The EZA Community Top 25 Best of 2019!

  • Man, I got a lot of cool shit to catch up with on my Switch. Haven't played Mario Odyssey and Breath of the Wild too.

  • I really dislike tactical/strategy games but I am happy for the people who like them.

  • Just finished Ace Combat 7, and while it's a fun game, I don't think it would have made my top 8 for the year. There's some cool story moments, but it feels like most of it is crammed into the last few missions. Not having played any Ace Combat games before, there's something that happens at the very end that I was not expecting or aware of, and was never referenced once in the game - so I'm wondering if maybe it's an ongoing thing within the series that I am not aware of?

    The actual combat itself is pretty good. Played it on normal, wonder how complex the flying gets on harder difficulty. Might try that someday. Soundtrack is great, but aside from a few themes, nothing really hits me as hard as my top score of the year, Metro Exodus did. Mission structure was pretty nice, the briefings usually had all the pertinent info in them to make the correct judgment as to plane and weaponry - but sometimes you get caught without something you'd have wished you had instead of what you picked. that's life I guess. :)

    Happy I played it overall.

  • Banned

    @phbz I thought my post made that clear?

  • @el-shmiablo Not really.

  • Banned

    @phbz My mistake then.
    True real time ray tracing as seen in Control and BFV is very next gen stuff imo.

  • three houses was my first Fire Emblem and really loved it (like others the switch is not perfect for me since it's docked 98% of the time but it gets some really solid games)

    I don't play many tactics games(recently) but i am a massive RPG guy and honestly the combat is not all that difference from games like Divinity:OS2 anyway. i did really enjoy the combat but the characters, Vibe and Story are what i really love about 3 houses.

    the main plot does the typical JRPG thing and just throws everything at you, so even though parts can be predictable there is just so many reveals and secrets that i still don't know (currently at 160hours having done black eagles and about 1/2 through Golden deer route) as that play time might tell you i enjoy trying to maximise the numbers game and also just like talking to all the students.

    the students and Vibe were my favourite aspects of the game while at first i thought they might just be very one note characters, which they are to a degree eg. i'm the strong one, i'm the shut-in and i sleep(and am the only male gay romance option).
    they are well written and most are well developed and have reasons for the way they are, they also do a great job of drawing parallels or differences between characters during their support conversations.

    overall the Vibe was great since almost everyone felt so driven to achieve their goals and strive for the future even if some of those goals might be a little "evil" or if some character had terrible stuff happen to them.(alot of political assassinations)

    but yeah really loved it in any other year it would not be my number 1 since it has some obvious flaws especially with graphics(switch and game size) and some weird class progression quirks but easily beat out this years competition for me (i know what the top 2 left are but for the life of me i can't think of the third)

    hubert gets more hate than he deserves.
    caspar deserves all the hate he gets.
    curious to see if lorenz is ever not a shithead.

  • FE:TH is a game I'll get around to play soon now that I finally have a Switch, probably after all the spring releases.

  • The only reason why i didn't put FE:3H higher are the visuals, especially compared to other Switch exclusives that came out in the same period like Astral Chain which looks awesome.

    The art style was not as strong as the 3DS games, Kozaki and Hidari brought a look for FE that was far more distinctive, and from a technical level it's also one of the weaker entry: with a bit too much aliasing, and despite the simplistic look performance are not good in the Monastery.

    But besides that i really liked everything else: the story was far better than Awakening and Fates, very strong voice acting too, the school mechanics were well implemented, the combat was also on point.
    Overall this is currently my favourite Fire Emblem game.

  • The Outer Worlds

    #3. The Outer Worlds - 45 points


    #1: 0
    #2: 3 (Shoulderguy, Inustar, bam541)
    #3: 6 (TokyoSlim, Hazz3r, DemonSwordsman, Sazime, bard91, ffff0)
    #4: 3 (Nimbat1003, Crepe, Kristen Rogers)
    HM: 9 (Phbz, paulmci27, Sheria, BullToad, Gurrzilla, Sentinel Beach, DIPSET, kevboard, Hidz)


    Release date: October 25 [US/EU]
    Developer: Obsidian Entertainment
    Publisher: Private Division
    Genre: Action role-playing
    Platform(s): PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Microsoft Windows


    EZA Review

  • Running the 2019 Desire Index did more for the Outer Worlds to stay in my head than pretty much anything any of the game's marketing did. At the time of its reveal, the trailer didn't do much for me, but as was evident being the curator of that thread, the appeal of Obsidian working on another third person action RPG helmed by the creators of Fallout was apparently too good to pass up.

