• Since there no thread about Esports yet, how about we start one? If y'all are interested, this is basically a thread for general discussion about all Esports, whether it's CS:GO, LoL, Rocket League, Tekken 7 or everything else. It's free for all here. Post schedules about upcoming events! Discuss the latest news about the Esports titles you're following! Share clips of great plays! What I'm trying to say is, go crazy! Of course, it would help if you explain the context of your posts just a bit.

    I'm mostly focused on following CS:GO, so I'm probably gonna post a lot about that. Of course, fighting games are always fun to watch too. Also, I've been trying to get into understanding LoL and Dota 2 recently.

  • To start, here's the schedule for the next games of the currently most exciting CS:GO tournament, since the other big tournaments haven't started yet.

    Astralis is still the best team in the world right now, so they'll probably win this group. I'm hoping NaVi and Vitality can make it a hard fought win. I don't know much about Complexity, but I do know that they're the underdogs among the juggernauts here.

    Group 1 already played their matches a few days ago, and in case you're wondering what happened there...

    Youtube Video

    Youtube Video

    Youtube Video

    Also, for context, check out the world team rankings by HLTV, which is the definitive rankings for CSGO.

  • It should all probably start here:

    Things not mentioned in the video:

    1. The input to parry is forward. Miss one, you're toast.

    2. The input window to parry is 10 frames at most. Not quite frame-perfect but he still hit that 1/6 of a second window 15 times in a row. For the uninitiated, this does not mean you have to mash forward as fast as you can. This means you have to tap forward within that window and at no other time. Then bring your stick back to neutral and hit forward in that window again and then repeat 13 more times.

    3. The players were sitting beside each other and Justin stood up and mashed on his buttons and stick to try to distract Daigo during the sequence.

    4. Taunting in SF3 gives your character a small buff that stacks. For Ken it's a small damage increase.

    5. Justin later said that he knew he had enough life left in case Daigo parried and supered. What he didn't count on was the jump parry into jumping hard kick to start off the punish which pushed it to enough to kill him.

    6. Everybody who doesn't play Chun-li hates Chun-li in Third Strike.

  • I have absolutely no clue whatsoever where to start following eSports. Especially because I'm not super into fighting games and such.

    That said, I get a kick from watching professional GT Sport. Not frequently but I check in time to time.

    Youtube Video

    A) Because its educational and can help you drive better
    B) Its a lot like a real sport
    C) A lot of these dudes are pro drivers IRL so its kinda interesting how much crossover there is with this game and pro motorsport
    D) The broadcast is really good to. They recently had Lewis Hamilton race at an event so there is that crossover again

  • @dipset I watched the nations cup in New York last year, it's so awesome that it feels like a serious sport (and it's absolutely is). The drivers wearing actual driving gloves is my favorite detail. I definitely plan to watch more of GT in the future. I wish I had more time to actually play it though.

  • Evo 2020 Lineup is out!

    So hyped to see SamSho again. Also, MvC2 comeback is a big surprise!

    Granblue Fantasy Versus is also there, which reminds me that it'll be releasing this March. Hoping it's good, I'm interested in trying it out.

  • Very surprised MK11 isn't there. I'm a bit bummed I don't get to see Sonic Fox dominate in it.

  • I love weird set ups like this so much.

  • Banned

    While not exactly esports, I recommend anybody who wants to get into the fighting game community watch the Excellent Adventures of Gootecks and Mike Ross, a now defunct series where Gootecks and Mike "Mike Ross" Ross attempt to make their way to the top of the Street Fighter leader boards, occasionally staring some of the best players in the world of fighting games.

    Also, I'm just going to post this because it may be one of the greatest things ever.

    Youtube Video

  • @bam541 That is so insane. I have never played whatever game that is (CS?) but am so impressed with the creativity on a map I assume they have all played countless times.

  • @el-shmiablo
    Fun fact
    Gootecks is a pretty awesome guy to talk to outside of fighting games, speaking from having met him numerous times at CEO.

    Kbrad is also pretty awesome, even if he did almost convince me to take a bucket of Chicken into Mike's room at CEO 2011 (maybe it was 12?) While dressed as Col.Sanders (there's a costume shop around the IDrive/Sand Lake area where CEO used to be held)

  • @e_zed_eh_intern Yes it's CS Global Offensive. The map they're playing on (Vertigo) is relatively new in the competitive scene and is kinda controversial, and a lot of the teams have already started to really think outside the box with this map. No team is really good at it yet, so discovering strategies like this could be enough to win matches. Most of the strategies aren't as crazy as this, of course.

  • @dmcmaster said in Esports!:

    even if he did almost convince me to take a bucket of Chicken into Mike's room at CEO 2011 (maybe it was 12?) While dressed as Col.Sanders (there's a costume shop around the IDrive/Sand Lake area where CEO used to be held)

    That just makes him more awesome in my eyes, lol. That sounds ridiculous.

  • @bam541
    Honestly I'm still not sure how we went from talking about Megaman X, that canceled MMX FPS, to "Damn Mike is still asleep ", to "hey I'll give you $200 to burst into Mike's room with some chicken "

  • .....

  • @bam541 I don't know if I've ever even killed that many bots in a row. That 4th kill, had they taken damage already before or are head shots always 1-hit?

  • @e_zed_eh_intern Some weapons can get through helmets (like the AK47 ChrisJ is using) and thus able to one-shot kill them. If the enemy doesn't have helmets, then every gun can do it.

  • Also, I forgot to share this earlier. Keep an eye on these events for the MvC2 EVO qualifiers.

    I'm considering buying a PS2 right now so I can try out MvC2 (among other reasons), just to hype me up for those events. I know Dreamcast's the preferred version but importing it will be a hassle.

  • A video by theScore esports on iDom's Capcom Cup 2019 win.

    Youtube Video

    theScore esports' content is amazing, introduced me to so many awesome stories from the esports world.

  • @bam541 I'll definitely be checking some of these EVO qualifiers for MVC2. I used to follow MvC3 and SF4, but I didn't like watching the successors to either of those games. Glad to see some more competitive love for some of that good old stuff. Hopefully this means more formal support or grassroots opportunities for older games that outshine their latest iterations.