The EZA Community Top 25 Best of 2019!

  • I didn't really play a ton of new games last year but this is the only one I actually feel bad about missing. Really need to get around to it one of these days.

  • I enjoyed this game quite a bit. The combat is ridiculously good, especially when you get to play as Dante and use his crazy weapons. I like that Nero, V, and Dante so differently to each other, and each have their own qualities that I appreciate. Obviously I like Dante the most, but there's some really fun things you can do with Nero's Buster Arm, and seeing V's animal minions trash the heck out of demons is pretty great.

    The story is pretty standard for a Devil May Cry game, but I really can't get enough of the final few levels of this game, where the tone of the story changes and leaves me smiling ear to ear. Not to mention, the ending is pretty satisfying.

    My one big problem with this game is that the environments felt samey and very boring to look at, especially when you get past the city areas and into the big tower. Gameplay wise they're designed well, but man, I get the same feeling I had playing PS3-era brown shooters, even though this looks nothing like that. Exploring through the second half of this game can make me feel so sleepy at times.

  • DMC has been a franchise that I've appreciated from afar, but not one that's interested me in trying. The best things I can say about DMC 5 without having played it are two fold: 1.) I will always enjoy going back and see the Allies lose their minds when it was announced at Xbox's E3 2018 show. Plus, ya know, seeing the developers onstage having a good time was wonderful. and 2.) Devil Trigger is a good song. When it isn't being memed to all hell that is.

  • Devil May Cry 5 is my #28.

    The good thing is that Easy difficulty is actually easy and you ca go through the game without learning all that combos. And even on Easy playing as V is fun. The bad things is that there's no reason to play this game if you aren't interested in its battle system. Levels look the same, story isn't interesting (at least for the newcomers) and even Devil Trigger becomes boring because it plays too often. I liked DmC, but Devil May Cry is definitely not for me.

  • Ok so KH3 is my biggest disappointment of 2019.
    I played KH and finished it in a great 4 day session with a friend at college, and then when KH2 came out we did the same thing but in just 3 days. No sleep, gamefaqs, and a lot of crappy food.
    So I was very excited for KH3 but it wasn't the same. I didn't have my friend to play it with, I wasn't doing a marathon session and I was older, so there were certainly reasons of my own making to cause the disappointment but I just wasn't gripped by the story. I never cared too much about Roxas so having the reason to go to other worlds be about helping him didn't grab me. I missed the Final Fantasy characters and Frozen world killed me. I was too bored to continue.
    I want to go back and power through because I do love the games and characters, but it's gonna be tough.

    Hikaru Utada's opening was pretty great though.

  • DMC is a weird one for me. On paper it is an excellent game but by the end it felt soulless. Graphics are excellent but art direction is not especially captivating, combat is responsive and tight but at any point I felt excited by it. Then there's the mediocre story, level design and annoying characters. I really wanted to love it but once I've finished the game it was forgotten.

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    I did really enjoy playing through this game and maybe I should of placed it higher on the list, but this year was so hard. The combat was great, as well as the music. But there are some minor details that really got to me in the end which caused me to place it in HM.

  • DMC5 was a surprise to me, the only previous one I played was the reboot(which was pretty good)but I really loved this.
    I had fun with the story(I watched a playthrough of 3 and 4 beforehand) and loved the dork and Charm 5 had.
    If I had stopped on my first playthrough it likely would have been a honerable mention but the replay on son of sparda really sold the game to me.

    with all the unlocks it really felt like the base game is almost an intro where you learn the weapons, get the unlocks and understand the basics (especially since late game they pile so many new weapons and moves on you that it can be overwhelming)

    by the end I made it my goal to beat the "final" boss without using any of the gold orbs/revives etc and was a great send off for the game for me(also being the night before sekiros release. )

    But ultimately this was a game that I was surprised how much I enjoyed despite its flaws(level design, V combat) and exceeded my expectations with wonderful combat one of the best final boss's and just a general level of fun and accepting it's a game (Doom 2016 gives me similar vibes) where as sekiro kinda ended up the opposite... I'll get to that later.

    Edit: also excellent music and graphics

  • I'm glad my GotY (Metro) actually made it to the top 10. I expected a lot of the games mentioned beforehand to have more points considering this community. I've loved the Metro video game series since playing 2033 back in the day. I do still think that the first game is my favorite in the series, but this game has added so many things that make this series even better. Love the story and characters. It's a nice mix of new and returning characters, so new players don't feel too out of the loop. Like the upgrade system, and how you can change your guns' properties on the go. It's nice that they don't flood you with crafting materials unless you want to grind for them, so I barely had ammo throughout the latter half of the game. I feel like all the other things I want to say involve spoilers, so I'll leave it at that.

    Also, just recently finished Disco Elysium, and I wish I can revise my list lol. That game is amazing.

  • Astral Chain

    #8. Astral Chain - 28 points


    #1: 3 (TheDemonPirate, Bigdude1, Danjin44)
    #2: 3 (Hanabi, GageBlackW23, kevboard)
    #3: 0
    #4: 0
    HM: 1 (Ksomic Wolf)


    Release date: August 30 [US/EU]
    Developer: PlatinumGames
    Publisher: Nintendo
    Genre: Action-adventure, Hack and slash
    Platform(s): Nintendo Switch


    EZA Review

  • I feel like Astral Chain has some serious pacing issues at times (main reason it's only #2 for me) but when it's good it's so, so good.

  • Seeing Astral Chain this high has me feeling many things all in the span of about four seconds:

    Really? It feels a bit niche.
    Didn't it sell crazy though?
    But who talked about it all that much?
    Gotta remember this is a Platinum game.
    OH. Duh. Remember this is the forums. And the Desire Index thread. Stupid dummy.

