The EZA Community Top 25 Best of 2019!

  • @sentinel-beach He played like 86 games last year! Far more than anyone else in the Completed Games thread by a large margin.

  • @sentinel-beach I finished 49 new games in 2019. It's a mix of short and big games like you said. Pilgrims is 1 hour long, while Borderlands 3 is much more. I used to play games like World of Warcraft that required you to commit to them, now I mostly only play games I can finish. @DIPSET said he sunk roughly 90 hours into Tetris 99, that's something I wouldn't do.

    Normally I would finish between 20 and 30 new games a year. Last year, I used GameFly, Game Pass, Steam Family Sharing and Origin Premier which allowed me to try more games.

  • Judgment

    #23. Judgment - 11 points


    #1: 0
    #2: 1 (Sentinel Beach)
    #3: 1 (Tearju Engi)
    #4: 0
    HM: 4 (TokyoSlim, DemonSwordsman, DIPSET, Hidz)


    Release date: June 25 [US/EU]
    Developer: Ryu Ga Gotoku Studio
    Publisher: Sega
    Genre: Action-adventure
    Platform(s): PlayStation 4


    EZA Review

  • I'm actually really surprised Judgment is this low on our list. I expected top 15 at minimum, but still it made the list in the first place, so it clearly made an impact.

    I've stated a couple of times the Yakuza games are not for me, so this style of game is a personal pass.

  • I guarantee this game would have made my list had I passed the first chapter. There was just too much stuff!

  • Gaaaah, one day Judgement, one day... I'm grinding out things in Yakuza 0 right now. I have catching up to do, and I can imagine playing judgement until I at least finish 5.

  • A Yakuza game would normally be in the Top 4 but Judgement has a few things going against it. 1) I haven’t finished it, and 2) it’s lacking in high quality side stuff that Yakuza usually has. Hell, I can see the Karaoke bar from Yakuza 6 but not go into it.

    Whereas, what was limited in Yakuza 6 got expanded on in Kiwami 2, this feels more like its own thing. Which is great. I adore this story and that’s top priority. That said, I wish it had it all.

  • 23rd?! Wow, I'm really shocked and it definitely deserves to be higher.

    I'd really fun with Judgment and the main plot hit me on a huge level as I'd personal experience with it. Adding dub was a good attempt to attract new audience to the series, but personally I hope they stick with the old formula with the main Yakuza entries. Judgment was easily in my top 4.

    However, it ended up in my honorable mention, why? Well, I don't feel like bringing it up as I take it very personally and it doesn't bring anything to the GOTY discussion. I love this franchise, but I'm really not a fan of the new approach the localization team are taking and I definitely fear the future of the upcoming Yakuza titles.

  • I think it's mostly a matter of not enough people playing it, as opposed to past Yakuza games. I know after playing Zero, Kiwami 1 and 2 in quick succession I feel a bit burned on the "genre". I'll probably get to Judgment some day and love it, but in 2019 I prioritized other types of experiences.

  • Judgment is my #15 (of 36).

    I was curious about Judgment, but I wasn’t ready to make a purchase because I wasn’t sure how similar it would be to Yakuza series which don’t appeal to me. But then they released the demo, I played it and liked it. This demo included complete first chapter which was about 4 hours. I didn’t want to forget the beginning of the story, but I also didn’t want to replay an entire first chapter several months later. So after the demo was over I went to the store and bought the full game and finished it.

    Good things first. I like the lead character and his attitude. I like the plot and main mystery. And this game has very good lighting, especially for a non-ray-tracing game. I would not sing songs about these things but they are good enough to keep me invested in the game.

    Now the bad things. First of all, some quests are fully voiced and some are fully not. This creates a feeling that this game has carefully designed main quest and auto-generated side quests. And sometimes you have to do these side quests to progress the story. The worst thing is that these side quests aren’t that bad at their core, but it’s hard to shake the feeling that you are wasting time on some afterthought content.

    Secondly, the tone in this game is all over the place. One moment you deal with very serious issues and conduct your investigation in very realistic way, next moment you get some severe injuries in a fight and then walk like nothing happened. And I’m talking not only about some random battles with thugs, but also scripted story moments when main character absorb punches in the cut-scene.

