Completed Games of 2020

  • @Shoulderguy prevails once again.

  • @capnbobamous nah went through a break up coming around now though my numbers will get back up there

  • @ff7cloud ah breaking up, I remember when that was still an option

  • @e_zed_eh_intern must be married?

  • @ff7cloud Happily, just trying to lighten things up for you :) Also, you'll notice your 24 to my 0 in this thread so maybe not entirely "happily" :P

  • And just like that the first half of the year is over. Here is the tally for June:

    Sentinel Beach- 22
    Shoulderguy- 56
    Capnbobamous- 13
    Axel- 25
    Hazz3r- 14
    MiserablePerson- 14
    Brandon_Resiter- 14
    Bam541- 20
    Iboshow- 16
    Hidz- 24
    TheDemonPirate- 6
    Paulmci27- 28
    Tokeeffe9- 24
    Faaip- 12
    Scotty- 6
    Ffff0- 27
    Sheria- 7
    Exist 2 Inspire- 21
    Corsair__4- 4
    Tearju Engi- 10
    TokyoSlim- 5
    Kristen Rogers- 5
    Bard91- 3
    Nimbat1003- 9
    Tombombadil420- 10
    FF7Cloud- 1

    Last year I said I was going to do stats for the 2019 Completed Games list, but by the time I was able to get around to it, it was too after the fact. So I decided that I would do two this year to make up for that. Here are the stats for the first half of 2020. I look forward to seeing how they change throughout the year. Also, keep in mind that these stats in no way make this thing a competition, I just think they are interesting.

    • The person with the most played games is @Shoulderguy with 55 total games!

    • The oldest game played is Super Mario World, released in 1990. It was played by @Shoulderguy.

    • The total number of games played is 396! (This is the number of playthroughs, so if the same game was played by multiple people, it counts for the number of people who played it.)

    • The total number of unique games played is 274! This includes DLC.

    • The game that was played the most is Final Fantasy VII Remake, with 12 playthroughs. Doom Eternal had 10, and both The Last of Us Part II and Resident Evil 3 Remake had 9.

    • The series that was played the most is Resident Evil with a whopping 29 playthroughs. Final Fantasy had 20 playthroughs, and despite not having an entry yet for this year, the Yakuza series had 10 playthroughs.

    • The busiest month (compiled from those who have dated their entries or sectioned them by month, which is most of you) was January, with 69 total games played. April had 68, March had 66, June had 59 and February had 43.

    I plan on making more detailed stats for the end of the year, but I didn’t want to do those now for the sake of spoilers.

  • @capnbobamous Very cool stats, thanks!

  • Here's your tally for the month of July:

    Sentinel Beach- 27
    Shoulderguy- 65
    Capnbobamous- 17
    Axel- 29
    Hazz3r- 15
    MiserablePerson- 16
    Brandon_Resiter- 17
    Bam541- 20
    Iboshow- 36
    Hidz- 28
    TheDemonPirate- 6
    Paulmci27- 32
    Tokeeffe9- 29
    Faaip- 16
    Scotty- 9
    Ffff0- 29
    Sheria- 7
    Exist 2 Inspire- 25
    Corsair__4- 7
    Tearju Engi- 12
    TokyoSlim- 6
    Kristen Rogers- 5
    Bard91- 3
    Nimbat1003- 12
    Tombombadil420- 17
    FF7Cloud- 1

    Apologies for being a little late, August snuck up on me fast. Also some of you already had games for August so I left them off the tally.

  • Oh shit, I forgot! My bad, just updated.

  • Here's your end of the month tally:

    Sentinel Beach- 29
    Shoulderguy- 70
    Capnbobamous- 21
    Axel- 35
    Hazz3r- 15
    MiserablePerson- 18
    Brandon_Resiter- 20
    Bam541- 22
    Iboshow- 36
    Hidz- 30
    TheDemonPirate- 9
    Paulmci27- 36
    Tokeeffe9- 36
    Faaip- 16
    Scotty- 11
    Ffff0- 32
    Sheria- 7
    Exist 2 Inspire- 27
    Corsair__4- 7
    Tearju Engi- 12
    TokyoSlim- 6
    Kristen Rogers- 7
    Bard91- 3
    Nimbat1003- 13
    Tombombadil420- 17
    FF7Cloud- 1

    Well folks we made it through the summer, and with everything that's going on I think that's a feat. See you all next month!