Last game you finished

  • Ryu ga Gotoku Kenzan!
    It's a damn shame we never got this one, though I guess outside the very niche setting, the game could have gotten into trouble with age rating as it depicts and normalizes (as in, it's simply a normal thing in the 1600 japan scenario) child prostitution, even though Kiryu of course only goes to mature prostitutes (which I didn't really do in this game as it's kinda impossible, I only checked each brothel once) and everyone who is interested in the younger ones is depicted as a bad guy.
    I used the KHHsubs subtitled cutscenes to get most of the story but else I didn't use a guide and only did sidequests and stuff that I found by chance, as only a few certain quests have a marker on the map. Still I enjoyed my, in comparison to localized Yakuza games rather short (25 hours), time with the game. Looking forward to start ISHIN! soon.

  • Wolfenstein: The Old Blood
    Got the game working again. It's cool to see the supernatural side of Wolfenstein shown here, would love to see it in future Wolfenstein games again. Gameplay wise it's pretty much like New Order, level design is solid for the most part. Some parts near the end kinda suck though.

    I have to say the story is lacking here, nowhere near New Order and New Colossus. It's mostly because of the characters you meet. Either they suck, or they don't get enough screen time. Also, the sawn off shotgun is terrible, feels like beefed-up pistol which is insulting.

    Overall i enjoyed it, it's enough to scratch my FPS itch, but that's kinda it. This game is definitely not nearly as memorable as the main Wolfenstein games. (7/10)

  • Blood Knights

    Not a very good game I'm sorry to say, which is a shame really as I enjoyed their last game, Venetica, quite a lot.

    Shallow combat and a very shallow upgrade system hurt the game most, but it didn't have a decent story either. The game was short though, so I felt it worth seeing it through. A 4.2 from me.

  • Horizon Zero Dawn 7/10

    Mediocre in some ways while ambitious in many aspects, there's a lot of good in the core of the game and I had a blast at times when just roaming the wilds aimlessly, but everything that you could call a set piece was, for the most part, uninspired and not very entertaining, and the very last parts I thought were pretty good, until I got to the actual last past which I thought was another really bad set piece.

  • Banned

    Shadow of the Colossus for the PS4. A good remake.

    I did a ton of exploring on this first playthrough (including praying at all the shrines) and still managed to get the "ultra rare" Speed Demon trophy. Almost beat it without dying too, but got blasted too many times by the last boss. So disappointing. I want to get all the unlockables and climb to the top of the shrine, like I did in the PS2 version over a decade ago.

  • There have been three games I've played to completion that I can honestly I despise with my entire being - Indigo Prophecy, Fire Emblem Fates: Conquest, and newcomer on the list, Final Fantasy XV.

    I had played about 20 hours when FF15 released and dropped it because it... just never felt quite right. Sure, I had some jolly times driving around in the car, listening to the music of better Final Fantasy games, chilling with my bros, but the story was never compelling in the slightest. Once I heard they were going to "fix" it with a patch, I figured I'd save it for another time. What I returned to was somehow worse than what I remembered.. or maybe that's because I hadn't arrived at major story elements just yet.

    I think one of the cardinal sins of games or film is telling but not showing. There are a few good cases of exposition but they are few and far between in most forms of media so I couldn't for the life of me understand why Final Fantasy 15 took that route - until a friend explained it to me. Without diving into spoilers, there's two instances where an important character dies off screen and instead of witnessing that, we just hear another character talk about it. For one of these deaths towards the end, you can certainly see it.... if you buy the DLC. Can you imagine how cheated we would feel if we never got to witness Aerith's death in Final Fantasy 7? If Barrett just came into an inn and told you about how she died? Worse yet, if the game advertised extra content where we had to pay money to see that death? It's honestly the most scummy example of DLC I've ever witnessed and I'm surprised most people are accepting of it.

    I've got plenty of other problems with the game but I don't feel like writing an essay. I hope that 16 is nothing like this trainwreck but we'll see.

  • @sabotagethetruth

    So you gave me the push I needed to never play the game tbh

  • Replayed Doom 2016 for a 100% run

  • Battle Chasers: Nightwar

    Clocked in at about 45 hours and I reckon I'd need another 5-hour push to 100% it, maybe less, but don't think I can be bothered.

    Very good experience overall, my main gripe being the grinding required to level up characters not in your party as I mentioned in another thread. Apart from that, I loved every aspect of it. The exploration part of dungeons is in fairness deeper than most JRPGs, with random events, traps and simple puzzles as well as "dungeon skills" for each character allowing to either sneak, buff yourself before a fight, break walls, dodge traps, etc.

    The combat system stays interesting from beginning to end which is a rare feat, the progression is meticulously designed and you never feel OP. Except maybe towards the very end because I did all the side-content and had each character's legendary weapon, but even then I was far from invincible.

    It's also one of the only games in which I found crafting both interesting and useful! I usually never bother in 95% of RPGs because you can just directly find or buy better loot, but here you'll get much better stuff by crafting and you can overspend materials to get stronger versions, as well as add additional enchantments which can seriously boost your weapons and armor.

    Strong recommendation for this one if you're a turn-based RPG fan who loves tinkering with stats and character builds.

