Vote for the forum's GOTY 2019!

  • It's time for the good 'ol "How many games did I play last year that actually came out last year?" game. Here's hoping I can make it to 4 if not 8.

    Edit: Turns out it was 4-6 (out of 43 games I completed last year) depending on how you count it.

  • My number one pick is easy as heck. Everything else? Well, I have to think about them for a while. I didn't play that many games this year, but all of them (except for one big disappointment) are pretty neck and neck.

    Shout out to Ace Combat 7! It's an amazing game that exceeds all my expectations for it. It's one heck of a comeback for the series and the genre. A lot of people probably missed this since it came out so early in the year, so I hope y'all give it a try.

  • May I ask why Iceborne is not eligible when Xenoblade Chronicles 2: Torna The Golden Country were eligible and made it to the list last year?

  • @hidz That's because Torna was a standalone game whereas you can't play Iceborne without having the base game (as far as I know).

  • I can respect that. Kind of a shame since Iceborne is considered one my favorite games this year and it's not eligible.

  • @hidz Yeah most awards have a separate best expansion category, but since we're only doing "game of the year" it leaves those out. Maybe the Allies will give it the recognition it deserves!

  • According to my calculations I've finished around 25 2019 games, got my top 3 sorted so one left to go. Plus the 4 mentions.

  • I finished 49 2019 games last year. I usually only finish around 30 new games a year. There are some games I skipped or didn't finish but I feel good about my top 8.

    I'd like to suggest people check out A Plague Tale: Innocence. This is my biggest surprise of 2019. You can watch Huber's review.

    Youtube Video

    Also, shout out to Tales of Vesperia Definitive Edition. It was one of my favorite Xbox 360 games and I'm glad It holds up.

  • It's your topic but top 5+honorable 5 would be better imo. I like odd numbers and I know 10 is not that but you get the point.

  • I'm kinda surprised I played enough games that I was not only able to make a full list but even had to cut a few titles. 2019 wasn't a busy year for me as far as new releases go.

  • So, just so I know. What's the rule with episodic games.

  • Also, is WoW Classic eligible?

  • I played a lot of games in 2019 and finished only 2 (so far)

  • Oh no, I'm not ready. I have 5 more games to complete, including Death Stranding (currently playing) and Disco Elysium.

  • It seems I finished 10 to 12 games from 2019, depending a little how you count. And I'm currently playing Death Stranding still. I need to see how this shapes up to be in the end before I send my votes.

  • I didn't play too many games this year but I'm getting though the heavy hitters and should have a grasp on my Top 4 ordering by this week.

    Unfortunately, I will not have played Disco Elysium in the next few weeks so I can't vote for it but I wish I could play it on time.

  • Ahhhh, I've been looking forward to this one a little moreso than the past "current" year lists because I think it'll be a little less predictable which will take the top spot AND my list is going to be completely different than most (meaning I don't expect most my games to place and those that do will be revealed early on as opposed to the end with the heavy hitters).

    Can't wait for the next few weeks to go by so the countdown will begin!

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    Ooooh this will be a tough one! but want to join in :D

  • @scotty There's a couple reasons I like to keep it down to 8:

    • It allows for comparisons with other years in terms of point "records" and so on
    • Most participants already struggle to find 8 games to vote for, so it would create more discrepancies between lists
    • It forces those of us who played more games to make some heartbreaking cuts, which I find "exciting"

    But if we were to do a "Game of the Decade" vote or something at some point, we could definitely expand it to 10 games or more!

    @Hazz3r For episodic games, they're eligible if the first episode came out this year. Not necessarily the most logical way of doing it but it's to stay consistent with past years. Wish I realized there would be so many edge cases when we started instead of having to make rules up as we go haha.

    As for Wow Classic, it's pretty much the same as when it first came out isn't it? So in that case I'd say it's not eligible, but let me know if I'm wrong, I haven't looked into it much.

  • First update: 11 people voted, and there's already 49 different games!

    @Brannox was right, it's tighter than any previous year. There's a slightly detached top 6 (and you'd be hard-pressed to guess that top 6), but no clear leader.

    For example, the current leader has 20 points.
    In 2018, after 11 votes, God of War had... 49 points.
    In 2017, after 11 votes, Persona 5 had... 33 points.

    Only one game has more than 1 GOTY vote so far!

    Also sometimes a big game shows up and I have to triple-check my excel sheet because surely it can't be the first time someone votes for it after like 10 votes... but it is.

    This year more than ever, vote with your heart, every game has a chance.