Last game you finished

  • Finished Killzone: Shadow Fall. I actually really enjoyed it mostly. The guns feels good to shoot, the shotgun in particular has a ridiculous amount of power that causes enemies to backflip upwards. O.W.L is a neat companion, making use of the touchpad elegantly. The early levels are fantastic, probably the highest points of the game. The middle parts were the worst, kinda bland environments and mediocre level and mission design. It got cool again at the last two levels. Also, the game is still beautiful even now. Many parts of the game were certainly designed to show the PS4's power, for better or worse.

    I glad i tried this out, still can't beat Killzone 2 though. Man, would love to see a remake of that game, the dirty and dark atmosphere of that game would look wonderful in today's graphics.

  • Just finished up Kingdom Come Deliverance. Overall I thought it was a really cool rpg, even if it was a bit rough around the edges. I thought the world was gorgeous and felt real in a way a lot of games don't in my opinion. I enjoyed how nearly every skill in the game from sword fighting or archery to reading requires time and effort to learn and feels all the more rewarding for it. The alchemy mini game was especially cool, even if it took me a while to figure out.

    I also liked the more grounded story.. even though parts of it were pretty weak (that "twist" was really unnecessary and kind of devalued the entire quest) it mostly felt pretty plausible. For the most part the attempts at authenticity really worked for me and made the game feel a lot more immersive than most. The eating and sleeping requirements were balanced nicely and never felt like they were taking away from the rest of the game. Battles were handled well by involving multiple stages and objectives which helped offset the relatively small number of soldiers on screen. The build up to the fight and the days of preparation made it feel a lot more important as well. Walking around the camp and seeing the soldiers go about their daily routine was also pretty cool.

    Its certainly not without its faults (I can't believe they went with the "Fallout 3" ending), but I appreciate the risks this game takes and I think a lot of them pay off. There's a lot in here that I hope other games can learn from (looking at you elder scrolls) and I'd be interested in seeing a sequel that irons out some of those issues and optimizes the good parts a bit more. I think its definitely worth checking out if you're a rpg or medieval history fan.

  • Mega Man 7

    As a relative newcomer to the series, this is my favorite of the classic series so far (haven't touched 8-10, beaten 1 and 2, only played a bit of 3-6). This one just feels much more... fair to me than the previous ones, there's still annoying mechanics here but all them are toned down to be less punishing, which still allows many "classic Mega Man" moments to happen (killed by spikes, falling to chasms, and dead by less suspecting objects) and also makes those moments less annoying because you feel like you could prevent it easily.

    It's more streamlined than the previous games, which is apparent immediately when you got into the boss select menu and see that there's only 4 bosses available currently. It makes the game feel more linear (a bad thing in this case), but i also feel that it made the second half of the bosses feel a bit more special. I feel like i wouldn't enjoy Shade Man and Spring Man's stage as much (my favorites stages in the game btw) if it was readily available to me the first time. Saving those bosses for last makes me more susceptible to surprises, i guess.

    The music is fantastic, as always in Mega Man games. Burst Man, Cloud Man, Shade Man and Slash Man's track are the highlights for me. All the Wily Stages tracks are great, especially Stage 2 and Stage Boss.

    The only "big" problem i have is with Turbo Man's stage. Many of the enemies and gimmicks there are needlessly annoying (those cone guys are a pace breaker, and the tires on the ceiling can go to hell). Other than that, there's not much i can think of right now. The boss fights are pretty great overall (2nd Bass encounter is my favorite), same goes for the stages (despite Turbo Man's stage). The game looks gorgeous, SNES is flexin'. As i write this, the credits is rolling, and it's dazzling in all fronts. I also like how much screen space Mega Man takes, it's much easier to appreciate his beautiful sprites and animations.


  • Late Shift

    This is essentially a movie in which you only choose the direction you'd like the story to move on. I liked that it's only an hour-long story, it kept things moving, although at the same time that speed of things made the events look quite ridiculous at times. There are seven different endings, which due to the short length could be interesting to find all. I also only found 9 out of 14 main chapters on my first "playthrough", apparently, so there's lots of material still to witness. I bought this from a PSN sale two months ago for 5 €, which I think was a fair price for this kind of peculiarity.

  • Kingdom Hearts Re: Chain of Memories

    Pretty bleh... once you got the strats it's pretty easy.