  • Finished Assassins creed black flag on PS4. I did the mains tory and some side stuff and haven't done the DLC and I don't really want to. its a great game but man there are some bad missions in it. I was frustrated at some of them where you need to follow and the combat was also a bit meh.

    I am now playing AC Origin on PC and that is a totally different game... they have improved much but ACBF is a solid comeback from the really really bad AC3. I just wish they stop with the animus stuff.

  • Finished Mass Effect: Andromeda.
    107ish hours. Had a good time for the 12 bucks I paid for it.

    Also just got through Beyond 2 Souls

  • Okay, I am done with Nioh: Complete Edition (PC). Playtime 119hours. I think the DLC makes the games worse. Is not necessary the story but level design and the few new enemies makes the game more annoying than fun. Also between the base game and DLC I found that there is quite a difficult spike that I could only mitigate by grinding at higher difficulty levels. Did nearly all levels in the regular difficulty except a few optional at the end because spending 10min on a boss rush just to get one-shotted by the probably last enemy is shitty. Thankfully, there were skins that you can acquire that allows you to not play as William. Good that Nioh2 probably will have a character creator.

  • Banned

    Infamous: First Light. I liked it. Not very good, though. Let down by the story and lack of variety in enemies. I'm probably not going to play Second Son. This was long enough and probably has most of the same gameplay.

  • @ezekiel I would tell you to try out Second Son despite that, First Light is definitely a lesser game. It's relatively short if you want it to be, there's more variety in the powers you use, and there's cool story moments here and there. If it's on discount, i'll suggest you try it.

  • Just finished Dishonored 2 (playing as Emily). I can't believe i skipped it when it released, i almost missed what i thought to be one of my favorites in this console generation. It's my favorite Arkane Studios game for sure, just above Prey, mostly because of personal preferences (minimal backtracking is a big point here, although Prey's story is more interesting for me).

    The levels are actually not too big, but there's so many ways to progress, it actually made the levels feel so liberating and fun to explore. If you're looking around carefully, you should be able to find a detour that has loot and other helpful stuff along the way. Early on the game, i forced my way through the main areas only to realize there's ways to avoid brute force when i look around the area. It's easily the best thing about this game. The quality of the levels overall is very consistent, i do have favorites but there's no bad ones that came to mind. There are parts where the game's level design goes above and beyond the rest (Clockwork Mansion in my favorite).

    Not to mention, Karnaca's sunny suburban areas (reminds me a lot of South America) is more interesting to explore than Dunwall dark cloud-covered mess (not saying Karnaca's not a mess though). Each levels feels distinct enough from one another in looks, the first game didn't do that IMO.

    The enemy AI is brilliant! They notice previously unopened doors or windows, have realistic vision (peeking around a corner just in front of them won't do you much good), and they won't be defeated so easily when you're spotted. They communicate to each other realistically too. Only downside is that they can be too sensitive to sounds sometimes. I'll put this AI up there with the best in stealth games.

    I didn't try out all the powers because i'm the kind of person to use only 1-2 tools, so i can't talk too much about them. Far Reach, Domino and Dark Vision are the most useful. Also, combat is pretty fun and frantic. The parry system is solid, and very useful in my mostly stealth playthrough.

    Collecting the runes and bonecharms is a very fun process, each of them (especially Runes) are placed in such a way that it becomes a puzzle in it's own to find and reach them. Bonecharms usually aren't very useful unfortunately, but when they are useful it strengthens your play style just enough to make finding them worth the effort.

    The only "big" complaint i have is that the writing isn't spot on, it's decent overall but there's a lot of part where the conversation doesn't feel organic and real. But honestly, the story is so light that it doesn't even matter. Also, the platforming needs a bit more work. Target locking for Far Reach and the ledge-climbing detection doesn't always work as intended.

    I hope Arkane Studio's next project turns out well, from what i know Dishonored 2 and Prey aren't exactly best-sellers or anything like that. I'll try out their next game for sure, no matter what it is. I honestly don't know whether to give this game a 9 or a 9.5, so i'm taking the easy route for now (9.25/10) ^-^

    EDIT: You know what, to hell with it, it's a 9.5.

  • @bam541 There's still Death of the Outsider for desert. Finish the fight. I thought it was a pretty satisfying ending to the story

  • @bam541 Is it recommened to play the first game, or can you jump straight into 2?

  • Splatoon 2: Octo Expansion.

    Quite possibly the greatest DLC that's ever been put out.

  • Finally finished Nioh (started over xmas). It was fun and I loved the combat but it got pretty tedious towards the end. I feel like the difficulty is a lot more artificial than in souls games.. lots of one hit kill bosses with huge health bars. Also, this may just be me but I was wayyy underleveled towards the end of the game even though I had done all the side missions too.

    I took a break during that time to replay Dark Souls III and I have to say Nioh doesn't even come close in my opinion. The polish and design of souls games and the satisfaction that comes from the feel and sounds of fighting enemies, casting a spell, getting a backstab as well as exploring and finding new areas is unmatched still. I'll still be anticipating Nioh 2 however.. I think its just a few tweaks from being a really great game

  • @faaip I take it you didn't do DLCs/Way of the Strong and above? Cause if you think the difficulty is BS in base game, hooo boy are the DLCs and NG+ cycles something else.