Last game you finished

  • Just finished God of War, and jumped straight into the Spoiler Mode to finally listen to everyone's impressions and Cory Barlog's insights, it was fascinating, love how every little detail was thought through and they have a clear roadmap for future games/DLC.

    I won't go too deep in my impressions of the game, I think they pretty much mirror how everyone else felt. The story and writing were excellent throughout and I grew attached to all the characters. The gameplay is polished to perfection and remains satisfying even after 40+ hours. The fact that I kept going after the ending to complete the remaining side-quests is testament to that, although now that Octopath Traveler is out I might have to leave it there for a while.

    The only thing I'm not too hot on is the stats/loot system, it never clicked with me, I never felt the impact a new piece of armor or axe pommel had on my efficiency in combat, the improvements are too minor and incremental in my opinion. Also, the fact that most of the time a new piece of equipment will improve your Defence but lower your Strength for example only makes it feel different rather than better, so I rarely got excited when obtaining loot. I almost would have preferred a more linear and traditional progression system, but it wasn't detrimental to my experience either so no big deal.

    I'm very much looking forward to the DLC / sequel, and I'm kinda tempted to play through the original games now to experience their story although I know they were very different in tone.

    A solid 9/10!

    • Rise of the Tomb Raider
      So I actually played through Rise as I lost a small E3 bet (Will we see the HUD in the Death Stranding presentation?). Everytime news of new Tomb Raider comes up I always get extremely annoyed about the character of Lara Croft and the overall story of this reboot. I just think she's outrageously stupid and a psychopath considering she is supposed to be an archelogist and then of course you have to have a shady organisation trying to attain world dominance or whatever. So this was my 'Give it a chance moment'. Also, I did play the first reboot.
      So as I suspected I did mostly hate the story and the characters in this game. It did have the odd moment which I thought was pretty cool. As in someone being unexpectedly shot or something like that but I just really couldn't bring myself to care about this story at all. On top of that, oh boy was this in the bad era of audio logs. Just an insane amount of them that are lying around the place for no reason at all. The main villain leaving a personal message in just a random shack. That seriously bothers me so much.
      But now that the negative is out of the way, the game itself, I quite enjoyed. I had a lot of fun looking for the tombs and exploring those. For me that was easily the best part of the game. Also I do think as you go along and get more equipment, it does add a decent bit more to the climbing. Where you get grapple type hooks and arrows to set where you climb. It's still relatively specific but I found that it added to the enjoyment. The combat is pretty solid. The difficulty is probably a bit too easy really. Most of the time I died was from a fall or just going insanely aggressive but you're able to heal so quickly that you can do that most of the time.
      So overall I think this is a good game and I think other people would enjoy it more than me but I just can't get past how much I dislike the actual narrative of the series now. I really hope they move completely away from it after Shadow.

    • The Amazing Adventures of Captain Spirit
      This is the free game that DontNod released recently, which has some link to Life is Strange 2. Depending on how much you do, it's roughly an hour or 2 and I really really liked it. It's actually one of the best episodes they've delivered I think, so giving it away for free is really awesome. The game basically revolves around the relationship between Chris and his father and you spend time interacting with things around the house and like any child, using your imagination to make those things interesting. The feedback when pretending things is actually really nice as your controller vibrates. Anyway, what I really like about the game is that it does a really good job interacting with the characters. It doesn't feel forced, it's not in your face, it's just little things and depending on certain ways you interact, can actually have a nice difference. One negative was that at the end, they do go for a specific trope that I wish they just left out, as they didn't need it at all.

    • Arkham VR
      After picking up the PSVR, I bought some move controllers during the E3 sale and this was the first game I wanted to check out. Now like Captain Spirit, this is pretty short, very similar time wise although there are some Riddler trophies which did seem interesting enough to figure out and there wasn't an insane number of them. That said, it's the main game you're here for and it's a blast. It does those amazing things with VR where you can just be a big idiot. I'm sure everyone has heard now that you put the suit on and you do literally put a bunch of things on and look at yourself in the mirror. It's so dumb but so incredibly fun to see yourself in VR and mess around a bit.
      On top of that, the scenarios the game puts you into are really interesting and it's gets pretty intense at times, just because of how close you are to the action and how psychological it gets. For me, it's such an easy recommendation if you have VR. I bought it on sale for half price I think and I loved every second.