    So yes, while seeing in the top is a near instant surprise over some other games, it actually isn't a shock once I took a moment to think about it. Granted, Platinum games are not my deal, so I don't play them, and for Astral Chain specifically, all I'll ever remember is Ben Moore losing all his in-game money in the pursuit of a non-existent task.

    This makes me curious about how Babylon's Fall will be received whenever we hear more/it gets released. Because as it shows above: Those played Astral Chain LOVED it.

  • Wow, I've had fewer of my picks show up on the list than any other. 7 left, and 6 of mine are no shows, but were the only 8 I played. I got nothing done in 2019.

  • Astral Chain... The Switch has some secret GPU that only a few have access to it, this game has a gorgeous art direction and at times it made me wonder how on earth could the Switch run it. Just stunning.

    The combat was a visual spectacle, had dept and it felt new, creative. Really impressed and surprised by it.

    But it has too many issues. Filler sections, underdeveloped stealth, simplistic level design, camera issues, basic mission structures and too many uninteresting characters (some cool ones though).

    Still a great game, with the positives overwhelming the negatives. I just wish elements outside combat and art direction were at least close in terms of quality because the world is interesting and deserved more competent hands developing it.

    One of the very few games where I kept playing for a while after the credits because is at its best when combat it's the only focus.

  • I couldn’t even finish Astral Chain. It starts off jaw dropping then turns to joyous with the upbeat music in the precinct.

    Then the Astral void happens or whatever it’s called and the game just kept getting so boring and repetitive. I almost traded it in. This really isn’t GOTY material guys...

  • @thedemonpirate said in The EZA Community Top 25 Best of 2019!:

    I'm starting to think none of the games I voted for are in this list lol

    Well, forget about this :)

    I evidently did not play many games this year but even if I did I think Astral Chain would have still ranked really high up.

    From the first trailer of this game, I was immediately IN. Seeing Takahisa Taura's name come up got me hyped.

    This game is Platinum through and through and it shows from any gameplay video.
    I was a bit hesitant with the idea of controlling two characters at once but holy shit does it feel so natural and smooth.

    Combat aside, I think I like the art style/direction in this game the most though. Everything in this game looks so polished and pretty it's unbelievable.

    A lot of people critique the Astral Plane parts of the game and I totally get that but it personally never really bugged me that much. The longest segments there were unfortunately placed at the beginning of the game and people got turned off from that.

    One thing I do find lackluster is the story. It gets better as you go along but it is still ultimately bland.

    Also, as a sucker for collectibles and extras, this game more than delivers on that front. There's so much shit to do in this game it's crazy. Side-quests, cats, hidden toilets, red matter, and so much more.

    And the entire soundtrack to this game (yes, not just the police station one) is a banger.

    Never thought I'd see this game rank so high with a lot of people having it as their first or second choice. Forum has good taste lol.

    Anyways, I'm so happy to see this game selling so well and can't wait for the sequel (hopefully)!!

  • Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order

    #7. Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order - 30 points


    #1: 0
    #2: 2 (Axel, Scotty)
    #3: 2 (Brannox, kevboard)
    #4: 5 (Shoulderguy, Inustar, DemonSwordsman, BullToad, Capnbobamous)
    HM: 6 (iboshow, paulmci27, Ksomic Wolf, Sentinel Beach, Kristen Rogers, Lotias)


    Release date: November 15 [US/EU]
    Developer: Respawn Entertainment
    Publisher: Electronic Arts
    Genre: Action-adventure
    Platform(s): PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Windows


    EZA Review

  • This game is incredibly rough around the edges, and I think the story is pretty weak, but despite that I couldn't put it down. The souls-like gameplay works very well, as well as the metroidvania aspects. I sincerely hope the success of it means the next game can get more time in the oven.

  • While I was hoping to see Fallen Order get into the top 5, I'm just happy it makes the top 10. I can confidently say that, for me, this is the best Star Wars game since KOTOR.

    I loved quite a lot, especially the level design and characters. Yes, I do have qualms with there being no fast travel system once you complete a planet's story, and yes, Cal isn't the most charismatic protagonist out there, but exploring Zeffo and the final planet, and always being accompanied by BD-1 never got old. I enjoyed many of the secrets, especially an entire area which is the best spot of the whole game (despite the fact many of the secrets were just cosmetic items or world lore).

    I enjoyed the story quite a lot, and really appreciated it was something different from the Skywalker tree of everyone knowing and being connected by everyone. I also loved being able to customize my saber and learning the combat mechanics. I'm not a fan of the souls combat formula, but after playing this, I understand why it's so appealing.

    My biggest problems are only really two things: 1. Spiders. #^$& Kashyyyk. 2.) Tech problems. There were times when the game would freeze as it tried to load the next part of the word, there would be an odd-clip through, or encounters wouldn't end because an enemy just wasn't there. Only once did my game hard crash, and it was during a linear story moment so I only had to replay about 15 minutes once.

    Despite that, I LOVED this game, and I hope Respawn follows Sony Santa Monica and implements a new game plus, because going through fully powered up would be too tantalizing to not go through it again.

    This is my sixth game placing on our Top 25, and now I'm confident I will no longer have any further games showing. Really happy I played many good to great games. Also, I find it pretty funny this is the first game in about seven spots that did not receive a GOTY vote. Goes to show how a lot of people thought it was really good though.

    Speaking of said people, massive props and recognition to @iboshow, @paulmci27, @Ksomic-Wolf, @Sentinel-Beach, @Kristen-Rogers, @Lotias, @Shoulderguy, @Inustar, @DemonSwordsman, @BullToad, @Capnbobamous, @kevboard, @Axel, and @Scotty!