed down....because i was building roads.

  • @nimbat1003 said in Tackle the Backlog - 12 in 12 2020:

    this game ran rather badly on my ps4 pro and all around just felt clunky

    Rushed game.

  • Update from my progress over the last month

    I only finished 1 game this month, however I'm making pretty good progress with 4 games in my list, that I think should be done this month.

    I'm also taking out Trauma Team from my list because I can't, and replacing with Bloodborne, which I have already beaten, so I'm just throwing myself a bone with that one, since after all it was a 40 hour first playthrough of a game I didn't think I would beat.

    Finished This Month:

    Forgotton Anne 7.5/10

    It's a shortish and charming game, that looks pretty most of the time, at the cost of fluidity on it's gameplay, and honestly the main drawback it has is that it feels too clunky most of the time, and it becomes a hindrance at some points, would be much easier with some improved controls, the story is enjoyable but nothing so memorable that I think I will end up thinking back on it, but it was fun enough for what it is, the aesthetic was the main thing that drew me to this one, and it ended up looking good byt not amanzing most of the time.

    Currently Playing:

    Trauma Team Second Opinion (dropped from the list) 6.5/10

    I'm quitting on this game because one of the missions at roughly the middle point is absolute bullshit and it is simply a poorly designed mission that can't just be skipped or cheesed through it, you have to know what to do, and apparently get fairly lucky with the RNG, and after 20+ attempts I'm done with it, there are a good number of things I liked about this game, and I would look into a new release if that were to happen, but I'm done with this game, I prefer the idea to the execution, but I still think it makes for good base for a series with an interesting concept.

    The World Ends With You

    I think I'm at the half point of it, definitively like it, but there are aspects of it that I'm not completely sold on, I guess I'm waiting to see how things wrap up to decide where I ended up with it, but overall positive impressions.

    Sakura Wars (2020)

    This game is dumb as shit, and I love it, it has a ton of the things I would normally find issues with, but they did such a good job with the characters that I can't help but love it.

    No More Heroes Travis Strikes Again

    Probably a third of the way with this one, I can see it growing old, but so far this game is phenomal, I love the references it makes and how it is so bold with the attitude and presentation it takes, gameplay wise it is entertaining enough that I have little complaints, so as it is going I'm hoping I'll end up really liking this game.

    Killer 7

    A few missions from the end on this one, the weirdness and difficulty to comprehend what the hell is going on is a bit alineating as was the control scheme at first, but I'm absolutely loving this game and I think it is if nothing else a very well designed game that could use some QoL improvements.

    My List


    • A Hat in Time 8/10

    The Banner Saga 3 8.5/10

    Dusk Diver 7.5/10

    Katamari Damacy Reroll 8.5/10

    Utawarerumo Mask of Deception 9/10

    Bloodborne 9.5/10

    Persona 5 Royal 10/10 GOAT!!!

    Bloodstained Ritual of the Night 8.5/10

    Forgotton Anne 7.5/10


    Killer 7

    The World Ends With You

    No More Heroes: Travis Strikes Again

    Sakura Wars

    Not Started

    Cyberpunk 2077

    Psychonauts 2

    Persona 5 Strickers

    13 Sentinels Aegis Rim

    Trails of Cold Steel4

    Digital Devil Survivor

    Metro Exodus

    River City Girls

    AI The Somnium Files


    Katana Zero

    Taken of the list

    Gravity Rush 2 - DNF 5/10

    Persona Q2 DNF 6.5/10

    Trauma Team Second Opinion 6.5/10

  • New update: I finished The Talos Principle so I'm now at 9/12 completed for the year. And we're not even halfway, I might be able to pull this off.

    I enjoyed it a lot, possibly more than The Witness. I appreciated what The Witness was doing but sometimes I didn't have any idea what it even wanted from me (eventually figured it out, but it could be a bit demotivating). In Talos though, you always know what your objective is, the new abilities and mechanics are introduced in a very natural manner, the learning curve is pretty much perfect.

    There was only ONE puzzle I had to look up, and I'm glad I did because I would never have figured it out. This one actually required a mechanic that was never even hinted at anywhere, and was the only time I think the devs messed it up. Reading the comments on the video I looked up for it, many other people were stuck on this one.

    Apart from that, it was an amazingly smooth experience. There's this sweet spot that only great puzzle games manage to hit: every new puzzle feels impossible at first, like you must be missing something, there's no way you've got all the knowledge or abilities required for this one... and just when you're about to give up, something clicks. What if you do that? And lo and behold, that's it! It now feels obvious, why didn't you think of this before? And you feel smart, like surely tons of people never managed to solve this one, because it's so outside the box... And you get this feeling puzzle after puzzle, many times over. It's extremely gratifying.

    On top of that, the story is impressively well crafted. It touches on various philosophical topics, in a deep but approachable manner. You engage in conversations with an AI throughout the game, and it challenges you in very clever ways. I caught myself a few times thinking "Wow, I had never considered life this way!" Which is quite a feat. I feel like they could take all these conversations out of the game and offer it as a stand-alone philosophical interactive experience.

    The ending (I think I got the good one, although I didn't get all the secrets so maybe there's an even better one) is also more satisfying and meaningful than The Witness, less abstract I guess.

    I might play the Road to Gehenna DLC too, but I'll take a break from it for a while, don't want to burn myself out.

  • @axel Definitely don't burn yourself out on Talos. I did every puzzle and secret in it and it turned the game from what HowLongToBeat told me was 15-20 hours into well over 50. I loved the story and a good portion of the puzzles, but by the time I got to the end after that, I was completely burned out on the game and didn't want to spend an equivalent amount of time playing Gahenna since it uses the exact same puzzle mechanics in much harder puzzles. I'd say give it a break for a bit, especially since you're feeling good on it! The good ending (which I think is what you got) was a lot more satisfying to me than the perfect ending.

    I agree I think I enjoyed it more than The Witness, but both are games I equate with a different side of frustration. With The Witness for me, a lot of it came from a lack of understanding puzzles and the audio recordings feeling like a lot of unearned pretentious preaching. Talos was the opposite for me; I would have loved more audio logs and story by the end, but some of the harder puzzles were just too much for my tired brain by the end. I was looking a lot of things up by the end (not for lack of trying).

    But by far Talos's story, diary entries and audio logs make the game well worth it! It showcases an interesting philosophical set of quandaries you may have never taken a look at before. While I personally would have trimmed like 50% of the puzzles, there is so much more in this game than I initially expected.