    • Thumper
      Another VR experience and oh wow. I actually assumed this was a short experience too but every level is maybe 30 plus minutes long, especially depending on how good you do. I'm not sure exactly how to explain Thumper. It's a rhythm game but it all feels very intense, violent I guess. It's quite dark and each level ends with going towards this floating beast like face. Throughout each zone of a level, you will face hard corners, things to hit, things to jump into and over, etc. What I really loved about this game is that it's as difficult as you make it, like Downwell. Sure you can just get a turn and not get hurt, but if you time the turn just right, that's a perfect turn and you get a wonderful audio signal that just feels right each time and a higher score of course. And you can jump up with from one beacon and slam on the following one to gain, etc.. it's stuff like this where you're awarded both in a better score but also the game letting you know you've done well that feels superb. In the end, I must have put 7-8 hours into the game and you can absolutely play it without VR but I did enjoy that extra immersion into the world and sound that it provided

    • Outlast 2
      And finally for now, Outlast 2. I got Outlast free on PS+ and honestly had a blast with it. Yes it's basically just jump scare the game but they did it really well and bar a nonsensical ending, it is a really good horror game. So I was looking forward to playing 2. It was around the 7-8 hour mark again. Basic premise is you're looking for a story with your wife/girlfriend, Lynn, helicopter crashes due to a flash of light and next thing you know you're in the middle of a conflict between two cults as you try to get Lynn back.
      So I'm going to say straight off that I did not enjoy the main story. After an hour or 2 I was kinda stocked with enough information to see what was going on and just did not find the story about two cults to be very interesting however the flashbacks in the game are without doubt my favourite thing about it. Before I go into it, in present time, there are far fewer jump scares and it's a lot of avoiding, hiding and running away from the cultists which I generally appreciated. There were a few times where I was genuinely caught off guard and was running for my life but usually I found myself totally fine with just taking a death and retrying as opposed to finding the situation scary.
      Now the flashbacks on the other hand, go through a story when you were 12-13 in a christian school and I found that far more harrowing and unsettling. Maybe because anything related to that still feels really fresh to me. There is nothing particularly shocking in terms of where it goes once you've pieced a few things together but it does a fantastic job with building tension and making you genuinely creeped out. There is this monster in that part of the story and sometimes it's in this ghost form, just kinda hovering around you and it honestly made the hairs stick up, that kind of creepy feeling.
      I had a good time with this game but I think they honestly focused on the worst part. The far smaller, personal story turned out to be done a lot better and next time I just hope they go for something like that again. If you're looking for a horror game, I'd still be suggesting it as overall it's a good time and those flashbacks are kinda worth it to me.

  • Ryu ga Gotoku: Ishin! on PS4

    Another great japan only Yakuza spin off, and this time thanks to more elaborate guides and maps I was able to do all sidequests as there are no quest markers for them until you actually talk to the persons, but didn't fight Amon as you need to complete the so called Battle Dungeon for that as well, which I didn't care for tbh. Did as much of the Another Life segment as I cared about and I think I befriended everyone possible but didn't max everyone out.
    I think this one they really should consider localizing, unlike Kenzan I don't see age rating issues as child prostitution is not present in this one, in fact there is only 1 single courtesan, which unlike Kenzan is very playable without knowing japanese as what you say isn't as important as winning the mini games you play with her.
    Fighting gives you 4 options, the established fist fighting, katana, a gun and a mix of katana and gunm which you all level up seperately so you want to switch, these level ups are bound to the leveled style. Throug EXP you also level up which gives you points that you can freely use to level up fighting styles, and that's all what leveling up does in this game, but there is another system called Dharma, which are extra points you get through completion (like the typical "Beat 100 enemies" or "Run 10km" and such), whith these points you purchase various upgrades for Ryoma like Sprint Distance Increase and as well for Another Life like increasing the size of your field, so you really want to do the Completion stuff. Unlike Kenzan not all cutscenes have been fantranslated yet so I'm not 100% sure what happened in the end yet (the translator told me he will be finishing the translation this year though)
    Sadly Haruka was degraded to a side character for Another Life and doesn't appears in the story after introduction, in this mostly optional mode you help her growing crops which you can either use to cook various dishes for you and her (involves minigame) or you can sell them to people who order certain stuff. Befriended and maxed out pets will also come to her house to live there.
    Took me around 40 hours to beat, I would rebuy and replay a fully translated version for sure, but if you're willing to use a guide for most things and like Yakuza games and feudal japan, I can really recommend the import.

