Vote for the forum's GOTY 2019!

  • @axel This post alone just put my anticipation into the stratosphere.

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    Just putting this here for your consideration.

  • @brandon_reister If that is eligible, then I'm definitely giving it a vote.

  • Technically it is.

  • For my list I will say that all of my HMs are games I love and adore, but haven't gotten to play yet, or haven't gotten more than a demo hands on.
    I just didn't play too many games this year. So in a way my list was easier to make since my top 4 were the games I actually played and finished.

  • Suggestion: Let's change the rules in 2020 and consider episodic games in a year when final episode is released. If I'm not mistaken there aren't any popular episodic games from 2019 that will continue in 2020.

  • I would also suggest some fine-tuning when it comes to the episodic games. For instance, the clearest example here is Life Is Strange 2 which had 4 out of its 5 episodes come out in 2019. That just feels pretty wrong to count it as a 2018 game, then.

    So maybe the year that had the final episode come out or the year that had the most episodes come out would feel more natural for these kinds of games.

  • Sure, I can get behind that! The year of the final episode makes sense.

  • Bumping the topic for visibility.

    You still have time to vote, but feel free to send me a list now and update it later if you finish other games in the next couple weeks.

  • I've just put in my vote, I didn't find it that tricky this year. There's one game though that I'm almost sure would have been in my top 4, I haven't played it yet though so I can't add it. Sorry Trails fans. (Trails of Cold Steel III)

  • @sheria You still got 2 weeks ;)

  • Hehe. Not going to happen though, those games are looooong^^

  • Wooooo! Get'n my list ready!

  • May as well post in here then as it turns out it’s ineligible.

    Beat Saber on Steam is an amazing VR game. They could have easily thrown together a quick final package and then made a tonne of money through music packs. They’re still doing music packs, but they’re also regularly updating the game with new features like the 360 degree levels that came out a few weeks ago, adding a whole new level of challenge.

    And, this is all without mentioning the built on mod support. Custom Sabers, Custom Songs. You can never run out of content.

  • In. 2019 was a pretty good year, good sales too

  • Too bad Iceborne is not eligible, since that is my game of the year. But there were some great games in 2019 so is not like there's nothing else to choose

  • New update: We're now at 20 voters! A lot of the usual suspects haven't voted yet so I know I should get at least 10 more, but hopefully we can reach 40+ voters. You're all welcome to participate!

    The current leader is only 5 points ahead second place, so a lot can still happen.

    There's 13 games with 8 points or more, the usual cutoff point to make the Top 25. Any darling can make make it.

  • @hazz3r I've been playing it on PS4 and absolutely love it. I wish I had a room I could permanently set up for vr.

  • @sazime Oculus Rift S is perfect for me precisely because I can't have a room set up specifically for VR. I'm really lucky I can set it up without a whole lot of effort.

  • Post-weekend update: Now at 25 voters.

    First place is tied with 37 points each! This is gonna go down to the wire.

    There's quite a gap between those two and third place, but nothing insurmountable.

    Speaking of third place, there's only 2 points between #3 and #5, so a tough fight for a podium spot is happening.

    Below those there's another gap, but a vote or two could still easily elevate some games!

    I'm planning to stop the votes by the end of Sunday 19th.

    So please send me your lists this week, I'll start messaging people to send reminders. :)