    My final problem is in the spoiler territory, so stop reading if you don’t want to know this.

    Spoilers in 3…

    Spoilers in 2…

    Spoilers in 1…

    As we learn towards the end this story is about corrupted government, so corrupted that it even controls the prosecution. And how did the story end? The hero wins against corrupted government in government’s court. This is absurd, because in reality (and the game tries to be real) such corrupted government will also control the court. At best your case will not be accepted, at worst you will become a victim of this crime and go to jail. Oh and in case such corrupted government somehow has no control over the court, they will just kill our hero to keep this under the wraps. Which is extremely easy to do and to cover up since our hero isn’t a stranger to mafia wars.

    In the end Judgment is a game that has strong good and bad sides, so it end up near the middle of my list.

  • I'm pretty much a big Yakuza/RGG Studios fan, and Judgment should have been a slam dunk for me. So why was it just an HM? I honestly think it was just a pretty stacked year, and while Judgment went slightly off the Yakuza formula that works so well, I think some of the new mechanics could be more entertaining. People complain about the tailing missions - but it's not that they are hard, it's that they are tedious. I think something less formulaic than "bad guy walks down empty street, stops to look around, turns a corner, stops to look around, doubles back on his tracks and goes down an alleyway, stops to look around" would be interesting. Like what if they were actually good at losing tails and you had to pay attention? What if they tried to blend into a crowd, or found a way to change clothes or disguise themselves halfway through your tail. Or if you were tailing a package and not a person, and it changed hands several times. Anything just to break up the monotony of the mission structure. These are things that I feel like should be improved if there's a Judgment 2.

  • I will say that I love the new characters though. Even/especially the side characters like the people in the law office and the super weird/meta relationship you develop in game with the real life president of Ikinari Steak.

  • I love Tetris, but have no interest in playing against others so Tetris 99 is of no interest to me. Borderland 3 I also skipped as I just couldn't get into the second game at all sadly. I will pick Judgement up at some point though.

  • So far, only Judgement caught my attention.

  • Well damn! EZA Forum, you disappoint me now. Judgment at #23, uhh.

    The game did what it propably aimed to do and managed to get a new fan for the RGG Studio, as this was the first game I've played from them. (The Yakuza series is such a daunting challenge to approach at this point.) What a great summer game this was, really enjoyed it! The main attraction for me was the solid main story and the way it was presented. It kept me intrigued all the way to the end. And of course the characters themselves played a huge part in all of this, in me appreciating the game so much. Great interactions between the good, the bad and the weird.

  • @sentinel-beach said in The EZA Community Top 25 Best of 2019!:

    The Yakuza series is such a daunting challenge to approach at this point.

    Yakuza Zero baby! It's self-contained and one of the very best ones. No pressure, you don't have to sign up for the whole series.

  • @inustar Late, but I just got a Tetris 99 that came with a free online subscription. Its pretty addicting lol

  • The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening

    #22. The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening - 11 points


    #1: 1 (Hanabi)
    #2: 0
    #3: 1 (NeoCweeny)
    #4: 0
    HM: 3 (Sheria, Crepe, Bigdude1)


    Release date: September 20 [US/EU]
    Developer: Grezzo
    Publisher: Nintendo
    Genre: Action-adventure
    Platform(s): Nintendo Switch


    EZA Review

  • well that hurts, thought it'd make top 15 at least.

    I'm not a huge Zelda guy but Link's Awakening is definitely one of the few I have a genuine connection with and this remake was as close to perfect as I could hope for.

  • Well the surprises of games showing up earlier than expected keep coming. When the reveal trailer first started, I kind of was not feeling the announcement, but this art style had me 180 hard. I actually enjoy looking at this game, but outside of Wind Waker, I've never been drawn to Zelda. That and I don't have a Switch. Still, seeing Link's Awakening this low has me VERY curious for the remaining entries.

    I'm probably going to say this several times in this thread, but: 2019 was a year with such a diverse net.