  • Butterfly Soup

    Probably the best coming-of-age romantic-comedy VN about queer Asian-American girls who like baseball. The writing is charming, the characters are nicely defined and change in believable ways, it's well-paced, and it feels pretty authentic. Even if the dialogue and circumstances get a bit silly at times, I think that's more of a symptom of the genre it's operating in. Anyways, it was refreshing to play something this unique and specific.

  • My significant other surprised me with a visit this past week (hence my absence here) but I figured I would take the opportunity to show her another 'side' of games. She's played Mario Kart on occasion but mostly doesn't take an interest in the hobby, thinking a lot of the medium caters to gore or children. I decided on What Remains of Edith Finch to showcase what makes the things we love so unique and it was such a great bonding experience between the two of us. There was a few times she asked me if she was playing wrong/too slow and I just assured her that this one is all about taking a knee, soaking in the environment, and there's no wrong way to play. I think that really clicked during the sequence where you're "armed" with a crutch, she had so much fun just smacking objects with it and watching them bounce around the room.

    After we completed the game, she kept mentioning how beautiful of a story it was and how something like a movie couldn't capture the way she felt at that moment - which was honestly some of the reasoning of why I chose this particular one, I felt very much the same way after completing it a few months prior. She seems much more open to gaming now so whenever the next visit happens, I'm probably going to suggest something along the lines of SOMA and see what happens.

  • Finished Aragami (PS4), a game that invokes a lot of memories from classic stealth games. I have to say that i really enjoy it. Darting from cover to cover and brutally killing the enemies are the routine here, and it never really got old. The difficulty also helps that. Dying won't happen very much as long as you're careful, but once it does you'll be respawning in no time, as you will be dead in one hit. Most of the levels are pretty open, allowing you to choose from multiple paths. Later levels get more packed with enemies and verticality, which brings it's own challenges and benefits.

    Technically it's has lots of problems: frame rate dips, texture AND enemy pop-ins are pretty frequent. The teleporting mechanic can be quite hard to control at times too. The AI is pretty average. Also, the game uses the main character's cape as a "natural" HUD, to show how much energy the player has, and one thing i find very silly is that most of the time, the cape clips into the player model, making it hard to see.

    All in all, this is a great game. I'll probably play the DLC right after this.

  • Dungeon Travelers 2. A very tedious irritating road to the final boss. All that's left is to grind out the monster kills to get the platinum.

  • Just done with Aragami: Nightfall (that was quick, huh). I don't think it's a necessary part story wise, but it's more of the game i love so i don't mind it at all. The mission structure is more varied, same goes for the environments. The explosive kunai is super good, probably my favorite skill yet. The second and last level in particular are pretty great. Same technical issues from the main game, except for one. Since the main character(s) aren't wearing capes, the "natural" HUDs are displayed on their back instead, which eliminates the clipping problem i mentioned earlier. It's a solid DLC overall.

  • Mega Man X, for the umpteenth time, as part of the Mega Man X Legacy Collection.

    Still and forever an amazing game, although the tiny buttons of the Joycons make it slightly uncomfortable.

    One surprising issue I have with this version is the lack of any custom saving system. The original game used a password system and all this version does is add a "Save" button on the password screen. When you load your game, it simply auto-fills the password for you.