    This game REIGNED throughout the year at number 1 most desired by the sheer number of people who were interested in picking it up. And as is the case, seeing 6 different third place votes and NINE HMs is amazing. This game really stuck with people, but, and please correct me if I'm wrong Axel, is the single highest placing game in any GOTY list we've ever done that did NOT get a SINGLE GOTY vote?! That's amazing.

    Still, seeing it taking the bronze is clear evidence that it lived up to the hype for a large portion of the audience, and I'm happy for those who found a fun time with it.

    Now the big question we'll get the answer to tomorrow:

    What's number 1? Sekiro? or Resident Evil 2 Remake?

    (And sidenote, Luigi's Mansion 3 got the snub, not even placing in the top 25. VERY curious to see how close it came to making the cut).

  • I was a huge fan of Bethesda and Bioware rpg's but I have been disappointed by their latest games. The Outer Worlds proved to me that these types of games can still exist and still be fun. So, Shout out to Obsidian for another excellent game.

  • The Outer Worlds is my #3 because of its revolutionary game design.

    First of all the game design in The Outer Worlds is a new step for the industry in terms of combining player freedom with storytelling. I feel like in every other branching narrative game I played (even in story-driven games like games from Quantic Dreams) I could always see the limit of my choices and the scope of their impact. But in The Outer Worlds I felt like I’m playing with a real DM, who understands my actions and changes everything accordingly. The game has so many possibilities, but it never lists them. Even with skill checks in dialog it only shows you those options that you can use immediately or very soon. This creates a feeling that there’s no wrong way to play this game and whatever you choose you always feel like you made the right call.

    Another impressive aspect is its open-world design. I don’t like when open world games have no question marks on the map – I want to know that I’m not wasting time by going somewhere. But when there are question marks I clear all of them first, because I don’t want to miss any side content. But then I revisit familiar places during my quests, which isn’t that interesting. The Outer Worlds don’t have typical question marks, but instead the game sends you to every interesting location on some quests and it makes sure that all quest beginnings are near to other quest's goals. And the maps are just the right size to give you room for going off the path, but don’t make you feel like you’ve missed a lot if you didn’t. Again this is a remarkable achievement in game design.

    So why this game is my #3 and not my #1? This game has countless interesting stories both big and small, but they aren’t especially emotional. Maybe it’s because game’s dialog are just talking heads, but the fact remains: I love and adore this game on intellectual level, but it doesn’t feel special. Even so I highly recommend this game to everyone especially since it’s not that long and it’s on Xbox Game Pass.

  • @brannox said in The EZA Community Top 25 Best of 2019!:

    please correct me if I'm wrong Axel, is the single highest placing game in any GOTY list we've ever done that did NOT get a SINGLE GOTY vote?!

    I'm saving my comments on that for my "stats and fun facts" post after we're done with the reveals but... yup, it is, and it's disgusting it beat out the true GOTY Fire Emblem in such a shameful manner :(

  • Wow, number 3 by sheer volume!

  • @axel It's alright. Speaking as someone who knew my choices weren't going to place high, take solace that what matters is we enjoyed the games we did.


    But a game not getting a GOTY vote this high is hilarious. X-D

  • Well sometimes it's more about getting a ton of people to play a game and it being good rather than it being more niche and being great.

  • Probably would have placed higher on my list if I have finished it. Played about 10 hours & loved it. Then stopped playing for some reason. There's something missing from this game I can't figure out what it is. Still nice to see obsidian finally get the mainstream recognition they deserve.

  • Outer Words is the game "we" needed and for the most part it delivered.

  • I don't like Fallout games and I tried this because the developer showcase was fun. I finished this game and hated a lot of parts of the game and story.