RSS-feed Patreon not working

  • In december I changed credit card for payments at patreon since my pledge didnt came through. After that I dont get any updates on my rss-link that I use in my podcast-app. Ive tried other apps but nothing happens. Does anyone know if the failure to pay and then later changing credit cards made the rss-link not working or something?
    Nothing has showned up in the app since mid-december.
    Thanks in advance

  • I would say just go back to patreon and copy the RSS Link again. As long as you're still paying and getting the other patreon content. The RSS link should work.

    What app are you using? I use Pocket Cast and that seems pretty solid

  • @tokeeffe9 Yea forgot to mention that but ive already tried to copy the link again in my current app and in other apps but to no success.
    Currently im using Podbean as the go to app for podcasts. Ive sent a message to Patreon aswell so hopefully ill get a response soon.