• CS:GO tactical brainstorming. I love these kind of stuff, even if it's not practical for me at all.

  • Due to coronavirus concerns, the IEM Katowice finals won't have a live audience, which is a bummer, but the show must go on. Quarter finals coming up later! Stay safe, everyone.

  • It looks so easy for him...

  • CS never dies.

  • The grand finals is finally upon us. HYPE! Both of these teams have been on great form, I expect nothing less than a 5 round brawl.

  • Coming up: an international tournament series for Ultimate and Melee.

  • Very surprised that's happening---especially for Melee. Apparently there's a long history of the Smash community and other sponsors trying to get something like this going, but it's all fallen apart due to tournament organizer disagreement and Nintendo subterfuge.

    Here's hoping it turns out well!

  • Gameplay footage of Riot Games' FPS multiplayer game, Valorant, has been released. Looks pretty sick, if you ask me. I might create a separate thread just for this...


    0_1590516609656_Screen Shot 2020-05-26 at 2.09.46 PM.png

    By contrast, Charles Leclerc of the Ferrari F1 team went from never having played F1 2019 by Codemasters, to practicing 4 hours daily, getting popular on Twitch, and winning his first ever F1 eSports race. He’s literally top 5 in real life and in the virtual world.

    Youtube Video

    Youtube Video

  • The wives and girlfriends of IndyCar drivers battled it out online this weekend:

    Youtube Video – [02:50..]

  • Reviving this thread to tell y'all that one of the craziest and most fast-paced matchup in top level CS:GO is happening right now. The first half of the first map is already finished and it's so intense.

    Also, feel free to share any kind of matches from any game that you find interesting here. I won't spam CSGO as much here anymore, lol. The North American League of Legends Championships Playoffs is already happening, so expect me to share more of that later.

  • I'm not really into the CoD esports scene, but recently there's a very exciting match between the Chicago Huntsmen and Optic Gaming LA that people keep gushing about.

    Youtube Video

  • Diabotical, a free to play spiritual successor to Quake, has been released on the Epic Game Store, and apparently it will start a grass-root esport scene of it's own soon.

  • When you're so far ahead in a match, and it gets boring...

  • Worlds 2020 (League of Legends) starts today! I think it's the first big Esport tournament that is offline since the pandemic started. It's in Shanghai btw. Hopefully it goes smoothly for everyone involved.

    Extra note: the production is fucking insane already.

  • The group stages for Worlds 2020 begins today. As someone who never watched Worlds in the previous years, it's been so fun to tune in so far, and I'm very sure that it's only going to get better from here on out.

    Edit: look at how insane the production is in this opening! God damn.

  • During this pandemic, CS:GO esports has basically turned for the worst (like pretty much every other thing), with a stack of seemingly neverending online tourneys happening in quick succession, lacking the usual energy and life that LAN tourneys have. With BLAST Premier Fall Series, at least some of the energy will be restored. It's happening in Europe, but it will also feature two of the best NA teams, which is a big bonus for me because of the region separation that has been the norm in this pandemic.

    Also, the LoL Worlds 2020 has finished it's semi finals, and the grand final will be between teams from China and Korea. The West has failed, once again. The grand final will be held live at a stadium with a crowd, which is awesome. There are safety precautions, of course.

  • The one good thing about doing online tourneys is that you can see the players' pets!

  • Korea is back in top! The Chinese home crowd is absolutely silenced. Turns out not having a western team in the finals prevents another 3-0 stomp, lol.

  • Apparently Hades is an esport now. Competitive roguelikes sounds pretty cool to me.