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    EPISODE #196 - January 10th 2020: Quote of the Week: Let Sakurai Die -Kyle Bosman

    Actual Answer: NO BET
    Winner: NO BET // Winning Bet: NO BET

    EPISODE #197 - January 17th 2020: Quote of the Week: Sega is like... they're just blowing us... -Michael Damiani

    BET: At this time next week, how many responses will there be to the most recent tweet by WB Games Montréal (@WBGamesMTL)?
    Actual Answer: 919
    Winner: GORILLAS-WIN // Winning Bet: Danial Bloodworth, 888

    EPISODE #198 - January 24th 2020: Quote of the Week: Cloppity clop V.S. wroom wroom? There's no contest

    BET: DragonBall Z: Kakarot releases Friday, January 17th. How many Saiyans (Saiyajins) are going to be on the back of the box? (Duplicates count)
    Actual Answer: 13 (O_O')
    Winner: GORILLAS-WIN // Winning Bet: Ian Hinck, 13 (O_O')

    EPISODE #199 - January 31st 2020: Quote of the Week: ---

    BET: Journey to the Savage Planet comes out on Tuesday, January 28th. Looking at the top 10 most recent reviews on OpenCritic.com, how many times will we see the word "funny"?
    Actual Answer: 5
    Winner: OWLS-WIN // Winning Bet: Brandon Jones, 5

    EPISODE #200 - February 7th 2020: Quote of the Week: Hey ... I like hairy muppets! -Kyle Bosman

    BET: The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance Tactics releases Tuesday, February 4th. How long will the credits be?
    Actual Answer: 4sec (MAY BE SUBJECT TO CHANGE)
    Winner: OWLS-WIN // Winning Bet: Brandon Jones, 2min 10sec

    EPISODE #201 - February 14th 2020: Quote of the Week: Austin Powers was caught shagging in the Magazine section of a CVS -Brandon Jones

    BET: The Wonderful 101: Remastered kickstarter is going on right now. How much money will it have accumulated this time next week?
    Actual Answer: $1.613.632
    Winner: OWLS-WIN // Winning Bet: Kyle Bosman, $1.560.000

    EPISODE #202 - February 21st 2020: Quote of the Week: ---

    BET: Dreams will be released on Friday, February 14th. At this point next week, what will the Trophy Percentage be for the Trophy "Mastering the Classes - Complete 3 Master Classes"?
    Actual Answer: ---
    Winner: --- // Winning Bet: ---

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  • Version 1 of the Sick Owls logo... not sure if I'm 100% happy with it, but it is supposed to give off some underdog vibes again, while the new version of the Gorgeous Gorillas logo looks more slick and like the logo of a well established team

    Bild Text

  • This is extremely cool! My very first thought when they announced the new team name was "I can't wait to see the logo!"

    I am not disappointed :)

  • @axel thx :)

    It's always a bit tricky with how weird the team names can be especially when Kyle throws curveballs... and then the randomness ontop xD
    I still the remember the moment Kyle came out with the name Droopy Eagles... and I was just sitting there thinking... HOW THE HELL IS A COOL LOOKING SPORTS TEAM LOGO GONNA WORK WITH THAT NAME? lol

    the answer... go abstract! xD