What Do You Want from the Next Mario Game?

  • Super Mario Galaxy: 2007
    New Super Mario Bros Wii: 2009
    Super Mario Galaxy 2: 2010
    New Super Mario Bros U: 2012
    Super Mario 3D World: 2013
    Super Mario Maker: 2015
    Super Mario Odyssey: 2017
    Super Mario Maker 2: 2019

    I guess we're not due until at least next year but that doesn't mean we (I) can't dream. I definitely want 3D and think that's what's coming but actual 3D and not 3D World. And I think I want it to go back to pre-Odyssey where the gimmick is just temporary power-ups that you use in specific situations. I love Sunshine and Odyssey but would just like the next one to be more classic platforming. And last but most important, no motion controls ever again.


  • I definitely want another 3D Mario game. I grew up playing 3D platformers of that era and Odyssey felt great because it was like the crowning achievement of those types of games. It proved that these games still have legs with the right level of time, care, and effort.

    The number one thing I’d like from a new Mario game is length. I was SHOCKED when Mario Odyssey ended. I put maybe 16 hours into it while doing mostly every star in every level that you can do at first. If I rushed through it would have been over much much sooner.

    I understand there are literally 1000 Moons to collect but some of the levels are soooo small that it’s hard to even fathom how little this game is in the end.

    Lo and behold, the best levels were very big, had secret areas and sections. They are onto something with New Donk City or the semi in-game narrative parts of Dark Souls-esque Wooded Kingdom.

    I just want them to double down and make it bigger and longer. I don’t understand how they got away with like a Cloud level of 5 clouds.

  • Something more akin to Galaxy and Galaxy 2. I prefer the shorter, more varied levels of those two games to any other Mario format.

  • @e_zed_eh_intern said in What Do You Want from the Next Mario Game?:

    Super Mario Galaxy: 2007

    I first read Super Mario Galaxy 2077. lol. Super Mario Odyssey is my favorite 3D Mario game so I want at least one sequel to that game.

    As far as 2D Mario goes, Nintendo already made the best 2D games with Mario 3 and World. A follow up to Mario 2 would be interesting though. Throwing turnips, riding magic carpets and getting chased by Phanto again.

  • Alright hear me out......The Witcher 3 but with Mario

  • @dmcmaster Spare a coin for your Plumber?

  • @keir completely agree with this, I personally found Odyssey to be kinda boring and a big step down from the Galaxy games.

  • @bard91 I have a lot of respect for the larger level design of that game and 64, but I just think it's not as good as the Galaxy way.

  • i want Mario Sunshine 2 or GTFO Nintendo. (the F stands for Fudge all you sensitive little snowflakes out there)

  • I'm not super picky, so I'd be okay with lots of things. I'll write them in the order I'm feeling right now.

    Despite being the resident Odyssey Sourpuss at EZA that Kyle cannot even fathom, I actually would love an Odyssey 2 if they could just make some reasonable tweaks to do it right. I say reasonable, because I want stuff similar to what Galaxy 2 had versus Galaxy, biggest being a leap in difficulty from that nonexistent factor in Odyssey. I never need to collect 20 Moons in 5 minutes again. It kills the meaning of them. On that same note, my other biggest ask is not to have 800 something Moons or whatever. I'd like all killer, no filler this time. I want to be able to replay this game every couple years and enjoy getting every single challenge reward akin to Mario 64's 120 Stars. It doesn't have to be that few, but maybe keep it under 400 or so? Next request is borderline reasonable, because it is called Super MARIO Odyssey, but we all were thinking the same thing in the first. Why not let us play as Peach? She even has her own Cappy in Tiara. She has all those outfits that they gave her in the first already, and it just would be way more interesting having an adventure with her. Her only starring role game is an embarrassment, so I think it is time to fix that. But also if they want to give us Super Luigi Odyssey or Super Toadette Odyssey, I wouldn't complain, especially after the Luigi disrespect in Odyssey 1. Lastly, I want them to make good on something Odyssey 1 felt like a betrayal on. I want your cap / tiara to be able to possess ANYTHING. I mean I guess you can have some enemies that already have something on their head, so not those, plus bosses, but what I'm talking about is all the stuff in Odyssey you couldn't possess because it was too small or wouldn't lend a power. Those tiny little crabs at the beach level? Let me jump into those! I don't care if it makes me walk super slow and gives me zero benefit. I can just jump back out. Let me jump into those! Okay, that was pretty long, and I didn't even say all I could've about it, but I can keep the next ones brief.

    I want another 2D game like Super Mario Land / Land 2 that's wacky and out there with setting and level ideas and maybe borrows some ideas from Donkey Kong Tropical Freeze as well. Should introduce some new and fresh characters and enemies to the franchise as well. I'll take wacky, potentially busted as hell powerups too.

    But also gimme Sunshine 2. Sunshine still has the best realized, evolving environments in a Mario game that immediately got lost transitioning to Galaxy and never really came back. I'm down for more goofy dad Bowser, and F.L.U.D.D. deserved better. Just evolve it like Luigi's Mansion sequels have evolved the Poltergust. There's so much potential left in that style of game, like look at Hat in Time. I want Mario to don the shades and splash around again with those wacky locals. Weird Yoshi that puke fruit juice all over everything and melt in water optional.

    Last and in this case least, but that's least of a list that includes things I actually want, so not too shabby, I'd totally take an additional 3D World style game with open arms. I don't know if this is just because it was on Wii U or the multiplayer focus, but damn is that game underrated among the Mario Pantheon. I mean, of course 3D Land is better, because it is actually 3D, but World has lots of unique charm points in itself and was a jolly evolution of "obstacle course Mario" that I felt struck a good balance between accessible to more causal players and possessing literally the hardest thing I've ever challenged in Nintendo designed Mario content. Plus the music of 3D World is fuckin' sick! Could even have Pauline as the playable unlock character this time around and base some obstacle course style levels around New Donk City. Best of both worlds anyone?

  • @yoshi said in What Do You Want from the Next Mario Game?:

    i want Mario Sunshine 2 or GTFO Nintendo. (the F stands for Fudge all you sensitive little snowflakes out there)

  • I don't know, I just wish they managed to deliver something on par with the Galaxy games, creativity and brilliant level design with a unique approach and consistency. Kind of asking too much but I do trust Nintendo when it comes to 3D Mario games. Odyssey was fantastic but not at the same level. But I would still be happy with an Odyssey 2 if it meant an improvement like from Galaxy to Galaxy 2. Maybe take us on an odyssey across the solar system, we went to the moon already!

  • @phbz I'm in so much agreement. When you make smaller levels you have to deliver more of them, which means you have to be more creative. And the best part is none of them are too small.