  • Lufia II

    I was impressed with the dialogue, It's really snappy and even if the characters are pretty simple, they're distinct and endearing. The dungeons are great too, full of intuitive and fun puzzles without being large enough to get lost in. On the other hand the battle system is slow and really basic, and though it's not a long JRPG by any measure, I think it runs out of ideas pretty quick. Overall it's pretty good! I get its cult status, and it's one of the more thoughtfully made SNES RPGs.

  • Moonlighter

    This game is the definition of swimming in 7s - lots of charm, some interesting ideas, but the execution is lacking in areas. Combat feels the same across all dungeons and since the upgrades to your weapons/armor just make numbers go up, you will be doing the exact same thing in the last dungeon that you were doing in the first. Weapon skills and character skills could have gone a long way to alleviating the tedium, but all of that is absent here. It takes the majority of the game so it's a shame that it quickly become tedious and boring. Tending your shop is where the real fun is but even that feels like they could have added more to do. A max level shop allows you to place 4 items on the counter and 4 on the walls... that is the most customization you will get over how your shop looks/feels. I was dying for a way to change the theme or hoping I'd find a record player to customize the music in my shop but... nope. They introduce thieves that you have to stop from stealing your inventory, but that's the only change to selling things in the shop. My biggest gripe is inventory management. Since you're running a shop, you're obviously going to want lots of product but the game limits your bag to 20 items. There are no upgrades, you will constantly be running out of space in the middle of a dungeon. When you go back home to your storage, there is no option to sort or organize your boxes, unless you want to do it manually. For a game focused on selling items, this should have been a huge strength, instead it became a minor annoyance anytime I needed to move things around.

    Despite all these negatives, I did walk away enjoying the game. If a sequel ever gets created, I'd be instantly curious to see what improvements are made to this foundation. My main recommendation - unless you're a fan of roguelikes, it's probably best to avoid this one. If you love the genre like I do though, you'll probably have a good time.

  • We ♥ Katamari

    Good, insofar as it's more Katamari, and the original game is one of the best ever made. The concept isn't really improved as much as it is imposed and elaborated upon in minor ways. Some stages, like the underwater one and the raceway are really great. Others can be a mixed bag; I like the cow/bear one for how mean it is, but I didn't like stages like the cranes, the fireflies, the 50 objects run---even the snowman head doesn't end up as interesting or as fun as it should be. The storytelling is a little disappointing and the soundtrack is good, but not anywhere near the level of the first game. It feels a bit like leftovers at times which is a shame, but rolling stuff up is still fun and some of the curveballs really work.

  • Kingdom hearts final mix (PS4)

    I'm trying to play every KH game to get ready for KH3 and this game story is easy to follow and the gameplay starts hard but as you unlock new skills it gets easier, the story is stupid and cheesy but i love it, if don't take this game seriously you will enjoy it alot.

  • Finished Pokemon Y, now I'm capturing the post-game beasties. And collecting all the Eevolutions, of course.

  • Jak 3

    What a ride! It's better than i expected, easily the best Jak game IMO. The mission variety is a big strength of this game, it does have repeating objectives later on (turret sections galore) and a few bad missions (the top down single-stick shooter mission is the worst) but overall the missions are very entertaining, really kept me engaged during my 10 hour playthrough.

    Aside from the cumbersome combat and camera controls (same as Jak II), i don't really have much to complain about. I do have to say that the PS4 port is lackluster. Framerate dips is frequent and there are graphical glitches here and there. The low framerate actually made one of the missions really annoying (it involves riding a fast vehicle while dodging obstacles).

    I would also like to mention that the Morph Gun is easily one of the most underrated weapons in gaming. This thing can literally morph from one type of weapon to another in a matter of seconds. The weapons it can morph to are pretty rad: a reflective-laser rifle, gatling gun, rocket launcher, mini-nuke launcher, etc. It's super cool, i wish this gun appeared in a game with actual Third Person Shooter aiming and shooting mechanics.

    By finishing the game i have earned 88% of the trophies, but the remaining 2 trophies are pretty tough. I'm saving this for a platinum rush session.

  • Shin Megami Tensei: Digital Devil Saga

    If I hadn't played Nocturne, I probably would have liked this more. I think it has a less interesting loop and I don't think its focus on character work and storytelling pays off. It's still pretty simple as far as storytelling goes, and excusing stat growth, in combat the characters are all essentially the same. Back to the loop, being able to get any ability with any character really trivializes the whole thing and being able to respec your abilities whenever you want out of combat makes it even easier. So basic fights are fine because you try to make your abilities as broad as possible and sometimes mess up experimenting against new enemies, but bosses are a joke. If you lose once, you take note of defensive and attack options and then optimize your party for that one fight and smoke them.

