Last game you finished

  • I finished The Unfinished Swan. A really neat game. Short and it knew what it wanted to show and tell. I liked especially growing the vines all over the place, that was pretty magnicifent to look at. And yes, I got all the trophies, even the "Minimalist". Isn't that the true symbol of this game. Pretty challenging, even with a guide.

  • I finished Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth (PS4). The good: The Digimon look good and are nicely animated. Love the character design of the human characters but wished there was some customization for the main character. Story was okayish. Presentation was lacking. Game is presented in kind of a visual novel style, or at least there are many characters talking. Problem is you are kind of a silent protagonist and that doesn’t really work for me. Looked at the trophy requirements and immediately start playing the sequel because the Platinum is way too much work.

  • The Witcher 3 9.5/10

    Easily one of my top 10 games of all time, despite my initial doubts and little annoyances here and there that are absolutely eclipsed quality of the game, playing through it was simply fantastic and it ended up being worth all of the hype, and I haven't even touched Blood and Wine yet so still plenty to go through.

    After this, my hype levels for Cyberpunk have gone off the charts, as if they weren't high enough before.

  • @bard91 I am jealous of anyone who has Blood and Wine to look forward to. Going into that for the first time was an amazing time for me. It also fixed one of my problems with the Witcher... player housing. All games are improved when I can have my own home 😊

  • I finished Valkyria Chronicles 4. Easily my top 5 this year. The story is amazing and on par with the first Valkyria game and ofc amazing characters and gameplay. All I can say is, don't skip this franchise! You'll have a great time with both Valkyria 1 and 4.

  • @hidz It's on my wishlist, hopefully I'll have time to get around to it before the GOTY votes!

  • @hidz I'm just about finishing chapter 4, I was a bit concerned after playing the first chapters but those concerns have gone away and I'm pumped to keep going, I hope Sega considers a rerelease of 2 and 3 in some way.

  • Kirby Super Star

    It looks good and there's a lot of content, but that's about all I'll give it. Each stage or game is really underdeveloped, and the buddy ability trivializes the already lame difficulty and level design. There are some neat ideas, but they're either passed over or only half-committed to.

  • I've still got a decent chunk of side content to get through like extra scenarios and seeing a ton of Bad Ends I missed, but I finished 428: Shibuya Scramble. Gotta recommend it, that story just keeps going places and doesn't let up for a second.

  • I just finished Tacoma, and to be honest, I kind of feel gross. It's the kind of game that has an ending that could be interpreted multiple ways, but with how I interpret it, I feel like I need to shower. It is interesting that such a short game can make you get so invested in the characters and their struggle, even though you never actually meet them in person.

    If I were to rate it, I would give it a solid 8/10. It is short, but it accomplishes what it attempts to accomplish, and does so masterfully.

  • Dragon quest XI - just finished the main story (there's a post game story), overall the game is excellent, the characters, combat, crafting, main story and even the music are great, my one criticism is how long the game is, i rolled credits at +75 hours,but it never dragged.

    If you like JRPG give it a shot.

  • Finished everybody's story on octopath, i know there's a lot of post game stuff but i'm burnt out while a fun game after 55 hours i just don't want to play anymore.the story had its moments but was overall was a disappointment. I did enjoy that when someone would mention a name in the game they were mentioned 2 or 3 times by different npc's and would also show up in the story, love connective tissue like that.

  • Funny, I just finished all 8 stories in Octopath yesterday too! I have a lot of great things to say about this game (also a few niggles) and it's probably my GOTY so far, I'll expand on it later. Just got a taste of the post-game and it seems very brutal, not sure I'll have the heart to go through it, we'll see!

  • @axel i enjoyed it alot while i love the world and gameplay there just wasnt enough story to keep me invested.

  • Red Dead Redemption 7/10

    I simply don't care for John Marston, throughout the whole game it was unable to make me care about the character to really be affected or invested in the story, and even though there were some high points they were separated by so much boring and poorly designed quest with few little side activities that I found fun, that I felt I was just playing out of curiosity rather than enjoyment.

  • Dandy Dungeon: The Legend of Brave Yamada

    This is great. It's Yoshiro Kimura's (former Square and Love-De-Lic employee, director of Chulip and Little King's Story) first independent effort, and it's definitely my favorite free phone game. It's a grid-based dungeon crawler with a meta-twist; it has a really solid gameplay loop, which consists of drawing your way through the floor of the dungeon and engaging in auto turn-based battles with the enemies you pass through. There's no ads, and I was able to beat it without spending any money. It has tons of loot and outfits and items and optional dungeons and daily and seasonal events---it's a pretty meaty offering.

    Mostly I love it because it's just really strange, crass, and entertaining. It's full of goofy characters and designs, like Yasu, a suit-clad child who looks up to Yamada; an Indian coder who's such a master laptops levitate around him; a giant two-faced asparagus monster that emerges from the floor; and Yamada's love interest: the much younger Maria-chan who loves sweet potatoes. It has a real goofy sense of humor that's totally in line with many weird Japanese games from the 90's and 00's, which is suitable given Kimura was a part of so many.

    It's full of surprises and it's free. If you like weird Japanese games (Eno, Suda, SWERY, Nishi, etc.) you owe it to yourself.

  • Spiderman

    Played it on the hardest difficulty and I was disappointed at how easy it was to platinum.

  • @axel I just did the same. I was looking up info about post game stuff, and I realized I would have to level everyone up.

    I might do it later, but not while God of War beckons.

  • just 100%ed Splatoon 2.

    fuck that was boring having to play each stage 9 different times.

  • Just finished Yakuza 2 Kiwami, easily my favorite in the series, great nemesis, more character development from Kiryu and his dad and great supporting cast.

    Some memorable side stories, fun battle system and beautiful world make it a game to remember. Soundtrack is solid but series didn't hit greatness until 3 and 4 IMO.

    My only real complaint is that clan creator wasn't as fun for me as it was in Yakuza 6