What dreams are left ? Share yours !

  • I forgot to mention this before, but I would love to see Sly return. Sly 4 (Thieves in Time) was my first Sly game and I really loved it. I need to see what's next for the franchise, especially considering Sly 4's secret ending.

  • Just thought of another dream - a remake of Rainbow Six: Rogue Spear.

  • Iunno, fall in love and have some babies. Oh wait, not that kind of dream

    Another Suikoden would be sick, and another FFT remake would be cool too.

  • A Platinum-developed Pokemon third-person action game!

    A solid twenty playable Pokemon to choose from with diverse movesets, swap your active Pokemon on the fly in combat to create combos and deal with type weaknesses.

  • Bumping this thread with a cool game idea that came to mind.

    MS Flight Simulator GPS technology meets Amazon's "The Grand Tour" / BBC's "Top Gear".

    Remember those old Top Gears specials you love? Well make your own grand touring challenge or play ones made by other users. Hundreds of car options between sedans, GT cars, sports cars, utility vehicles, maybe even boats. The entire world including river ways and off road terrain. Throw in some x-factors in here like other cars on the road, full physics on the weather and terrain, and maybe have some wildlife population and photo mode.

    The goal is to drive touring cars anywhere and everywhere just like a Grand Tour special episode.

    • Cross the snowy mountains of Patagonia in an old shitty V8 Mustang.
    • Travel the desert with two other friends in a beat up RV.
    • Become wildlife photographers by driving over sized trucks through the rough terrain in the Colombian jungle.

    Basically, the possibilities are endless!

    I know this fake game is borderline impossible without a massive team, a ton of cloud computing, and a pretty massive leap in tech, but I love the idea of game-ifying a driving simulation experience. Especially considering most people don't have the time, means, more money to actually do international road trips.

  • @dipset Forza Horizon Infinite confirmed! Can I pre-order?

  • @dipset wasn't there a GPS thing in one of the gt games? I feel like somebody here brought it up...but said it sucked.

  • @e_zed_eh_intern

    Just to confirm GT = Gran Turismo?

    Perhaps...? I only remember those games having racing circuits so I'm not sure why I'd need a GPS.

    Either way, by "GPS" I'm speaking to the Bing Maps / Microsoft Azure tech that makes MS Flight Sim possible (or something like it). So like an in-game GPS would be nice, but this (non-existent) game would need insanely high fidelity topographical information to render the world and make these nooks and crannies visible and accessible by road or sheer will.

  • @dipset yeah I think one grand Turismo had a thing where you could use the app and drive around your neighbourhood and it'd create a track from it. Again though, apparently it sucked.

  • Legend of dragoon remake

  • I'd love a spinoff of Yakuza 0 that is an entire game about the Pocket Car circuit racing. It could be sort of like RC De Go on Ps1, but with a very seriously taken story about different Yakuza and Kamurocho characters going through a championship. Easily was my favorite side activity in that game!

  • @e_zed_eh_intern said in What dreams are left ? Share yours !:

    @dipset yeah I think one grand Turismo had a thing where you could use the app and drive around your neighbourhood and it'd create a track from it. Again though, apparently it sucked.

    Well now you've spawned another dream in my head. I've observed motorsport forums before and one thing I've seen more than once are people using Google Maps to create a solid Formula 1 or GT road circuit in their home town.

    Imagine being able to make your own legit circuit using data not unlike the MS Azure technology and racing against strangers online in your own handmade road course? You can set the perameters like GT Group 3 cars, in my hometown, 12 laps, here is the pit stop, and at least one mandatory tire change.

    Maaaaaan racing games have some seriously untapped potential. I hope Kazunori Yamauchi never retires...

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    I still dream of the day where we would get a Zone of the Enders 3 coming out. I know it most likely won't ever happen, but a man can dream!

  • Eiyuuden Chronicle will have to fit my desire for a new Suikoden, so I guess we can call that as checked.

    Victoria 3 is probably the thing I would like to see the most after that at this point.

  • @jaspermalachi said in What dreams are left ? Share yours !:

    The "tamest" one would be a port of Wonderful 101 to the Switch. There was a tease a few years ago but nothing but radio silence since then.


  • as for mine. i just want a new F-Zero game, even if it's just a GX port with online added to be announced.

    i'll take anything F-Zero related at this point.

  • That Tony Hawk 1 +2 causes a resurgence of extreme sports/racing games, Skate, Burnout, SSX, Def Jam, Razer Freestyle Scooter. They all deserve a second chance.

  • @yoshi
    I was just thinking the other day it's strange that GX hasn't at least gotten a port yet. I know Miyamoto said something once about how he was surprised that people wanted a new F-Zero.

    That and GX+AX with 40 player online races would be absolutely awesome.

  • I want a next gen Nightmare Creatures.