    The problem is, the password system did not save everything back in the day. If you had collected 9 lives, filled all your E-tanks, or obtained the Hadoken... when you type in your password you're back with 2 lives, empty tanks and no Hadoken. Worse than that, you're meant to complete all the Sigma stages in one go, which I didn't remember. I played through them all and saved when I reached Sigma, only to find I had to replay them all when I loaded my game.

    Sure, it's the "authentic" experience, but I would have expected more from what's supposed to be the definitive edition of those games. I'll have to be wary of this when playing the other games.

  • Just got the platinum for Cosmic Star Heroine. Must say I enjoyed it's take on turn based combat though it took me a while to get used to the systems.
    It felt like I had to consider every turn and think ahead more than usual if i was in a tough battle. On the other hand, you can set up ridiculous high damage attacks which blow through anything. That is quite late game though and you still have to make sure your plans don't get disrupted.
    Also the music is consistently very good.

  • Finished Killzone: Shadow Fall. I actually really enjoyed it mostly. The guns feels good to shoot, the shotgun in particular has a ridiculous amount of power that causes enemies to backflip upwards. O.W.L is a neat companion, making use of the touchpad elegantly. The early levels are fantastic, probably the highest points of the game. The middle parts were the worst, kinda bland environments and mediocre level and mission design. It got cool again at the last two levels. Also, the game is still beautiful even now. Many parts of the game were certainly designed to show the PS4's power, for better or worse.

    I glad i tried this out, still can't beat Killzone 2 though. Man, would love to see a remake of that game, the dirty and dark atmosphere of that game would look wonderful in today's graphics.

  • Just finished up Kingdom Come Deliverance. Overall I thought it was a really cool rpg, even if it was a bit rough around the edges. I thought the world was gorgeous and felt real in a way a lot of games don't in my opinion. I enjoyed how nearly every skill in the game from sword fighting or archery to reading requires time and effort to learn and feels all the more rewarding for it. The alchemy mini game was especially cool, even if it took me a while to figure out.

    I also liked the more grounded story.. even though parts of it were pretty weak (that "twist" was really unnecessary and kind of devalued the entire quest) it mostly felt pretty plausible. For the most part the attempts at authenticity really worked for me and made the game feel a lot more immersive than most. The eating and sleeping requirements were balanced nicely and never felt like they were taking away from the rest of the game. Battles were handled well by involving multiple stages and objectives which helped offset the relatively small number of soldiers on screen. The build up to the fight and the days of preparation made it feel a lot more important as well. Walking around the camp and seeing the soldiers go about their daily routine was also pretty cool.

    Its certainly not without its faults (I can't believe they went with the "Fallout 3" ending), but I appreciate the risks this game takes and I think a lot of them pay off. There's a lot in here that I hope other games can learn from (looking at you elder scrolls) and I'd be interested in seeing a sequel that irons out some of those issues and optimizes the good parts a bit more. I think its definitely worth checking out if you're a rpg or medieval history fan.

  • Mega Man 7

    As a relative newcomer to the series, this is my favorite of the classic series so far (haven't touched 8-10, beaten 1 and 2, only played a bit of 3-6). This one just feels much more... fair to me than the previous ones, there's still annoying mechanics here but all them are toned down to be less punishing, which still allows many "classic Mega Man" moments to happen (killed by spikes, falling to chasms, and dead by less suspecting objects) and also makes those moments less annoying because you feel like you could prevent it easily.

    It's more streamlined than the previous games, which is apparent immediately when you got into the boss select menu and see that there's only 4 bosses available currently. It makes the game feel more linear (a bad thing in this case), but i also feel that it made the second half of the bosses feel a bit more special. I feel like i wouldn't enjoy Shade Man and Spring Man's stage as much (my favorites stages in the game btw) if it was readily available to me the first time. Saving those bosses for last makes me more susceptible to surprises, i guess.

    The music is fantastic, as always in Mega Man games. Burst Man, Cloud Man, Shade Man and Slash Man's track are the highlights for me. All the Wily Stages tracks are great, especially Stage 2 and Stage Boss.

