Nintendo Direct January(?) 2020 (maybe?)

  • So at this point it's all but confirmed a Direct is happening soon (Gamestop usally has SKU's pop up just before a direct)

    So consider this thread a bit of a place holder for now, but if anyone wants to post any guesses or predictions feel free to do so

  • I'm expecting it this week, so they can give some last-minute spotlight to Tokyo Mirage Sessions.

    Please no leaks if they happen!!

    There should be a few big announcements, considering their furthest game with a solid release date is Animal Crossing in March.

    Here's what I expect and/or hope:

    • 5th Smash DLC character, with a release date next month. Plus maybe a hint at the second wave.
    • Breath of the Wild 2 first look? Unless they want to save that for E3.
    • Bayonetta 3 big reveal with release date in the Summer.
    • Possibly something else from Platinum, Wonderful 101 port or sequel, or something brand new.
    • Super Mario Odyssey 2, maybe end of year.
    • Something Splatoon related, maybe a spin-off game or a new single-player DLC.
    • Pikmin 4 finally?
    • Xenoblade Chronicles Remake release date, first half of this year.
    • Something Metroid related (not Prime 4). Either the Prime Trilogy remastered or a new 2D game from the Samus Returns devs.
    • More info on Bravely Default 2.
    • I don't see a new Yoshi or DK game happening anytime soon, maybe Kirby though.
    • And probably 2 or 3 totally unexpected things.


    • And I forgot, Fire Emblem DLC. I think the Season Pass is not over yet and is supposed to contain more story content.

  • @axel if they announce a Samus Returns-like game, it won't be during the Direct. Treehouse will join the chat 20 minutes after to announce it on plain text.

    My predictions:
    Smash DLC 5
    News on Shin Megami Tensei V - possibly a date
    Metroid Prime Trilogy
    More ports

    My hopes:
    Super Metroid Remake
    Metroid Prime 4 release date
    Something Mario Kart that isn't mobile
    Something Persona and not rhythm on Switch

  • If anyone has solid predictions of which games will appear, consider joining this thread I made where we make a year of Nintendo trailer predictions.

  • @e_zed_eh_intern I don't know how I would feel about a Super Metroid remake. On one hand it's one of my favourite games ever and they could make it absolutely gorgeous. On the other it still holds up in every way, so I don't see the point (except selling a few million copies obviously).

    I'd much rather see a brand new 2D game that continues the story after Fusion (or goes back in between previous titles). Having 2 remakes in a row would feel like they have no clue how to move the series forward.

    @Chocobop I totally missed that thread before! I'll try to come up with something.

  • So this is my own little prediction

    • Samus Returns HD announced, launches "today" digitally. Super and Fusion remakes announced.
      *Final Fantasy XIII trilogy comes to Switch
      *Two WiiU ports, a Wii port, and a 3DS port announced.
      *Bayonetta 3 gets first real trailer showing bits of story and gameplay.
      *Switch +/Pro/Meaty briefly mentioned.
      *BOTW2 gets another trailer.
      *Smash Bros fighter 5 announced, as much of a "They fucking did it" pick as Joker and Banjo, first glimpse of Fighter 6.
      *Doom Eternal gets a special Samus skin for multiplayer, Doom Eternal also gets cross play
      *Another game from Microsoft finds it's way to Switch.
      *Super Mario Oddesy 2 announced.
      *2 Zelda collection's announced, one with Ocarina of Time and Majoras Mask, the other with Twilight Princess and Wind Waker. Will be based off thier 3D/HD versions.
      *Metroid Prime trilogy, however all 3 games have been ported into the new engine for 4.
      *Metroid Prime 4 CG trailer.
      *Geist 2 announced.
      *Devil May Cry 4SE announced for Switch
      *Wonderful 101 and Vanquish Switch ports announced.
      *Metal Gear Solid HD Collection announced for with microtransactions (also coming to PS4 and X1)

  • @axel Re: Metroid - 100% agree, fair point, hear hear! I think I'd also prefer that. I guess I just want more Super Metroid but a remake would never be that anyway.

  • @axel
    Completely agree about moving forward after Fusion, like we seriously need something that continues on from Samus becoming part Metroid.
    I just imagine it being a haunted on all sides type story Space Federation puts Bounty on Samus claiming she has stolen Federation property or something.