    Like it's still good, and the presentation is excellent, but I wasn't at all invested in its story or how it played.

  • DDS is without a doubt my favorite SMT game. I take issue with your critic as you kinda ignore the legit differences between characters to say that the characters are all the same. They aren't, those stats and resistances are pretty important and guide you to build character a certain way. Not to mention that certain mantra are hard to master that you need to spread the love and be efficient. Simple stories aren't bad and DDS nails it.

  • Yeah, but resistances can be cancelled without much work by just learning whatever magic they're weak against---and why wouldn't you in a battle system as volatile as press turn? As far as stat growth it just comes down to a phys or magic build, and phys ends up being garbage by endgame anyways.

  • I wouldn't call that not much work. Getting to the end of a elemental line is pretty time consuming, so you've played through a big chuck the game by the time that happens, until then you need to rely on void skills are change up party members to avoid problems. You might be right about phys vs magic build if this weren't a SMT game, those tend to make de-buffing, buff and the like worth your time. Not to mention the wide array of spells you can learn can keep the characters from been to similar in a normal run.

  • You don't have to get to the end of a line to get resistance, it's about halfway there---you're thinking of null. Anyways I feel like we're dragging the thread off topic by continuing on; PM me if you want to keep talking about DDS.

  • Don't really care to continue, as this is subjective in nature and will not go any where but I will correct you on the resistance thing, because that not how the grind is set up.

    This is a numbered map of the Mantra grid
    66 - 70 are the last on the 'element lines' and teach you the all version of the strongest element line and the passive resist element that overrides weakness.

    Got it from this site.

  • Last weekend I finished Tom Clancy's The Division (PC) after 40 hours or so. Did all main and side missions, only few collectibles and only a bit of postgame/high level content. New York looks really good and gameplay felt nice. Narrative, there was mostly none just mission to mission and three people confirming that you did all of their missions. Crafting weapons and gear felt obsolete (I never used it) and cosmetic option are mostly similar looking winter clothes under some armor which was disappointing. For 10€ during steam sale I don’t regret it.

    Then I rushed through Watch Dogs (PC). Focused mostly on the main missions because the side missions and the AR Games were not fun. Also in some, I didn’t want to deal with the cops. Story was satisfying enough and Aidan was an okay-ish main character. Installed a graphics mod with also added some lighting effects and the trees in the game look really good for some reason. Clothing options were to similar so I had this mod to change character models but never really used it. Game was free via Uplay and in some time, I probably will play the sequel to completion. I hope that for Watch Dogs 3 they implement some character creation. That would be nice.

  • @ikataishou WD2 is way better, hope you'll enjoy it.

  • Overcooked 2

    I have a surprising amount to say about a game where you cook with your friends, partially due to the fact I loved the first game so much. Let's start with the negatives and end on a positive note.

    I can't help but feel the addition of online play has added some strange design decisions. Unlike the first, if you want to change your chef for a round, you need to exit out of the campaign entirely and go to the chef select screen. Only got 2 stars on a level where you'd like to earn 3? Well unless you restart before the mission ends, you'll be kicked back out to the map menu and then need to reload the level. Okay, even I can admit these are nitpicks but it's so odd that a sequel would take steps back in these fields. Probably the thing that hinders this game the most and makes me enjoy the first much more is the difficulty - it's much too easy to 3 star nearly every level on the first try. It wasn't until the last set of stages that my friend and I had to replay levels (aside from the secret challenge/Kevin levels) and honestly... that was part of the fun of the first - being thrown into a ridiculous situation, panicking, somehow pulling out a decent plan, getting one star, revising your plan, etc. until you got it perfect. There would be times in stages where we would mess up SO badly (multiple deaths while holding finished meals, accidentally ending up on the same side of a moving table and unable to do anything for 30 seconds, things like that) and we'd be laughing, telling each other how badly we failed and each time... 3 stars.

    Onto the good... it's more Overcooked? There's nothing quite as frantic as this game and it always leads itself to funny moments spurred by stress and panic. The option to throw ingredients is a nice touch, although I would have liked to throw pots and pans, even if it risked knocking out the other chef for a bit. The new recipes are a little more involved such as making cakes, and some of the new chefs are adorable. Just look at this guy!

    alt text

    In the end, if you've never tried the series, I'd still recommend trying the first out (with friends!) and then continuing to play more if you enjoy it. This sequel doesn't serve up enough new additions to warrant a high tip.