    The only "big" problem i have is with Turbo Man's stage. Many of the enemies and gimmicks there are needlessly annoying (those cone guys are a pace breaker, and the tires on the ceiling can go to hell). Other than that, there's not much i can think of right now. The boss fights are pretty great overall (2nd Bass encounter is my favorite), same goes for the stages (despite Turbo Man's stage). The game looks gorgeous, SNES is flexin'. As i write this, the credits is rolling, and it's dazzling in all fronts. I also like how much screen space Mega Man takes, it's much easier to appreciate his beautiful sprites and animations.


  • Late Shift

    This is essentially a movie in which you only choose the direction you'd like the story to move on. I liked that it's only an hour-long story, it kept things moving, although at the same time that speed of things made the events look quite ridiculous at times. There are seven different endings, which due to the short length could be interesting to find all. I also only found 9 out of 14 main chapters on my first "playthrough", apparently, so there's lots of material still to witness. I bought this from a PSN sale two months ago for 5 €, which I think was a fair price for this kind of peculiarity.

  • Kingdom Hearts Re: Chain of Memories

    Pretty bleh... once you got the strats it's pretty easy.

  • Lufia II

    I was impressed with the dialogue, It's really snappy and even if the characters are pretty simple, they're distinct and endearing. The dungeons are great too, full of intuitive and fun puzzles without being large enough to get lost in. On the other hand the battle system is slow and really basic, and though it's not a long JRPG by any measure, I think it runs out of ideas pretty quick. Overall it's pretty good! I get its cult status, and it's one of the more thoughtfully made SNES RPGs.

  • Moonlighter

    This game is the definition of swimming in 7s - lots of charm, some interesting ideas, but the execution is lacking in areas. Combat feels the same across all dungeons and since the upgrades to your weapons/armor just make numbers go up, you will be doing the exact same thing in the last dungeon that you were doing in the first. Weapon skills and character skills could have gone a long way to alleviating the tedium, but all of that is absent here. It takes the majority of the game so it's a shame that it quickly become tedious and boring. Tending your shop is where the real fun is but even that feels like they could have added more to do. A max level shop allows you to place 4 items on the counter and 4 on the walls... that is the most customization you will get over how your shop looks/feels. I was dying for a way to change the theme or hoping I'd find a record player to customize the music in my shop but... nope. They introduce thieves that you have to stop from stealing your inventory, but that's the only change to selling things in the shop. My biggest gripe is inventory management. Since you're running a shop, you're obviously going to want lots of product but the game limits your bag to 20 items. There are no upgrades, you will constantly be running out of space in the middle of a dungeon. When you go back home to your storage, there is no option to sort or organize your boxes, unless you want to do it manually. For a game focused on selling items, this should have been a huge strength, instead it became a minor annoyance anytime I needed to move things around.

    Despite all these negatives, I did walk away enjoying the game. If a sequel ever gets created, I'd be instantly curious to see what improvements are made to this foundation. My main recommendation - unless you're a fan of roguelikes, it's probably best to avoid this one. If you love the genre like I do though, you'll probably have a good time.

  • We ♥ Katamari

    Good, insofar as it's more Katamari, and the original game is one of the best ever made. The concept isn't really improved as much as it is imposed and elaborated upon in minor ways. Some stages, like the underwater one and the raceway are really great. Others can be a mixed bag; I like the cow/bear one for how mean it is, but I didn't like stages like the cranes, the fireflies, the 50 objects run---even the snowman head doesn't end up as interesting or as fun as it should be. The storytelling is a little disappointing and the soundtrack is good, but not anywhere near the level of the first game. It feels a bit like leftovers at times which is a shame, but rolling stuff up is still fun and some of the curveballs really work.

  • Kingdom hearts final mix (PS4)

    I'm trying to play every KH game to get ready for KH3 and this game story is easy to follow and the gameplay starts hard but as you unlock new skills it gets easier, the story is stupid and cheesy but i love it, if don't take this game seriously you will enjoy it alot.

  • Finished Pokemon Y, now I'm capturing the post-game beasties. And collecting all the Eevolutions, of course.