What dreams are left ? Share yours !

  • A proper port of Perfect Dark, and a sequel with the proper tone.
    A proper sequel to Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory
    The return of classic Burnout
    The return of the original Xbox LIve (Project Gotham Racing 2, MechAssault, Splinter Cell: Pandora Tomorrow in particular)
    Project Gotham Racing 5
    A new Jet Set Radio

    Ones that actually have some kind of chance of happening:

    A new Wave Race
    Pikmin 4
    Rayman 4 (in the style of Rayman 2)

  • That F-Zero game sounds amazing, but I've given up on Nintendo doing anything good, let alone anything at all with F-Zero.

    A personal dream of mine was granted last year when Streets of Rage 4 was announced, and fully realized when Yuzo Koshiro was announced to be working on the soundtrack.

    As for dreams...
    Resistance 4 that follows straight from R3. R3 was one of the best shooters of the entire gen in my opinion. Like some straight HL2 shit.

    Star Fox that is essentially a reskinned Ace Combat Assault Horizon.

    A new Ghost Trick, or failing that a new Remember Me with heavier focus on the memory hacking.

    A new Suikoden as good as the first 3.

    A new Breath of Fire as good as the first 4.

    A true successor to the slow motion multiplayer Half-life mod, The Specialists. A new F.E.A.R. would also be swell.

    A proper sequel to Guardian Heroes. Or port the 360 version to modern consoles.

  • Pandemic Studios comes back to life and they make Mercenaries 3 and a sequel to The Saboteur. Some of my all-time favourite sandboxes.

    My biggest dream, however, is to see Luxoflux back with a new Vigilante 8. Or at least remaster the two games for this new decade. Damn, I miss vehicular combat.

  • I want Atlus to make a new Mother game for Nintendo, and when it's announced they shadowdrop Mother 3.

  • @blooncollector that's an interesting choice. Why Atlus? Not to say that I don't love Atlus or don't love Mother.

  • I check about once every other month to see if anyone has been able to dig up more information about Megaman Legends, 3 or otherwise. It's a scary project; so much time has passed that I think it would be filled with stuff that's "popular nowadays," rather than what made the Legends games so special, but Capcom's been on fire so much recently that I think they could do it.

  • Like A Falcon/Dream F-Zero game
    Imagine a F-Zero game that not only has all the fast paced racing action of GX, but also segments where you explore one or two of cities on foot, and actually adding a element to Captain Falcon supposedly being a bounty hunter. Also I just want to see how the Legendary Falcon Punch and Falcon Kick get turned into a heat move.

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  • Legend of Dragoon remake/sequel

  • I'd love for Sega to bring back some of their old IPs like a Phantasy Star rpg, A Panzer Dragoon RPG remake, a new proper Shining Force, Skies of Arcadia HD port, maybe a bit of Outrun or Daytona. I love the Sega Arcade racing game feel that you don't get too much of nowadays. Perhaps if this new Sakura Wars does well this may happen.

  • My one dream game would be a proper SOCOM II port to modern consoles or a reboot of the franchise.

    SOCOM was a top 25 best selling PS2 series and ushered consoles into online gaming with features that were way ahead for its time. Something happened since SOCOM 3 in 2005 but the industry started producing these XP grind multiplayer games that require no thought, no skill, and MP was usually an afterthought tagged onto the game to add ‘value’.

    Now with PUBG, Fortnite, Rainbow 6, and others being the most popular multiplayer games currently, now is as good of a time as any to bring back a skill based tactical shooter because the market seems interested in games with more tactics. It just needs to play a lot like it used to play. It doesn’t need all the extra stuff.

    Bring it back Sony

  • @paulmci27
    I'd honestly kill for a new numbered Phantasy Star title, granted giving a new entry a 5 when the last numbered title was 25ish years ago might throw people off.

  • I want Turok to come back, with the design sensibilities of 1 & 2.

  • Bugs Bunny Lost in Time Remake
    Dino Crisis VR reboot
    Dragon Ball Z Legacy of Goku/Legend of the Super Sayain Remake
    Silent Hills

  • My dream is for BioWare to be good again.

  • @iboshow
    Your sorta getting a Legacy of Goku remake later this month.

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  • @dmcmaster said in What dreams are left ? Share yours !:

    I'd honestly kill for a new numbered Phantasy Star title, granted giving a new entry a 5 when the last numbered title was 25ish years ago might throw people off.

    Paging Dr. Yu Suzuki

  • @dmcmaster I would rather a top down snes/PSone JRPG style.

  • I just realized right now that a Majora's Mask sequel is what I want. I'd even take a remaster with a Master Quest. As much as it looks similar to Ocarina of Time, no Zelda game has ever had the vibes of Majora's Mask and I want those vibes back.